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Singapore Airlines Baggage Allowance

Table of Contents

1. Cabin Baggage
2. Check-in Baggage (non-US and US Routes)
3. Excess Baggage- Airport Charges (non-US and US Routes)
4. Pre-paid Excess Baggage- Online Charges (non-US and US Routes)

Cabin baggage

Allowances are defined on the basis of class of travel and there are restrictions on number of pieces, weight and dimensions.

Class of travel Allowance Weight
Suites 2 pieces Up to 7kg each
First Class 2 pieces Up to 7kg each
Business Class 2 pieces Up to 7kg each
Premium Economy Class 1 piece Up to 7kg each
Economy Class 2 piece Up to 7kg each

The sum of dimensions in each cases shall not exceed 115 cms in sum of length, breadth and height (L+B+H).

Any one personal item, such as overcoat, ladies handbag, food of infant for consumption in flight, laptop, walking stick, small camera is also allowed in cabin without any charge and in addition to abovementioned allowance. Size of this personal item shall not be more than 40x30x10cm each (80 cm, in L+B+H). If the size is more than this, it is taken as standard cabin bag. 

Check-in baggage

Checked baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines is based on sectors of travel, class of travel and the membership. On some sectors the weight concept is applied while on some other the piece concept is applicable.

A) Non-US Routes

Infants are allowed 10 kg of luggage separately without charge. Either Collapsible stroller or pushchair + car seat  or carry-cot (meaning 2 item, 1 from each option) is also allowed.

Check-in baggage allowance for non-US routes is summed up in table below:

Class Allowance PPS Club  KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold members
Suites and First Class 50kg Extra 50kg Extra 20kg
Business Class 40kg Extra 40kg Extra 20kg
Premium Economy Class 35kg Extra 35kg Extra 20kg
Economy Flexi 35kg Extra 30kg Extra 20kg
Economy Standard 30kg Extra 30kg Extra 20kg
Economy Lite 30kg Extra 30kg Extra 20kg

B) Flights to/from USA

Sum of dimensions of the baggage shall not exceed 158 cms.

Cabin Class To/From  USA PPS Club KrisFlyer Elite Gold / Star Alliance Gold
Suites and First Class 2 ×  32kg each 2 extra ×  32kg each 1 extra ×32kg each
Business 2 ×  32kg each 2 extra ×  32kg each 1 extra ×32kg each
Premium Economy 2 ×  23kg each 2 extra ×  23kg each 1 extra ×23kg each
Economy 2 ×  23kg each 2 extra ×  23kg each 1 extra ×23kg each

These are applicable in case the weight, the number of pieces or the size exceeds the free allowances.

Excess Baggage charges- bought at Airport

A) Non-US routes (weight concept) 

Countries are divided into 6 bands

Band 1: comprises of South-East Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar.

Band 2: has  South Asia Subcontinent (Afghanistan, Bangladesh,India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), China, Hong Kong SAR- China, Macau - China, Taiwan - China, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Russia (the part which lies in Asia)

Band 3: is made of Middle East, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Marshall Islands, Palau, Timor Leste.

Band 4: consists of Africa, Europe and Russian part which lies in Europe.

Band 5: comprises of Melbourne – Wellington, Moscow – Stockholm routes and the excess baggage charge for this is USD 12 per kg.

Band 6: comprises of Cebu – Davao, Sydney-Canberra, Yangon-Mandalay routes and the excess baggage charge for these are USD 4 per kg. 

(all prices in below table in USD per excess kg)

From / To Singapore Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
Singapore   4 8 20 28
Band 1 4 8 12 24 32
Band 2 8 12 16 28 36
Band 3 20 14 28 40 48
Band 4 28 32 36 48 56

B) Flights to/from USA (piece concept),

Again the countries are divided into 5 bands. 

Band 1: Japan, Korea, Germany, Hong Kong,United Kingdom and destinations in North America (direct flights)
Band 2: Singapore
Band 3: Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar,  Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, South Asia Subcontinent (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand.
Band 4: Countries not in Band 1, Band 2 and Band 3
Band 5(sector): Melbourne – Wellington, Sydney - Canberra, Cebu – Davao, Moscow – Stockholm, Yangon-Mandalay

Charges for Excess Baggage Between US and Other Itineraries
Additional Piece Band 1 - USD 150 SIN - Band 3 -USD 50
  Band 2 - USD 200 Band 5 - USD 50
  Band 3 - USD 250 Others - USD 150
  Band 4 - USD 350  
Heavy Charge (Overweight) Band 1 - USD 100 SIN - Band 3 - USD 50
  Band 2 - USD 125 Band 5 - USD 50
  Band 3 - USD 175 Others - USD 100
  Band 4 - USD 225  
Excess Size (more than 158 cm) Band 1 - USD 100 SIN - Band 3 - USD 50
  Band 2 - USD 125 Band 5 - USD 50
  Band 3 - USD 175 Others - USD 100
  Band 4 - USD 225  

For all other itineraries where piece based system of baggage allowance applies, the charges are USD 150 per additional piece and/or USD 100 for carrying more weight that free allowance or more size.

Pre-paid Excess Baggage Charges- bought online

For flight sectors where weight concept applies, passengers are allowed to buy excess baggage if they excess the weight limit using the online medium and at least 48 hours before flight departure time. The discounted fares are up to 20%. This can be availed for both Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. The excess weight can be bought in slabs of 5 kg, subject to a maximum of 100 kg per flight.

A) Non-US Routes

Discounted rates USD per kg for weight concept flight sectors (All except USA). Bands for weight concept flight sectors are given above.

From / To Singapore Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4
Singapore   3 6 15 21
Band 1 3 6 9 18 24
Band 2 6 9 12 21 27
Band 3 15 18 21 30 36
Band 4 21 24 27 36 42


Band 5 USD 9/kg
Band 6 USD3/kg

B) Flights to/from USA

Countries covered under Bands are given above.

