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Malaysia Airlines Special Assistance

Passengers requiring special assistance are required to contact the carrier and inform about their special travel needs days in advance of their travel date so that they can know what are the prerequisites and allowing the carrier necessary time to make arrangements. 

Malaysia Airlines contact number is 1300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or (+603 7843 3000) if you are overseas.

Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant and want to fly Malaysia airlines, then you have to carry the Fit to Fly certificate from your treating doctor on the letterhead, stating the duration of pregnancy. It shall also mention if there are any risk factors associated with your pregnancy. However, the expectant mothers would not be allowed to fly after 32 weeks of pregnancy (case of multiple pregnancies) both on domestic and international flights. If the pregnancy is single, then they would not be allowed to fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy in domestic sector and 35 weeks in case of international flights. 

Walking and Sight Disabilities

People with walking and sight disabilities have to present their OKU cards before making a reservation and by doing so they are also entitled to rebates on flights within Malaysia.

Passengers requiring wheelchair assistance are required to make booking at least 48 hours before travel so that the airline can ensure wheelchair on the plane. 

Stretcher cases

People who are traveling on stretchers shall always be accompanied by qualified medical person and/or a person who will be able to take care of passenger’s toilet needs. More information is available on call.


Patients suffering from Diabetes are required to have supplies of insulin and needles in their hand baggage. However, an authorization from the doctor stating that you are insulin dependent has to be produced.

Incapacitated Passengers

Malaysia Airlines describes an ‘incapacitated’ person as one who because of their physical, mental and medical condition need assistance which a normal person does not need. These incapacities might be stable (of permanent nature) or temporary in nature. Some of these cases might not need a prior medical clearance while some others might need clearance of Medical Services Department. The rules of carriage of these people can be known by calling the carrier office. However, the following type of people do need this MSD certification:

a. Those who are suffering from actively contagious and communicable disease.

b. Those who are likely to develop unusual behaviors or physical conditions that create problems or discomfort for other passengers.

c. Those who might cause the flight to change schedule or diversion or unscheduled landing.

d. Those in need of medical assistance or equipment during flight.

e. Those whose medical condition is aggravated during flight.

Unaccompanied Minors

Unaccompanied Minor, also called by the name of Unaccompanied Young Passenger (UYP) by the airline, is a child who has reached 5th but not the 15th birthday and is not accompanied by either his parents, guardian or any person above 18 years of age.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Aruna Devnani

Posted on 09-Aug-2023
I am paralysed otherwise no problem I travel on a wheel chair. Can I carry my own chair on d flight also do I need any medical clearance or document

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take your own chair in flight. You need to inform airline in advance and they will tell what all documents are needed, if any.


Miriam Manatse

Posted on 14-Jul-2023
Hello what are your restrictions on pregnant women? Is it still 36 weeks?

Admin Reply :

Yes, women with single pregnancy are allowed till 36th week. Please note that we are not the airlines, we are an independent website.

Vijay lunkad

Posted on 10-Jul-2023
Can I increse weight ? Can I take my walker also

Admin Reply :

Please mention whether you are asking about carry on or check in baggqge. You can take your walker.

Vijay lunkad

Posted on 10-Jul-2023
Can I take wheelchair with me ? As I am 68 year old need while traveling

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken


Posted on 21-Jun-2023
Flying Delhi KL business class. Our baggage allowance is 40 kg each. If I check in my folding wheelchair will it be in addition to my allowance without any extra charge? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to take it ib addition to baggage allowance. We suggest you confirm this with airline local office as well to avoid hassles later on.

Poovarasi Thennarasu

Posted on 08-Nov-2019
Hi there...may i know how to reserve ticket for my oku parent to get 50% discount?

Admin Reply :

You query is not clear to us. What is the meaning of OKU?


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Hi my parents are travelling from Chennai to Melbourne in December.Their flight is from Chennai to Kuala Lumpur and waiting time there is 2.5 hr and then Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne. I have booked wheelchairs for both of them while booking tickets. will the wheelchair assistance take them to flight from Chennai checkin and take them out from flight once landed in Kuala Lumpur and leave them in Melbourne flight and take them out in Melbourne as well. They don’t know English will the wheelchair assistance take their checkin luggage bags and fill their immigration forms as well. Pls answer. Thankyou.

Admin Reply :

No assistance is provided by any airline for taking care of or carrying luggage of  a passenger. Baggage is a sensitive matter which the passenger is resposible for. With respect to filling forms, please check that with the airline local office. 

Sarah Naylor

Posted on 03-Jul-2019
My 14yr old daughter is flying solo from London Heathrow to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur on 7/8 flightMH1 and MH123. How do we arrange for assistance- She won’t need it but I need to Know what, if anything we need to do to ensure her safe passage.

Admin Reply :

You can seek a paid service of Unaccompanied Minor from the airline. This service ensures that one of the airline staff member is able to take the child custody from airport from you and then gives the child's custody to the designated person at the arrival airport. please check the details of this service with the airline. 


