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JetStar Frequent Flyer Program

JetStar does not have a frequent flyer program of its own. However, if you fly with the some other airlines with which JetStar has partnered, then you can earn and redeem points or miles towards your loyalty program.

The partner airlines and their frequent flyer programs are:

Qantas frequent Flyer- Qantas Points and Status Credits can be earned on JetStar Starter Plus, Starter Max or Business Max fares. Points accumulated through Qantas loyalty rewards program can be redeemed on tickets of Classic Flight Rewards on JetStar Airways, JetStar Japan, JetStar Pacific or JetStar Asia. Passengers can also make use of their Qantas Points and cash with Points Plus pay- Flights.

It shall be remembered that Qantas points and status credits are not earned on certain classes of travel on JetStar. Here is the table which shows which classes can earn these points:

Jetstar fare

Qantas Frequent Flyer earn category


Not earned on Starter fares – except for those on domestic flights of Jetstar New Zealand. These bookings will earn Qantas Points at the Discount Economy rate.

Starter Plus


Starter Max

Flexible Economy

Starter  FlexiBiz

Not earned on Starter fares – except for those on domestic flights of Jetstar New Zealand. These bookings will earn Qantas Points at the Discount Economy rate.

Business Class

Not earned on Business Class fares

Business Max


Apart from earning points in this way, passengers can also earn bonus points on the basis of their Status of Tier level of their Qantas FFP. Therefore,

  • Silver Status- 50% more Qantas points

  • Gold Status- 75% more Qantas points

  • Platinum and Platinum One members- 100% more Qantas points

Status-based bonus points not be earned on certain JetStar fare categories- Starter, Starter Flexibiz, Business Class.

However, these can be earned on Starter Plus class at rate of Economy, Starter Max on Flexible Economy and Business Max on Flexible Economy rates of Qantas.

There is also a minimum points guarantee of 800 Qantas Points on eligible JetStar flights and 400 Qantas Points on JetStar NZ domestic flights.

Emirates Skywards-

JetStar is also partnered with the UAE airline major, Emirates. You can earn Skyward Miles by flying three cabin classes on JetStar. These are Economy Starter Plus, Economy Starter Max or Business Max fare classes. These miles can be earned on JetStar International, JetStar Japan, JetStar Asia and JetStar Domestic flights in Australia and New Zealand when these are a part of an international itinerary. The only JetStar carrier which is not eligible for earning miles is JetStar Pacific. 

Skywards Miles earning rates are given below:

Jetstar fare Skywards Miles
Economy Starter Not eligible
Economy Starter Plus 50% Economy
Economy Starter Max 100% Economy
Business Not eligible
Business Max 125% Business

Japan Airlines (JAL) Mileage Bank

If you are a frequent flyer membership holder with Japan Airlines (meaning a JAL Mileage Bank member), then you can earn miles by flying on JetStar.

While the rate of accumulation is 0 for Starter Fare, it is 25% for Starter Max bundle and Starter Plus bundle. 

Vietnam Airlines Lotus Miles

Vietnam Airlines is also a partner airline of JetStar for enabling you to earn miles on Lotus Miles frequent flyer program of Vietnam Airlines. 

Starter fare class and Starter FlexiBiz fare class of service does not entitle you to any points. However, Starter Plus and Starter Max class are eligible for 75% and 110% of point accumulation on Lotus Miles. 

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Philip Sheahan

Posted on 02-Sep-2018
Can you tell me how to add Jetstar frequent flyer points to my qantas card please.

Admin Reply :

You just need to provide the Qantas FFP number at the time of ticket booking. 

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