  Between USA and Other Itineraries
Additional Piece of Baggage (all classes) Band 1 SIN - Band 3
USD 120 USD 40
Band 2 Band 5
USD 160 USD 40
Band 3 Others
USD 200 USD 120
Band 4  
USD 280  
Heavy Charge Band 1 SIN - Band 3
USD 80 USD 40
Band 2 Band 5
USD 100 USD 40
Band 3 Others
USD 140 USD 80
Band 4  
US 180  
Excess Size Band 1 SIN - Band 3
USD 80 USD 40
Band 2 Band 5
USD 100 USD 40
Band 3 Others
USD 140 USD 80
Band 4  
USD 180  

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 22-Jan-2020
kenny My wife and i are flying from bangkok to singapore by singapore airlines.Each of us had a maximum weight of 30kg.Total weight is 60kg.Can i split it to 3 baggages of 20kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take the total baggage weight into 3 check in bags for two passengers after clubbing.

peter regulagadda

Posted on 25-Dec-2019
I am planning to travel a combination of singapore airlines and scoot airlines from HYD in India to NKG in China. HYD-SIN sector is Singapore Airlines while SIN-NKG sector is Scoot Airlines. The layover in Singapore between flights is 10 hours. I have called both Singapore and Scoot Airlines offices but they are unable to give a correct answer. My question is......Do I need to take a visa for the 10 hour layover at tge Changi airport. I dont intend to go out of the airport during the 10 hour transit/layover between the flights. I will remain inside the airport.

Admin Reply :

We are not experts in Visa matters. Sorry, would not be able to offer any advice in this respect.


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
I'm flying from London to Singapore with bag allowance of 30kg this December. May I know how much is the excess fees per kg, if I were to exceed by 10kg?

Admin Reply :

USD 21 per excess kg will be charged if you pre-purchase it online. The airport charges would be higher than this at USD 28 per kg. 

Harold Thomson

Posted on 31-Jul-2019
What is the cabin and checked baggage allowance for passengers in economy class on flights between London and Singapore ?

Admin Reply :

Economy Lite, Standard and Flexi tickets have check in baggage allowance of upto 30 kg, 30kg and 35 kg respectively. Which of these tickets have you bought? Cabin allowance is of 1 bag of 7 kg and sum of dimensions 115 cm (L+b+h)

Culatilake Abhayaratna

Posted on 22-Jul-2019
Pls let me know whether I can take a bottle of brandy and a bottle of wine in my checked in luggage.

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline for confirmation as we think this can be taken in check in baggage in sealed condition.  


Posted on 13-Jul-2019
I’m going to flight from Shenyang (China ) to Myanmar through Singapore... So as a student , I need to carry a laptop with me .. can I carry A laptop as additional to my hand carry on which is already 7 kg ..And is singapore really visa free to Myanmar citizens and can I go out within my transit ? . And I am a member of Krisflyer ; no. 8850854286 . Is there any benefit for me of being their member ? by the way my flight is on 29 to 30rd of this month ... Thank you

Admin Reply :

You can carry a laptop in addition to hand baggage. Laptop bag shall have sum of dimensions up to 80 cm, not more than that. 

Ashok Upadhyaya

Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Sir, whether 30 KG baggage is inclusive or exclusive of weight of Bag?

Admin Reply :

30 kg includes total weight including that of the bag also.

Surindar Nanua

Posted on 01-Jul-2019
My wife and I are organising our flight details on Singapore Airlines, Auckland to Amsterdam return. Can you please advise regarding standard economy limit of 30kg per passenger? 1. Can we combine our weight allowance between both of us, or is it 30kg per person and not allowed to be combined. 2. Are we allowed to take 3 X 20 kg bags? We are in our 70’s and 30 kg bag is too heavy for us to handle.

Admin Reply :

If you combine the baggage allowances of check in luggage, which is allowed by airlines for people traveling on same pnr, the weight of any single check in baggage will increase beyond 32kg which is not allowed. So, in effect, this clubbing will not be possible due to max weight restrictions for a check in bag. 


Posted on 12-Jun-2019
I am flying SQ25/2046 from JFK to GVA, SA2046 is code-share flight operated by Lufthansa. I can't buy additional baggage online because a segment of the flight is by Lufthansa. My question is: How many additional pieces of baggage can I buy? Is the cost the same if the weight is below 32 kg? What will the cost be?

Admin Reply :

Can you provide leg-wise journey breakup along with the airline flying that leg of journey. How many bags do you want to check in in total?

ZAKIR Poonawala

Posted on 04-Jun-2019
Economy class from mumbai to singapore check in balance allowed is 30 kg. Tell me is it only ONE PIECE/I. e. One bag only?

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check in bag for a total of 30 kg allowance.


Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Hi Admin, Do you know how many pieces of luggage (suitcase) in Economy class is allowed from Sydney to Mumbai via Singapore ? I know for Economy it is 30kg but how many pieces of bags can i carry.? Can i carry 2 bags that comes totals to 30kg? Or it is Only 1 bag = 30kg ? Thanks.

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check-in bag within 30 kg overall weight allowance for free. Size of 158 cm in sum of dimensions L+B+H shall be observed.

Suhrid Ramanathan Subramaniam

Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Hi, I'm a student travelling from Mumbai to the US. Will I have access to additional baggage allowance(carry+ 2*23+ additional) and if so, how much and how do I avail it?

Admin Reply :

If you economy ticket is booked in W or standard fare type, there is no additional check in baggage allowance. However, if it is any other H,M or E,B,Y ticket, then you are allowed one additional check in bag of up to 23 kg. You will have to send student visa and one way ticket details and a request for additional baggage allowance at Please check with the airline local office for further details.


Posted on 24-May-2019
Hi I am flying from Philippines to Singapore with an 8 hour layover before going to New Zealand. My question is, do I need a transit visa if I will only be staying in Singapore for 8 hours (layover)? 2nd is, I have a cabin bag of 7kgs, can I also bring a laptop bag with me in additional with it? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Airline will inform about the transit visa requirements. Yes, laptop can be brought in addition to cabin baggage. This laptop shall be carried in a bag whose linear dimensions (l+b+h) shall not ne more than 80 cm. 

Chaman Gupta

Posted on 23-May-2019
I am a graduate student travelling to US for my Masters at Univeristy of Washington- Seatlle. I will be boarding from Mumbai International Airport, India and my destination is Seattle International Airoprt, WA, USA. I want to enquire about how student baggae allowance for students traveeling to/from USA and how to avail it?

Admin Reply :

If you have booked Economy W fare ticket, then there no additional allowance. However, if Economy H or M, or Economy Flexi category ticket has been bought, then 1 additional check in bag of 1 bag of 23 kg. 