Posted on 19-May-2019
Hi my wife and two kids need to travel from Hyderabad to Melbourne. She is travelling first time. So need assistance services. Can I know how can how she can get this service.

Admin Reply :

There is no service as such by airline which can take care of kids accompanying a passenger. This is only for the unaccompanies minors. 

Santosh Prasad Sah

Posted on 29-Dec-2018
Hello and Good morning! I am little worried for my mother who is travelling from Kathmandu to Tokyo (NRT) via Kuala Lampur. She can't speak or read English or Malaya. She needs somebody to pick her from air-bridge and take to the next departure gate. I came to know Malaysian airlines offers "Meet and Assist" service to disabled persons but I don't have any experience of it. Could you provide this service to us?

Admin Reply :

PLease note that we are not the airline and are an independent website. The airline does provide assistance and you need to contact the airline in this respect directly. 

rammohan s

Posted on 25-Aug-2018
I am coming by MH753 from Hanoi to on 30th aug to board MH180 to MAA immediately As I hav visual proble,I need special.assistancr to come from alighting gate of MH 753 to Board dear Inge gate of MH180especislly since the intervening is short.kindly arrange for wheelchair and assistance SETHURAMAN RAMMOHAN PNR,:RAJUEE

Admin Reply :

For any kind of special assitance, you will have to approach the airline itself. Please contact the airline immediately and tell them the service you require and from which all destinations. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
how to apply for wheelchair malaysia airlines

Admin Reply :

You simply need to contact their customer service at the time of booking tickets or a few  days before the flight. 

Via Ngandani

Posted on 23-Feb-2017
Who and which number should I contact for wheelchair assistance?

Admin Reply :

Customer care centre at 1 300 88 3000 (within Malaysia) or +603 7843 3000 (outside Malaysia). If you are from different country please use this link to find the nearest Malaysia Airline contact centre:


Posted on 20-Feb-2017
Hi my wife is 14 week pergnant , we knew that when we arrived Nepal , now we have to take return flight back Sydney, while we came I experience little bite comfort during long flights regarding seat, so I want is there any seat you recommend us where we can get little bit space for legs so that she can travel without any comfort. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Airline will be able to accomodate your request. You can speak to the airline directly for this. Every plane has a different seating plan. So, the airline people would be able to guide you better on this.


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
My friend will be 34 weeks + 5 days when she flies from Phnom Penh to Auckland. As long as she has her fit-to-fly certificate from her doctor, can you confirm she will be able to fly?

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem.


Posted on 31-Jan-2017
Hi Our parents are coming to Australia first time and their transit is in Malaysia. They do not have good knowledge in English and cannot communicate in English. I am worried if they couldn't catch the flight to Australia if they fail to find the correct gate. Is there anyway I can get help from airline to assist them to find correct gate number?

Admin Reply :

Airlines generally help passengers in this respect but your parents need to ask someone related to airlines with their queries. Please contact the airline local office for further details in this respect. 

Tarana Munmun

Posted on 16-Oct-2016
Hi I am a paraplegic and I intend to travel from Bangladesh to New Zealand alone. I will require help in case of handling my luggage and everything. Now, I can't walk and require Wheelchair assistance. What should I do while making a ticket via Malaysia Airlines? Tell me the procedures and advantages and disadvantages Than you

Admin Reply :

In this respect, please speak to the airline directly to know what are the detailed procedures for providing wheelchair assistance, In our knowledge, while wheelchair assistance would be provided, it might not be possible to provide any special service of personal nature such as handling of baggage. 


Posted on 15-Oct-2016
My parents r 70 n 64 yr old .. can I book wheel chair for them? Does it need special request or r they eligible?

Admin Reply :

You can certainly book a wheelchair and make this special request to the airline directly.


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
Do i need to show a letter from the doctor if i decide to fly at 27-weeks of pregnancy? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could bring this from the doctor. It shall not be issued too long before the flight. 

Swamini Prajnanananda Saraswati

Posted on 17-Sep-2016
Hi needs a wheelchair assistance

Admin Reply :

PLease speak to the airline directly or the agent who booked your ticket. 

Swamini Prajnanananda Saraswati

Posted on 16-Sep-2016
Hi Dear Grateful if could have wheel chair assistance - scheduled to travel Monday 19 chennai to Kuala Lumpur . Advise please . Thanking you . Regards Swamini Prajnanananda Saraswati

Admin Reply :

You can seek the assitance directly from airline by contacting them on phone and providing your PNR number. 

Vrinda Mudbidri

Posted on 27-Aug-2016
Were traveling by Malaysia Airlines. I'd like to know if a person with physical disabilities is allowed to check-in a wheelchair and walker and is this counted as free baggage, a part of the baggage allowance or charged extra?

Admin Reply :

It will be allowed for free. Generally, airlines do provide wheelchair assistance on-ground and in flight. You can contact the local office of Malaysian for this purpose.

