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Turkish Airlines Special Assistance

Turkish Airlines follows customer-friendly policies with respect to special assistance for passengers. The airlines has clearly stated rules and principles for the carriage of pregnant women, children and infants and passengers with different kinds of disabilities. If passenger requires special assistance during the course of journey, the same shall be communicated to the airline customer service at the time of booking or some days in advance of the travel date.

Expectant Mothers

Women who are more than 35 weeks pregnant are not allowed to fly. Those between 28 weeks up to 35 weeks of pregnancy are allowed to fly with Fit to Fly certificate from doctor. Women up to end of 27 weeks of pregnancy are allowed to fly without any certificate. This clearance shall be taken 7 days before the flight and should not be later than this date. These provisions are in case of those women who are expecting normal single pregnancies. However, in case of women expecting multiple pregnancies or having complications, Fit to Fly certificate is required from 28-31 weeks of pregnancy. This report shall be in either English or in Turkish.

Visually and Hearing Impaired

If a passenger is both visually and hearing impaired, then he or she shall be necessarily accompanied by someone. However, if the passenger is having either of these disabilities then he or she can travel unaccompanied.

Service dogs for such passengers are accepted in cabin and can be seated properly muzzled and restrained. Service dogs must have all necessary identification cards, vaccination and immunization records and other important documents pertaining to their health.

Locomotor Disability

The people who have problem in movement and can not use lavatory or exit without the help from someone, must be accompanied by an adult. Persons who are in need of stretcher shall inform the airline at least 24 hours before the flight.

Unattended Minors

Unattended minors in the age group of 7-12 years of age are allowed to travel unaccompanied on the condition that their parents or legal guardians permit them by signing required forms. Priority is given to unattended minors during the check in process at airport. They shall be brought to check in at least 2 hours before flight schedule. They are seated close to the cabin crew so that they remain under supervision all the time.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Maureen Greenwood

Posted on 18-Aug-2018
I have booked my Turkish airline return flights from London Gatwick to Mugla Dalaman and because I have limited mobility I require to book special assistance . I cannot find a booking form or a email address on the website. Please could you help

Admin Reply :

Please call their London sales office to request for the wheelchair at least 48 hours before the scheduled travel time. If any forms are to be filled, they will send in email. The London Gatwick Sales office contact details are:

Airport Sales Office - Gatwick

Address: South Terminal Zone E Gatwick Airport RH6 0NP

Working hours: Every day 07:30 to 16:45 (12:00 to 13:00 closed)

Telephone: 0 844 800 6666 / 0207 471 6666 / 0871 2887512

Fax: + 44 1279 557261 /

Wilson Abimbola

Posted on 18-Jul-2017
Apart from the medical clearance from my doctor, is there any MEDIF I have to fill from your website for pregnancy. Thanks

Admin Reply :

No MEDIF form required. 

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