Posted on 22-May-2019
pnr no QA6D2C i need 10 kgs extra baggage from wlg-india plse advice charges

Admin Reply :

USD 21 per excess kg is the charge.


Posted on 21-May-2019
Are cabin baggage are checked by weight at airport

Admin Reply :


George Konstantinidis

Posted on 08-May-2019
I am flying Singapore Air to Singapore and then transiting to Athens with Scoot. Will my checked in luggage go directly from Melbourne to Athens?

Admin Reply :

Just to add, Singapore Airlines is the first operating carrier in your case, ie from Melbourne to Singapore and from Singapore to Athens on Scoot. As Singapore Airlines is the first carrier, your baggage will be through checked in. You can always ask this from airline customer service for confirmation. 


Posted on 28-Dec-2018
can i take 2 pieces of baggage for checked luggage.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel.


Posted on 22-Dec-2018
how much is an extra baggage 23kgs from new York to the Philippines, economy passenger

Admin Reply :

USD 150 is the charge for US flights. Else, you can also go for discounted pre-paid charge of USD 120. 

Loh siew mei

Posted on 19-Dec-2018
I am flying back from beijing on 845am on sq flight economy class. I have a big backpack and a box to check in. Total less than 30kg but 2 pieces. Is it ok?

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is fine. You have not mentioned the destination. 

Ben Haines

Posted on 14-Oct-2018
If there is a connecting internal New Zealand flight (Manchester - SIngapore - Auckland Economy then internal flight to Palmerston North) is the 30kg luggage allowance still allowed on the Air NZ flight Auckland to Palmerston North?

Admin Reply :

You will have to check this with the Singapore Airlines local office because if there is an agreement between the two airlines, then you will be allowed international allowance on domestic flights of Air NZ within New Zealand. 

kiran sai

Posted on 14-Oct-2018
Hello I am Kamisetti Kiran Sai traveling to Australia for the first time on temporary student visa. I booked my flight on October 26th departing from Hyderabad airport at 12:50AM by SQ-5371 flight and the Booking ID:NN2299627326058 under passenger name Mr. Kamisetti Kiran Sai .As I am traveling for the first time, kindly allow me to carry 40kg checked baggage i.e 10 Kgs extra.

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline and are not associated with it. Please carry weight within permitted check in baggage allowance limits as per your ticket fare type. 

Amanda Boulton

Posted on 14-Oct-2018
Hi Please can you advise the check in baggage allowance (with seamans book) for flight from singapore direct to manchester, UK. I am a cruise ship crew member and having a 6 month contract means i will have 2 suitacases approx 20kg each. Please can you advise... Thanks

Admin Reply :

There is no special allowance for the seafarers provided by Singapore airlines, at least in our knowledge.


Posted on 14-Oct-2018
Hi me and my familly traveling from Ahmedabad to Sydney by Singapore airlines Three person in family We have 30 + 7 for three members Question is as a family can we check in 4 bags with total 90kg? Please advise Much appreciated

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can club check-in bags for people travelling on same pnr and within permitted allowance limit by weight on condition that weight of one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. 


Posted on 10-Oct-2018
My wife is travelling melb to mumbai on singapore airline, later I decided to accompany her and booked a ticket on the same flight. Is there any way to club the two PNR's for baggage purpose only.

Admin Reply :

No, clubbing of separate PNRs is not allowed.


Posted on 08-Oct-2018
i am flying this Friday Wellington to India via Australia transit. if i want to take few extra kgs luggage then what will be the charges for per kg. will i have to pay two time for Australia to Singapore and Singapore to India for my extra luggage your reply will be great help to me thanks

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay only once if the connection is provided by airline. Charges are USD 21 per kg if bought ahead of travel (pre-purchase). Else, you will have to pay USD 28/kg when paid at airport at the time of check-in. 

Tony Beighton

Posted on 08-Oct-2018
I'm travelling from London Heathrow to Darwin, the tickets are with Singapore Airlines. We change at Singapore and then fly with SilkAir to Darwin under the same ticket and checked -in bags. The question is: I am taking a bicycle in an approved cycle bag, total weight of bike and bag is 16kg, measurement is 1200mm L, 907mm H, 280mm D. This appears to be OK on Singapore airlines web site and my total checked in bag allowance is 30kg. But I can't find any info on the Silk Air leg to Darwin. Will this still be the same as under the Singapore airlines checked in baggage rules. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Singapore airlines baggage allowance will be allowed on Silk Air connecting flight as well. For better confirmation, please contact the local airline office. 

Portia Dube

Posted on 05-Oct-2018
hie I will be travelling from Singapore to South Africa on 23 Oct.ecomony class my ticket says 35kg I have two bags already about 50 kg total how much will I pay on the excess baggage also I have a flight from South Africa to zimbabwe it says 30kg will I have to pay again in South Africa thank you

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage rate is USD 55 per excess kg for Singapore to South Africa route. Charge will also have to be paid for the other sector of travel from South Africa to Zimbabwe 


Posted on 29-Sep-2018
Hi, I am travelling from Bali to Singapore and Singapore to uk on Singapore airlines economy class and would like to buy a carved water Buffalo head, would I be allowed to bring it on the plane as hand luggage

Admin Reply :

We do not think that this would be allowed.

Jhersy Trinidad

Posted on 27-Sep-2018
hi, I'm flying from Perth To Manila with Singapore Airlines.... and on the ticket says we have 35kg baggage allowance... just want to ask if I'm allowed to take two checked in baggage with 23 kg or less on each baggage? even if I'm not flying from or to USA? cheers!

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will be allowed to take it the way you have mentioned. You can have one check in bag of max 32 kg weight. 


Posted on 24-Sep-2018
thx for ur response, i was thinking of checking in 3 bags. would that be possible? 1 large suitcase and 2 small duffle bags.

Admin Reply :

Please make clear which airline are you travelling with? We have received your queries on easyJet as well as Singapore Airlines.


Posted on 23-Sep-2018
hi, im flying London on economy - is there a maximum number of bags i can check in to meet my allowance of 30kg? tq

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check in bag within the permitted allowance of 30 kg. How many do you want to take?

