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Hawaiian Airlines Special Assistance

Hawaiian Airline is committed to provide special assistance to passengers who need it. The passengers are required information regarding the type of special assistance they require.


For wheelchair assistance, passengers are required to inform the airline at least 48 hours before scheduled departure of flight. Airline provide wheelchairs for moving up and down the aisle, boarding and deplaning.

The airline also allows passengers to carry their own wheelchairs but are required to fill the form. If your wheelchair has wet cell, dry cell or lithium ion battery, then this needs to be packed separately. Removable Li-ion batteries shall not be more than 300WH and the non-removable ones shall not be more than 100WH.

Service Animals

Service Animals are also allowed on-board the airplane. It is important to produce credible documentation which can prove that the animal support is required for the person. This is true both for Service Animal and also for Emotional Support Animals.

Pregnant Women

Expectant women are allowed to fly on Hawaiian Airlines on the condition that they are fit to fly.

A medical certificate is required when the pregnant woman is flying within the State of Hawaii and within 7 days of her expected due date or when the baby is less than 7 days old.

If the travel of pregnant woman is between Hawaii and North America or International destination within 30 days of expected due date, then the obstetrician is required to examine the passenger within 48 hours of scheduled departure time of flight and give a written Fit to Fly certificate.

Unaccompanied Minor

Children of more than 5 years of age and up to 12 years of age are accepted as unaccompanied minors for travelling alone. These is a charge for this service. This is allowed only for Hawaiian to Hawaiian connecting flights. This service is not available if there is a flight connection with another airline, on codeshare flights and those international flights where one night stay is required.

The service is available for routes within the State of Hawaii (charge of $35 per flight) and non-stop flights between Continental US and Hawaii (charge of $100 per flight).


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