Vasantha palanisamy

Posted on 25-Aug-2016
how can i book online wheelchair assistance form?

Admin Reply :

You need to call their customer service number.

Lydia Sundra

Posted on 22-Aug-2016
My 78 yo FIL is wheelchair bound. Can i know how the charges for his wheelchair should he fly with MAS . Also, how would he br transfered from wheelchair to seat? Thanking you in advance for your prompt reply.

Admin Reply :

In case there is a need for wheelchair assitance both on-ground and in-flight, please speak to the airline customer service.


Posted on 17-Aug-2016
Hi, my mum is 69 and travel alone from sandakan to kl. I need someone to bring her all the way from the aircraft to the arrival hall. I am worry she will lost since she is unaccompany by anyone and this is the first time she travel alone. I need an assistance for her. Can u advice the best way? Who i should arrange with and how?

Admin Reply :

You shall seek the Porter service from the airport. This type of assistance is provided by airport authorities, not the airlines. Airlines provided this type of service for the unaccompanied minors. 


Posted on 13-Aug-2016
Hi I need wheelchair assistance for the upcoming travel for my mom..please guide

Admin Reply :

This will be provided by the airline at the airport. You are requested to inform the airline at least 48 hrs before departure of flight. 


Posted on 10-Aug-2016
My mother 67 yrs old don\'t know English travel alone from Dublin back to KLIA airport by Emirates airway, I need assistance to help her.Can u give me advice and information what way should i do. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Does she understand Arabic? If language is a problem, it is good for her to fly with some assistant. However, you shall speak to the local office of Emirates for this problem.

Andy Doorbar

Posted on 05-Aug-2016
Hope you can help thinking of booking flight Heathrow To Kuala Lumpur ,would it be a problem taking my mum who is paralysed on her left side and is unable to walk and would need to use wheelchair to and from seat...

Admin Reply :

You will get the wheelchair assistance from the airline. You will have to tell them before travel date and preferably at the time of ticket booking. 


Posted on 25-Jul-2016
Can i carry a Selfie stick and SLR tripod in check in luggage? Flight is Air Asia - bali

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken


Posted on 25-Jul-2016
Sry...i meant ...Can i carry a Selfie stick and SLR tripod in cabin luggage? Flight is Air Asia - bali

Admin Reply :

No. It has to be carried in check-in baggage.

Joseph Elul

Posted on 25-Jul-2016
What is the unaccompanied minors baggage allowance

Admin Reply :

Unaccompanied minors are allowed same allowance as adults. Only infants (children less than 2 years of age) have different allowances which depend on route of travel.

Tarja Pitkänen

Posted on 19-Jun-2016
I use manual wheelchair and have difficulties walking (I can stand and only take 2-3 steps with strongly supported). So I need assistant in airport and to the aircraft seat. Con you confirm the assistance on the 29th of the December MH1145 29DEC 4 PENANG-KUALA LUMPUR 1240 1340 MH 782 29DEC 4 KUALA LUMPUR-BANGKOK 1515 1620 own-wheelchair: yes wheelChair-is: manual depth: 100 width: 35 height: 96 weight: 20 assistance: WCHC br,Tarja

Admin Reply :

You will have to speak to the airline directly through its call centre for any assistance that you need. Wheelchair shall be collapsible. 

Rhythm Vasisht

Posted on 26-Feb-2016
Good Day This is in regard to my flight on 19th March,2016 from Delhi to kuala lumpur and then from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. I am traveling with an infant and a todler and have 8 pieces of luggage , so i request for assistance at the Delhi airport, Kuala Lumpur airport and Sydney airport. Reference number is LCS0H and Passengers Names are Mrs.Rhythm Vasisht ( infant\'s name is Trisha Joshi) and todler\'s name is Miss Naomi Joshi. Kindly assist in this matter. Warm Regards Rhythm Vasisht +919915906527

Admin Reply :

We are not related to airline companies in any way and provide information only. For special assistance requests, please contact airline telephone number + 91 11 415 12121 of Delhi airport. 


Posted on 06-Sep-2015
My mom is travelling now from hyderabad to sydney via kualampur . Flight no mh199 Please we help us we required assistance Flight is about to land in kualampur in one and half hour

Admin Reply :

For any special assistance, you shall contact the airline or the agent who booked your ticket directly. 

Within Malaysia   
1 300 88 3000

Outside Malaysia
+603 7843 3000 (long distance call charges apply)

Siti Bayzura Binti Muhammad

Posted on 13-Aug-2015
Hi,can i have special assistance when arrive at KLIA airport if i am (women) travel with 1infant (2months) and 1 toddler (2years)?it is because i need some help to carry my hand luggage and collect all the baggage until the process settle.

Admin Reply :

Airlines do provide assistance in helping and guiding people at the airport to show them the way about procedures. These can provide you with the required materialistic assistance you need. However, it can not be expected of them to handle or carry the baggage for passengers. 

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