Guenter Malt

Posted on 20-Sep-2018
I fly economy from Frankfurt to Cebu. I check in 1 suitcase, linear size 145 cm, 25 kg plus 1 long package, linear size 145 cm , 5 kg . Hand Baggage 40x35x25 cm, 7kg Plus 1 laptop bag, 40x30x10 cm. Is this my maximum allowed free baggage ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are within permitted allowance limits of check in and cabin baggage. Both of your check in bags are within 158 cm linear dimension limit and their total weight is 30 kg. Cabin bag linear dimension and weight is respectively less than 115 cm and 7 kg. And, laptop bag can be carried separately. 

irene lim

Posted on 19-Sep-2018
does singapore airlines provide extra excess weight for students to the uk, please

Admin Reply :

Extra baggage allowance is allowed for students from Hong Kong to Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Los Angeles. 

Which place are you travelling from?

Jhersy Fulo Trinidad

Posted on 18-Sep-2018
Hi, is two checked in baggage are allowed for one person? Like I have a baggage allowance of 35 kg and i'm planning to have two checked in baggage like 17 kg on the other and 16 kg on the other one for me to meet the 35 kg baggage allowance... is that allowed? and I'll be flying with Singapore airlines Perth to Manilla Cheers!!

Admin Reply :

You can not take more than 32 kg in any single check in bag. Therefore, 2 bags have to be taken. 


Posted on 16-Sep-2018
Hi, My family & I are flying from Sydney to Da Nang in Economy & our allowance is 30kg's each. My question is; Are we able to have 2 bags each totalling 30kg's or only one bag per person up to 30kg's? I'm also assuming carry on is separate to this 30kg total? Thanks, Sandy

Admin Reply :

You can have 2 check in bags of total 30 kg weight. Yes, carry on luggage allowance is separate from check in baggage allowance. 


Posted on 14-Sep-2018
Hi, im travelling from the Philippines to New Zealand on October 1, 2018. My question is, will the weight of my laptop bag be added to the 7kg hand carry bag? Im planning to use a backpack for the hand carry plus a separate laptop bag cause my laptop is big.

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried separately, in addition to cabin bag. Max dimension of laptop bag shall be 40x30x10cm

Nidhi Singh

Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Hello, I am traveling to San Francisco from Hyderabad via Singapore with my husband. I understand that we can carry 2bag upto 23kg each. But my question is can I bring 3bags of say 25kgs each instead of 4bags of 23kgs?

Admin Reply :

No, if you exceed 23 kg for any check in bag, excess baggage charges would apply and you will have to pay more. 

North side Building

Posted on 13-Sep-2018
I am trvelling from Mumbai to Jakarat with singapore airlines on14th Sep. - Can i carry two nos check in bags witjin the limit of 30 kgs? - Whether each bag can be of the size 62" or the size of both bags combined has to be 62"? Please revert amit gupta

Admin Reply :

Yes, two check in bags with total of 30 kgs can be carried. Sum of dimensions of each check-in bag shall not be more than 62 inches. 

Carol Burrell

Posted on 12-Sep-2018
I am travelling on Flight SQ317 on19th September to Melbourne via Singapore in Economy. I am a Kris flyer (Frequent flyer) and allowed 30kgs baggage allowance + 7kgs cabin bag. Can I split the 30kgs between 2 bags as I doubt I can pick one case with a 30kgs weight.

Admin Reply :

Yes, 30 kg check in baggage can be split into two check in bags with 158 cm being max. sum of dimensions of each. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2018
Hi, I am flighing from Australia to the Netherlands and want to add an additional 30kg bag to my booking. Do I understand it correctly that this would cist me 68USD/kg? Would that mean my 30kg additional bag would cost me 2040 USD? Thank you, Carol

Admin Reply :

It is USD 68/kg on discounted rates. Pre-booking online can save you more till Oct 02, 2018. Please also note that the excess baggage charges have to be paid every time you have check in. So, if your route requires you to check in only once, say from Australia, then USD68 per excess kg will be applicable. But, if you are required to check in twice, then two different excess baggage rates depending on sector of travel ahead would apply. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2018
Hi, Sorry I forgot to add tgat I will be flighing with Singapore Airlines. Thank you, Carol

Admin Reply :

Its okay. Response already given. 


Posted on 10-Sep-2018
I am flying from Singapore to India in Economy class. My free allowance is 30kg + 7kg. what is the excess baggage rate per kg? Also am i allowed laptop bag and a ladies handbag apart from the 7kg suitcase?

Admin Reply :

USD 12 per excess kg. Either laptop bag or ladies hand bag can be carried along with cabin luggage by one passenger. 

Goh Cheng Huang

Posted on 10-Sep-2018
Dear Sir/Madam, I will flying off from London to Singapore, kindly advise for purchasing additional piece of check in luggage: - cost per kg or ; - standard charge of 30 kg ( for additional piece of checkin luggage) Thank you, Best regards, Cheng Huang

Admin Reply :

For your route, the additional baggage charges are calculated on the basis of weight. It is not on the basis of piece. It is USD 55 per excess kg for this route. If you pay for baggage online till Oct 2, 2018, you can save up to 30% on this rate. This is the offer currently going by the airline. 


Posted on 09-Sep-2018
Hi! We are 3 passengers ( 2 adults and 1 infant) travelling together on the same booking from Sydney to India in 2 weeks. We have 30 kg + 30 kg + 10 kg checked baggage allowance. Can we carry the total 70 kg in 3 bags i.e 25+25+ 20?

Admin Reply :

It is allowed to club the check in baags for passengers travelling on same pnr. 

John Mathewson

Posted on 07-Sep-2018
I am flying Singapore Airlines Perth Western Australia to Singapore Economy & Singapore to London Heathrow Premium Economy. Is my checked baggage allowance 30 Kg? Can this comprise 2 pieces whose total weight does not exceed the limit?

Admin Reply :

If these are separate tickets, then allowance would be different. It would be 30 kg for economy lite and standard fare choices and 35 kg for economy flexi and Premium economy classes. 


Posted on 05-Sep-2018
Hi! I will be travelling from PH to Dubai via singapore airline next friday under economy class. I am entitled to have 40kg check-in baggage ( 2 luggage will be used) and 7kg hand carry. i just want to ask if my check in baggage exceeds for 4 kgs , will I be charged?

