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Virgin America Check-In and Boarding

Virgin America check in and boarding can be done either using the online medium or at the airport. At the airport, there are two ways to check in: using airport check-in counter and using the kiosk check-in. 

Virgin America Online Check In

The facility of online checking in on Virgin America airlines is available for flights starting 24 hours before their scheduled departure and up to 1 hour before departure. 

How to do online check in?
1.    Visit the website of the airline. 
2.    Click ‘Check In’ in main navigation
3.    You will be prompted to fill Elevate membership account number with password or last name and confirmation number of ticket
4.    Follow the instructions from thereon, till you are shown the e-boarding pass. 

Virgin America Kiosk Check In
Passengers can make use of their credit card used for making payment or enter the confirmation code in the kiosk machine kept alongside the check-in counter at airport. 

Virgin America Check in at Airport Counter

For domestic flights of Virgin America, it is suggested to arrive at airport check-in counter at least 90 minutes before departure. Checked in baggage shall be left at drop off counters at least 45 mints before flight. For the international flights, you shall arrive at least 2 hours before scheduled departure. Check-in baggage cut off time is 60 minutes in case of international flights. 

Boarding on Virgin America airlines begins 30-45 minutes before departure of flight and closes 15 minutes before departure time. 

If travelling with pets or passengers with special assistance, it is recommended to arrive a little earlier. 

Self-service check in is not available for certain types of passengers who would need to do paperwork at the check-in counter of the airline.  


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