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British Airways Special Assistance

Disabled: You are required to inform BA about the nature and severity of the disability at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of flight.

Wheelchair Assistance:

  • You can take your own chair until the departure gate.

  • One collapsible chair can be store in cabin.

  • While carrying electric or battery operated chair, care must be taken to ensure that it does not get activated while in air.

  • There are specific dimensions of the wheelchairs which can be accommodated on the airplanes plying on specific routes.

  • Besides the free baggage allowance, you are allowed to carry any number of wheelchairs or mobility devices to/from USA while two such chairs can be brought from any other country other than USA.

Visual disability:

  • Priority boarding

  • stowing hand baggage, movement to/from lavatory, open onboard meal are some of the activities which the airline crew can perform for the visually disabled. However, the carrier recommends that personal companion shall accompany when there is a need for lifting off the seat, reaching emergency exit, fitting oxygen mask, unfastening seat belt, etc.

Hearing Impaired:

  • If you need an escort, you have to inform in advance.

  • assistance is providing only for stowing hand luggage, moving to/from lavatory and opening of meals.

Assistance Dogs:

  • For all international flights from Heathrow or Gatwick, BA requires that the assistance dog shall be accredited from the Assistance Dogs International (ADI).


  • SkyFlyer Solo is the BA service for children who are traveling alone. It has to be bought at price of USD 75 per child on Uk domestic flights and shorthaul flights and USD 100 on longhaul flights.

  • Children who are less than 5 years of service, are not eligible for buying this service. For this reason, they have to travel with some adult companion of more than 16 years of age.

  • For children in age group of 5-6 years, the service can be bought but travel is permitted only on the non-stop flights of BA

  • For children of 6-12 years of age, you must buy SkyFlyer solo.

  • For children of more than 16 years of age, the child can travel alone or make use of this service.

Pregnant Women:

The rules related to the travel of pregnant women on British Airways are rather simple.

  • You must seek doctor’s permission even when it is not required by BA.

  • you will not be allowed to fly at the end of 36th week or 32nd week depending on whether you are pregnant with one baby or two respectively.

  • After 28th week of pregnancy, you need confirmation from your doctor or midwife about your due date and a certification that there are no complications associated with your pregnancy. Pregnancy record is also required.

Passengers with Medical Conditions:

  • There are certain conditions which require medical clearance from your doctors (using the MEDIF form) as well as from the Passenger Medical Clearance Units of BA. These conditions are: recent injury, hospitalization, surgery or illness; unstable medical condition; requiring additional oxygen, travelling for treatment.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 31-Mar-2023
Can a wheelchair be part of booked luggage and how does it need to be packed,? Flying from Glasgow to new york.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take the wheelchair to the hold but please get in touch with the airline for this  The dimensions have to be taken note of. Length shall be 140 cm, Width 85 cm and Height 152 cm.

Cynthia McCollom

Posted on 05-Feb-2023
I am flying Denver to Rome, Italy with connection in Philadelphia. I will need to check my walker as baggage and use airport wheelchair in Denver and Philadelphia. Can my walker be transferred along with my bag in Philadelphia? How can I be sure to get my walker in Rome?

Admin Reply :

Most of the time the mobility aids are allowed inside the check-in hold or the cabin, depending on its size and your requirement. So, in general, we can say that this would be allowed since we do not know the size and type of walker you would be carrying there. If walker can be permitted in cabin, it is better to take it there. We suggest you check this with the local office of airline.

Mrs Janet Lambern

Posted on 13-Nov-2019
I would like to bring my lightweight collapsible mobility walker with me when I next fly with BA from Heathrow, Can I get through to boarding the plane with it or does it have to be checked in as luggage to go into the hold?

Admin Reply :

If you need it during the flight and can not move without it or have difficulty in moving without it, you can take it in cabin. Airlines allow walking sticks, crutches etc for moving. 

The only thing is that you shall inform the airline about it. 

shirley greenall

Posted on 11-Jul-2019
I need to airport assistance to a booking could you give me the number to ring as I have been unable to get through for days now

Admin Reply :

Please visit the airline website to find the local contact number. 

Maria Ameline

Posted on 24-Jun-2019
Hello, How can I book assistance for my mother. She's 82 years old and have problem to walk. She need an assistant that take her to the aeroplane and the same at her destination, an assistant that pick her up at the aeroplane to take her to the bagage and after to the exit door were we can meet her. How can I proceed to do this? Best Regards Maria Ameline

Admin Reply :

Yes, British Airways will be able to help you with this requirement. You need to contact the airline local office or use the airline website (Use Manage My Booking section) Please check this link with the details:

Peter Bridgestock

Posted on 01-Aug-2018
I wish to fly from the UK to mexico with British Airways , i am a wheelchair user and can not stand at all . We also take away with us a Hoist 39KG also a Shower Chair 25Kg and a Medical bag in the cabin . Plus normal hold baggage and cabin bag . All the above i have taken on a few TUI flights at no extra charge

Admin Reply :

Peter, what is it that you want to ask? 

Shreya Pravalaa

Posted on 01-Aug-2017
My sister is travelling alone to San Francisco. Does British Airways provide accompany service for women? It would be great if you do so. However, please let me know

Admin Reply :

No special service for women as such but please contact the airline if there is any special requirement.

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