Admin Reply :

yes, it will be charged for. Airlines are looking for opportunities for making more money. 

Gagandeep Kaur

Posted on 03-Sep-2018
I am travelling from Sydney to New Delhi. I have 30 kg checked in baggage allowance on my ticket. Can I have 30 kg in one bag?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can have 30 kg in one check in bag. 


Posted on 03-Sep-2018
1. With the carry on - can I bring one small suitcase = 7kg + a backpack (instead of a handbag)? 2. I am flying Singapore airlines London to New Zealand (second flight from Singapore - Auckland flown by Air NZ) - can you advise if my check in luggage will be automatically sent to Auckland or will I need to pick it up and put it through transfers in Singapore? 3. Could you advise on rough price of checking 1 more suitcase? (i.e. weighing 20 or 23kg) from London - Singapore? If booked in advance. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Backpacks are generally considered to be in nature of cabin bags only and it will amount to carrying 2 cabin bags. We do not advice carrying these two together. Whether the baggage will be through checked in or not depends on a number of factors. For this the airline office at the airport would be able to best guide you. USD 55 per excess kg would be the excess baggage charge. 


Posted on 02-Sep-2018
Im travelling from Taipei to India in Economy class this week.As per the checkin allowance i can carry 35 kg baggage. Can i carry this 35 kg in 2 pieces of checkin baggage ??

Admin Reply :

Yes, this has to be carried in 2 check-in bags since one can not be more than 32 kg in weight. 

Mary jacob

Posted on 01-Sep-2018
I am flying on Singapore Airlines on sep 3rd. I read that I can carry 2 pieces of baggage weighing 23kg each. Is that correct. Please reply.3

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel. Baggage allowances are also mentioned on tickets bought from airlines. 

Rangaswamy Krishnaswamy

Posted on 01-Sep-2018
travelling from India to Sydney next month. Economy class. Understood that 30 kg checkin and cabin 7 kg entitled per ticket/person. I intend pre-purchase extra baggage allce max. 10 kg. I want to know the standard size of the checkin box and weight per box allowed if I take 2 boxes. Also want to know whether I can load the 10kg extra baggage allce purchased in the 2 boxes.

Admin Reply :

Size of check in luggage per bag shall not be more than 158 cm in sum of dimensions. Since allowance is based on weight for this route, you can have extra 10 kg in 2 boxes but the weight of check-in bag shall not exceed 32 kg. 


Posted on 31-Aug-2018
Hi, Just checking luggage allowance from Brisbane to London via Singapore. I can see for checked in luggage it is 30kg per person can this also be included in two bags rather than one where both together weigh less than 30kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, two bags with total of this allowance can be taken. 

Wong Chye Yen

Posted on 31-Aug-2018
I asked SQ customer service to link up 2 booking reservation. My husband and I are travelling together in a booking with 30 kg each. My daughter booked her ticket with 35 kg baggage allowance. We are travelling from Singapore to London on 14th sep. Are we allowed to combine our baggage allowance as such 95 kg?

Admin Reply :

If you are not travelling on same PNR, then check in baggage can not be clubbed. 

Miral Shah

Posted on 28-Aug-2018
I m traveling with family on 6 September, from Ahmedabad to Melbourne one-way . How much weight can v carry per person.

Admin Reply :

You need to mention which cabin class are you travelling? Economy Lite and Eco. Standard allow 30 kg check in and Economy Flexi allows 35 kg per passenger. Single check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg, 

Luciano Brighella

Posted on 25-Aug-2018
Hello, we are travelling economy class from London to Australia on Singapore Airlines flight SQ 0321 on Tuesday 28 AUG. Is the economy class allowance 30kg checked baggage + 7kg cabin baggage = 37kg total per person?

Admin Reply :

Economy class has three fare choices. Lite and Standard have 30 kg check in baggage allowance and Flexi has 35 kg check in baggage allowance. 7 kg cabin allowance is also there. 

Amrita Sarkar

Posted on 22-Aug-2018
If luggage dimension is linear 67inches....will it cost extra??...I will be travelling to Melboune from India.

Admin Reply :

Yes, there are charges for oversized items. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2018
Hi I' travelling to India from Australia on 4 Sept Aug 2018 in economic class , have a luggage weight of 30 kgs . Can i put in 32kg in a single bag for check in and what is the excess weight cost and extra baggage cost. please advise

Admin Reply :

Up to 32 kg in a single check in bag is allowed. Excess charge would be USD 42 per excess kg. For your travel route, the extra baggage is not considered. If you want to save then USD 34 per kg is applied if you buy online at least 48 hours before scheduled departure time of flight. 


Posted on 20-Aug-2018
I am travelling from Singapore to Melbourne, reference number:O2YC6Y. When I try to purchase extra baggage online i get this message "You're unable to purchase additional baggage online, as your booking contains segments operated by other airlines. Please make your purchase at the airport.". I am travelling from Athens to Singapore with Scoot and I can purchase additional baggage allowance with Scoot online however your system does not allow me to do the same. Could you please advise? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline. We are an independent website which only provides information. For your issue, please contact the airlines in question, preferably at thier airport office. 

Karamjeet singh

Posted on 20-Aug-2018
My flight is from brisbane to singapore and Singapore to Delhi. They show baggage allowances is 1×30kg bag. Is it possible i can do 15 kg of 2 bags.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done in 2 bags of 15 kg each. Please meet the check in bag size limits.

Ian biddle

Posted on 19-Aug-2018
My wife and i are traveling London to sydney via singapore premium economy we have 35kg allowance each ticket .can you have 3 25bags between us total of 70kg

Admin Reply :

Since no check in bag can be more than 32 kg, you are already required to carry 35 kg allowance in two bags. So, for two of you, it is fine to carry 70 kg total weight in 3 bags provided both of you are travelliing on same PNR. 


Posted on 19-Aug-2018
Hi, I'm traveling from Geneva to Sydney with Singapore Airlines, but my first flight (to Zurich) is operated by Swiss Air. I have one bag of 30 kgs, which I know is the maximum weight allowance, and I would like to check in one extra bag of 23 kg. The only information I can find on the website about the cost indicates price per kg, but it would mean close to 2000 USD (85 USD x 23) for one extra bag... Can that be the right price? Thanks in advance for clarifying.

