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Qatar Airways Special Assistance

Qatar Airways would like to know in advance about your special assistance requirement, especially at the time of booking the tickets itself and at least 48 hours before scheduled departure of flight.

Pregnant Women

The best practice for women to travel on Qatar Airways is to seek doctor advice on whether to fly or not.

In case of uncomplicated pregnancy till the end of 28th week, there is no need for either the doctor certificate or the MEDIF form,

In case of pregnancy from 29th week to the end of 32nd week, there is a requirement of doctor certificate in any type of pregnancy. However, a MEDIF form is additionally required if yours is a case of multiple or complicated pregnancy.

From the start of 33rd week and up to end of 35th week, only those who are having single pregnancy without any complications are allowed to fly and that too with the doctor certificate and also with the MEDIF form. Those who are having multiple or complicated pregnancy are not allowed to fly on Qatar Airways from 33rd week onwards.

Expectant mothers are not allowed to fly from 36th week of pregnancy onwards.

MEDIF forms shall not be more than 7 days old and must reach carrier’s office at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of flight. All medical documents or certificates must be written in English.


Children are given a special treatment by Qatar Airways. If you are flying with children, you are provided priority boarding facility, baby strollers and indoor playing area for children.

Children below the age of 5 years are not allowed to travel alone. Between 5 and up to the age of 15 years (not including the 16th birthday), are allowed to travel alone. There is a provision for providing a dedicated escort service for your child between 5 to 15 years of age. However, the return fare for the escort is charged from you, if you avail of the escort service. If you need the escort service for child, then request for same shall be done at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of flight.

Animals (dogs, cats and birds)

These are allowed as excess baggage on the same flight. Rest of the animals are allowed as cargo only. No animals except the service dogs and falcons are allowed inside the cabin.

With respect to the service dogs, Qatar Airways further limits their carriage in cabin free of cost to/from USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Georgia and other parts of Europe. There is also a requirement of advance notice of at least 48 hours (36 hours in case of flights to/from USA) before the scheduled departure of flight. Dog has to be harnessed, seated on the moisture absorbent mat and properly trained. You are also required to furnish evidence that the dog does not need to relieve itself during the flights. While being accompanied by dogs for psychiatric support, you are required to bring the certificate from treating mental health professional on the letterhead and not older than 1 year from the date of scheduled departure.



Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 15-Jun-2023
Hello, Where I can send the MEDIF form ? Because I need to send it 72h the flight no ?

Admin Reply :

You will have to send it to the airline on its email. Please check this with the airline or with the agency (if you have booked tickets with agency).


Posted on 15-Jan-2023
I am 24 week pregnant. Is there need to submit medical report? If yes then when and to where? Please guide me

Admin Reply :

IF pregnancy is without any complication, then there is no need for it as such. However, if you can bring it, then it will help in faster clearances at airport as it can be used to establish that you are indeed in 24th week of pregnancy without any issue.


Posted on 19-Feb-2017
Hi there, My wife is traveling alone, as she is pregnant. Is do she will get any special assistance like wheelchair while departure and arrival in the airport and also lifting baggage from conveyor belts. My concern is from Doha to Bangalore .(at both airport's). Please do the needful and answer to my question as I already book the ticket.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline for special assitance needs. She will surely get all help. Please provide all requests for special assistance at least a few days before travel date. 


Posted on 06-Oct-2016
Can i please know how much is the maximum tv size allowed and permitted to carry in Oman airways .My designation is from Doha to Bangalore.

Admin Reply :

So lomng as it fits your check in baggage allowance by wieght and size, it would be allowed.

Rebecca Davies

Posted on 24-Feb-2016
My husband and I fly to Perth, Australia via DOHA from Manchester with Qatar on Sunday with our 3 year old daughter. Our daughter is not registered as disabled but forswear AFO leg splints and has additional needs. Due to this she can not walk distances and we will require her stroller (which has been issued by wheel chair services) both at the airport but also whilst we are in Perth. I note that you can take a stroller free of charge for an infant (age 2 and under). Due to her additional needs will we be charged to travel with her stroller as she is 3?

Admin Reply :

No, fully collapsible stroller can be taken free of charge. In case of any special assistance requirement please speak to airline customer service at least 48 hours before the travel date. 

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