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that you do not conclude anything on your own. The first flight is with Swiss Air but it is Singapore Airlines which operates the most significant part of the route. Therefore, its allowance policies would apply if Zurich is not a stopover location. 

Excess baggage charges would apply for each check-in which you might have to perform. Your calculation of excess baggage is correct. If you pre-purchase the slabd of excess weight, a 20% discount is applicable. 


Lalitha Rajaraman

Posted on 18-Aug-2018
Can you please guide me about the luggage allowance to the USA via Singapore & Japan by Singapore airlines. i will be travelling with 2 kids ( total 3 passangers) I am having 5 bags weighing 23 kgs each ( weighed using my luggage weigning machine) & 1 mridangam (musical instrument) 12 kgs, which i will be checking in. Can you tell me what will be the allowance for hand baggage? i have a laptop bag, a samll violin & my kids 1 bagpack. will this be too much luggage? Can i move shift to a hand trolley bag if it is allowed? Thank you lalitha

Admin Reply :

If kids are more than 2 years of age, then each of you is entitled to 2 bags of 23 kg each if travelling in economy class. 1 pcs of cabin baggage of 7 kg weight is free allowance for each of you. Check in bags shall not be more than 158 cm in sum of dimensions and cabin bags shall not be more than 115 cms in sum of dimensions. 

You are also allowed to carry a laptop bag along with in cabin and it shall not be more than 80 cm in sum of dimensions. Bagpacks are considered in nature of cabin baggage only. Either cabin bags or backpacks shall be taken. You can take a hand trolley bag.

Small musical instrument such as violin might be allowed in cabin (depends on airline officials at airport), but it would be good if you could take it as a check-in one in a hard case to avoid damage. 


Posted on 18-Aug-2018
I'm travelling from Singapore to Melbourne, reference number: O2YC6Y. I would like to purchase extra 10kg of baggage. The online system does not allow me. Could you please assist? Thanks

Admin Reply :

This can be added from the website of the airline using Manage Booking as per given link:

If still not able to add, please contact the airline local sales or ticketing office. 

Sarodwat Shome

Posted on 13-Aug-2018
Hi, I am flying from Auckland to Kolkata with a break @Singapore for 2 hours. My Booking Ref is RUS782 & my ticket no. is 618-2564218690. Can you please check & let me know, I have 2 check in luggage with me. What should be the max weight per piece allowed & what should be the price per kg if I carry an excess weight? Thanks, Sarodwat Shome

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 30 kg check in baggage allowance. If you want it to be taken in 2 bags, it can be done. USD 42 per excess kg is the excess baggage charge at airport. If you pre-buy it online, a 20% discount can be availed. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2018
Premium Economy - Amsterdam to Singapore - 35kg check in allowed. Can that also be in 3 checked in bags ? is there a limit of checked in baggage or only the weight... E.g. if I have 9kg 15kg an 11kg bags - still totally 35kg is that still ok to check in or am I only allowed 1 or 2 pieces of checked in baggage ?

Admin Reply :

Yes,  it can be had in 3 check in bags as mentioned. Total weight shall be as per allowance and no single check in bag shall be more than 32 kg. Further, size dimensions limits  of each check-in bag shall be adhered to. 

jenny thia

Posted on 09-Aug-2018
Hi, i am flying with economy class from wellington to indonesia. How many pcs and how many kg is the baggage allowance? Thank you

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in allowance per passenger in Economy Lite and Economy Standard, and 35 kg for Economy Flexi ticket. You can take more than one check in baggage within this weight limit. 1 cabin bag of up to 7 kg is allowed free as well.


Posted on 07-Aug-2018
2 passengers travelling from Melbourne to Wellington in economy standard so total baggage allowance is 60kg? And can we take 3 checked in suitcases?

Admin Reply :

Yes, that can be taken in 3 check in bags but not a single bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight. . 

Laura Edmund

Posted on 03-Aug-2018
Hi, I am flying direct from London to Brunei. How much are the charges (online/at counter) for an additional luggage?

Admin Reply :

USD 63 per excess kg at airport and USD 51 per excess kg when booked online.

sudhir vaishnav

Posted on 02-Aug-2018
I have economy class Singapore air line tickets for TWO passengers. I can carry 60 kg of checked luggage, but can I carry in 4 suitcase.

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem. 

Suprith N C

Posted on 01-Aug-2018
Hi I' travelling to India from Australia on 3 Aug 2018 in economic class , have a luggage weight of 60 kgs can I put 3 trolley bags for check in and what is the excess weight cost and extra baggage cost. please advise

Admin Reply :

You can take three check-in bags and each of these shall not be more than 32 kg or 158 cm in dimensions. Overweight charges USD 42 per excess kg at airport and USD 34 per kg . Additional bag charge USD 150 per bag. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2018
I am a student traveling on SQ from Hyderabad India to Hong Kong via singapore on a student visa Am i eligible for free excess baggage beyond the 30 Kg written on my ticket

Admin Reply :

The free excess allowance is applicable only for students from Europe, Australia, NZ and USA. 

mridula dongre

Posted on 15-Aug-2017
I am traveling by 208 from Melbourne on 19 th Aug and connecting flight 402 from Singapore to Delhi on 20 th Aug. How much baggage weight I m allowed and what are the excess baggage charges for economy class. Thanks

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin per person. How much excess is it? USD 12 per excess kg is flat airport charge

J dsouza

Posted on 14-Aug-2017
Hello. I will be travelling from Mumbai to Melbourne on a student visa. Is there any special luggage allowance for students over and above 30 kgs? Or is the check in luggage allowance 40 kg? I will be travelling economy class. Please advice

Admin Reply :

Student allowance is for students travelling out of Hong Kong, not from India. 

Cynthia Hoefer

Posted on 13-Aug-2017
I am taking an Economy flight SIN-CMB on 20th August. I understand that my baggage allowance is up to 30 kg. I will be boarding SQ 469 24AUG CMBSIN 0110 0740 on Business Class and change flight SQ 32 24AUG SINSFO 0925 0940 on Business Class. I would like to know whether the airline will allow me the 40 kg. luggage amount on my SIN-CMB flight. That will be convenient for me as I am having a long trip returning Oct. 2 via SIN and Nov. 20 to CMB. Please advice. Thank you. Mdm. Wee Swee Imm

Admin Reply :

We are assuming that you have booked SIN-CMB ticket separate from CMB-SIN-SFO ticket. In that case, the allowance will remain 30 kg on SIN-CMB flight. However, if you are a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member than additional 20 kg can be taken as free. Otherwise, you will have to pay for excess baggage.

For your information, for travel to USA, the allowance is 2 bags of 32 kg each in check in baggage for business class travellers. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Hi, I am travelling to USA from chennai with my infant .economy and one way trip many baggage am I allowed. .pls explain

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 2 bags of 23 kg each in economy. Infant also allowed one check in bag of 23 kg. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2017
Hi we are travelling business premium Heathrow - Singapore, Singapore-Brisbane. What will our luggage allowance be and hand luggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 40 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. 

harvy casidsid

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
I am a seafarer travelling from brisbane to philippines via singapore it right that we can carry 23 kilos of each bag for check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

You would be allowed 30 kg check in baggage if travelling in economy class. Allowance on your route is not based on number of pieces, but on weight. 

Banda Herath

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
I am planning to travel from TX,US to Sri Lanka in Octobe through Singapore Airlines and my return trip I wanted stay two nights in Singapore. How many check ed bags am I allowed ?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each would be allowed in check in and 7  kg in cabin. 

William Frederick Leonard

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
When travelling business class on Singapore Airlines as a couple with two bags is 40kg for each bag ok?

Admin Reply :

Which route are you travelling? If allowancce is mentioned aas 40 kg, it is for 1 passenger. And, one check in bag can not be more than 32 kg. So, this 40 kg has to be taken in 2 check in bags. 


Posted on 03-Aug-2017
Hi we are travelling business premium. What will our luggage allowance be and hand luggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of journey. 


Posted on 02-Aug-2017
I m travelling to us by premium economy class in Singapore airlines on student visa. I m having three begs each having 25 kgs weight total 75 kgs . PL let me know if I have to pay extra beggage charges ?? In my ticket it is showing three begs 23 kgs each + 7 kgs hand baggage + lap top beg.

Admin Reply :

We do not think Students get special allowances on Singapore airlines. So, itis 2 bags of 23 kg each in check in baggage and 7 kg in 1 cabin baggage +laptopbag which can be taken for US flights.

Catherine Stephens

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
I am flying from Hong Kong to Singapore and then Singapore to New Zealand. Can I have two pieces of luggage weiging up to 30kgs? I s a laptop classes as carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, you can have 2 check in bags within 30 kg weight. Laptop can be taken in cabin.


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
Sorry to both you once again but I wanted to know about battery's, I am taking 3 Li-ion battery's each are 1250mAh for my camera plus a small IPad, plus an IPhone. What I want to know is I also have a charge up digital 10,000mAh power bank that I want to take with me. All will be in my carry on luggage, is that ok to take all that?

Admin Reply :

As per the general airline rules world over, lithium ion batteries have to be taken in cabin baggage because these are not allowed in check in. Even power banks would be allowed in cabin only. However, it would still be good if you could contact the airport office of the airline in your country for seeking more information on this. 


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
Please advise: I m travelling from houston back singapore n I am allowed 2 check in baggage 23kg each right? I m also able to have 1 piece of handcarry as well.

Admin Reply :

yes, it is right. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2017
I am flying from Melbourne to Prague can I put a pressure pack of hair spray in my check in luggage? Or perfume.

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in check in baggage only. 

P Para

Posted on 25-Jul-2017
I booked to travel by SIA. I want to bring a painting size 30x40inches. Weighs less than 10kg without frame but mounted on plywood. What is the maximum size a painting can be to be brought in. Please. Thank you

Admin Reply :

This shall not be a problem. Can be checked in.


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
I am travelling from india to melbourne on singapore airlines. Its a one way economy class ticket. Mybwife and my 4 year child travelling with me. I want to know whether any kind of baby bag is allowed in addition to cabin bag for the child. Secondly, we are allowed 40kg per person as check in baggage, I want to know that can I bring 4 bags of 30kg each as total weight allowed is 120kg for 3 persons.

Admin Reply :

Children above 4 years of age are entitled to 1 cabin bag of 7 kg. Yes, the check in baggages for people travelling on same pnr can be clubbed without crossing the limit of total check in baggage weight. 

John williams

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
My wife and I are travelling from London to Darwin in October in economy and understand our checked in allowance is 30 kgs each. Are we able to take more than one suitcase each, as long as the total does not exceed our 30 kg allowance? Many thanks.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be more than one check in bag with total of 30 kg for each passenger. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
I am going from Melbourne to Prague, am I aloud to put shampoo and conditioner , also nail polish and nail polish remover in my check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, these can be taken in check in baggage.


Posted on 20-Jul-2017
i am an indian and will be travelling to India from china via shandong airlines next week. i want to buy face creams, sleep masks and other cosmetics for my family and friends. i want to know is there any limit to the number or weight of cosmetic products in maiy luggage?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not have an issue. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2017
Hi I am travelling on singapore airlines from Delhi to Adelaide.Max. Luggage is 40kg.Is there any bag dimesion which needs to be taken care or any luggage bag of any size can work?

Admin Reply :

check in luggage size shall be 158 cm in sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
hi , i am traveling to Auckland to Ahmedabad via Singapore airlines. i but t e -ticket and it mention allow baggage is 30 kg so can i use two pieces of bag of 15-15 kg combination so is it ok for me or just one piece of 30kg bag allow?

Admin Reply :

It can be two bags of 15 kg each. 

Gaurav kant

Posted on 18-Jul-2017
I wanna travel from India to New Zealand through Singapore airlines If i have a xtra luggage than how much charges it paid for 20 kg ?

Admin Reply :

It will be USD 42 per excess kg. 


Posted on 17-Jul-2017
Hi, Am travelling from India to Malaysia through Silk air and return ticket by Singapore airlines, what is the maximum weight to carry for infants in both the flights? And in e ticket for return journey check in baggage information is not given it is mentioned to contact them , only cabin baggage 7 kgs is mentioned. Please solve my queries?

Admin Reply :

In both airlines, you can check in 10 kg bag for infant and also carry a pushchair and carry-cot or car seat free of charge. 

You can also take infant amenities in cabin but the total weight of such items shall not exceed 5 kg. 

Dave Conner

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
I am flying from Frankfurt to Singapore on premium economy and I am a star alliance gold member what is my baggage allowance.Thanks

Admin Reply :

55  kg is your check in baggage allowance and this baggage has to be carried in two or more check in bags since one check in bag can not be more than 32 kg in weight. 


Posted on 25-Feb-2017
Im im very confused and its better to ask im going back home on monday to philippines economy class with singapore airlines, if i reach 32kg in my checked in luggage do i have to pay?

Admin Reply :

If you are taking 32 kg in check in baggage, you are taking 2 kg extra for which you have to pay. Charge is USD 8 per excess kg (=USD 16 for 2 kg excess weight)


Posted on 24-Feb-2017
Hi I'm very confused about over wieght charges. I'm flying from sydney to south africa economy class with Singapore Airlines. What will my over wieght charges be?

Admin Reply :

30kg check in and 7 kg cabin baggage per person if the free allowance for normal passengers who are not KrisFlyer or PPS club members.

Excess baggage charge would be USD 85 per excess kg. 


Posted on 19-Feb-2017
I have 2 tickets from bangladesh to Sydney. My cabin allowance is 7 kgs×2 pcs. If i want to take 12kgs in one baggage, will it be ok? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

It is better if you could keep 7 and 5 kg in two separate bags. 


Posted on 16-Feb-2017
I'm leaving Vietnam and arriving in Australia economy class so weight restriction is 30kgs, am I able to have two seperate bags ie one 10kg and one 20kg Thanks

Admin Reply :

yes, this can be done, 


Posted on 16-Feb-2017
I'm first time travelling to brisbane from India in singapore airlines with my husband. In ticket 40k is indicated and ticket is combined for economy class. 40k is per person allowed or for both of us???

Admin Reply :

It is 40 kg per person. 


Posted on 31-Jan-2017
Hi, Can baby have a 7 kg cabin baggage as well apart from nappy bag. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

For infants, only one cabin baggage is allowed.

Sanja Miloshevska

Posted on 30-Jan-2017
I''m a crewmember for Royal Caribbean traveling to Macedonia. Sydney - Syngapore - Turkey and Macedonia ... Does the 30kg economy class still apply ... since as a crewmember taking TransPacific flights home usually we can have 2 bags of 23 kg each.

Admin Reply :

Singapore airlines provides piece-based baggage allowance only for the US/Canda based flights. For rest of world, it is 30 kg check in for economy class travellers. We are not aware of any special allowances for seamen.

Atul sharma

Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Hlw sir/mam Can u pls tell me that how much baggage we can carry to NEWZEALAND .ME my wife and2 yr old daughter are travelling to NZ for first time so plz solve our queris

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. Check in baggage allowance is 30 kg per passenger for economy class, 35 kg for premium economy, 40 kg for Business class and 50 kg for Suite and First class.


Posted on 26-Jan-2017
I am travelling to Japan from India, I have to stopover at Singapore for flight change. From India till Singapore is economy and from Singapore to Japan is Premium Economy ticket for me. As per the website, Economy has 30 Kilos and Premium Economy can have 35 kilos of checked in baggage. Can I carry 35 kilos in whole or do I need to pay anything extra? Please help me.

Admin Reply :

Did you book two separate tickets for it?


Posted on 01-Nov-2016
Hi I am flying from china to Singapore to South Africa and baggage allowance for economy class is 30kg 1 piece but can I have 2 pieces with 15 kg ?

Admin Reply :

yes, you are allowed to do it. 

Nirmala Hackworth

Posted on 21-Oct-2016
Am I allowed 2 checked in bags with a total of 30 kgs from Mumbai to Australia.

Admin Reply :

yes, it would be fine to take 2 check in bags of total 30 kg weight. 


Posted on 01-Oct-2016
Do I get any free allowance as economy class krisflyer program ?

Admin Reply :

If you a KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Star Alliance Gold member, you will get an additional 20 kg free check in baggage allowance, allowing you to take a total of 50 kg in economy class travel. PPS Club members enjoy a 100% more allowance than standard one. 

Rajan Sharma

Posted on 24-Sep-2016
I am traveling by Singapore airlines to Brisbane. I understand permitted checked in luggage is 30 kg. Can I carry two pieces of luggage - say 15 kg each?

Admin Reply :

Yes, more than one piece of check in baggage can be taken within permitted allowance. 


Posted on 04-Sep-2016

Admin Reply :

Economy class passengers allowed 30 kg, Premium Economy allowed 35 kg, Business class 40 kg and First class 50 kg check in baggage per person. Cabin allowance is 1 pcs of 7 kg  in Economy and Premium Economy and 2 pcs each of 7 kg for all other classes. 


Posted on 28-Jul-2016
I am travelling from japan to singapore and transit to maldives How many KG can i take and the excess package price

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in allowance per person is permitted. 1 pcs of 7 kg is allowed in cabin (sum of dim 115 cms). USD 12 per kg is excess baggage charge. 


Posted on 23-Mar-2016
I am flying business class via Singapore on to Melbourne. I want to know if I can carry my cosmetics like moisturiser, face creams, vitamin E oil, face wash, each not exceeding 100ml and totalling 1000ml. Also I need to carry on me my regular medication for which do I need to have my doctor\'s prescription?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is important to carry doctor prescription if you are carrying medicines in cabin or in check in baggage. Cosmetic products are generally best carried in check in baggage.

LK Gupta

Posted on 14-Nov-2015
When two adult are travelling together can the limit of 30 kg.each can be combined to make it 60kg. ie 35 kg plus 25kg.

Admin Reply :

It is allowed to combine but each bag shall not exceed 32 kgs. 

LK Gupta

Posted on 14-Nov-2015
I am travelling to Adelaide via Singapore after availing transit visa of three days in Singapore and boarding again the Singapore airlines flight on 4 the day for onward journey.Can my check in baggage be sent to Adelaide without collecting it at Singapore airport

Admin Reply :

You will have to check in again at Singapore. Only when the time gap is 24 hours that the baggage can be sent directly to the destination place. In your case, it is 3 days, hence you will have to check in again at Singapore. 

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