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Air Canada Baggage Allowance

Check-in Baggage

How much you can carry in check-in baggage on Air Canada would depend on:

  • Route of travel
  • Fare Option booked
  • Air Canada Altitude Status
  • Date of purchasing ticket

It is important to know what are fare options that can be booked on Air Canada and the associated baggage allowances. Allowances are based on piece-based system, not on weight-based.

  Within Canada  Between Canada and USA Caribbean, Mexico and Central America Other International travel

Economy Basic

1st Bag $25 CAD

NA NA 1st Bag Free, 2nd Bag $100.00 - $118.00
2nd bag $35 CAD NA NA

Economy Tango

1st bag      $26.25 - $28.75 1st bag      $25.00 - $26.25 1st bag        $25.00 - $29.5
2nd bag    $36.75- $40.25 2nd bag        $35.00 - $36.75 2nd bag        $35.00 - $41.3

Economy Flex

1st bag Free

1st bag      $25.00 - $26.25

1st bag Free

2nd bag  $36.75- $40.25 2nd bag        $35.00 - $36.75 2nd bag          $35.00 - $41.3

Economy Latitude

2 free

2 free

2 free

Premium Economy (lowest)

2 free

2 free


Premium Economy (flexible)

2 free

2 free


Business Class (lowest)

2 free

2 free

2 free

Business Class (flexible)

2 free

2 free

2 free

Each check in bag shall be no more than 23 kg weight and 160cm in sum of dimensions if this is to qualify for free allowance.

Bags more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg are considered over-weight. 

Another important point to note is that there are restrictions of length, sum of dimensions and weight on each baggage for all classes of travel. So, bags of more than 32 kgs of weight or 292 cms linear dimensions (L+B+H+wheels+handles) or 203 cm of length will not be accepted for handling.

Whether you will be allowed to carry more than one baggage and what will be the additional costs of the same will depend on sector of travel.

Excess Baggage and its charge

You will have to pay additional fee if you want to carry baggage which is more than  the freely allowed baggage in size, number or weight.

Overweight bags are more than 23 kg and less than 32 kg.

Over-sized bags are more than 160 cm and less than 292 cms in linear dimensions.

For travel within Canada

  • Overweight or oversize baggage- $105.00 - $115.00
  • Both overweight and oversized bag- $105.00 - $115.00 (only 1 fee)
  • Additional baggage- $105.00 - $115.00 

Between Canada and USA

  • Overweight or oversize baggage- $100.00 - $105.00
  • Both overweight and oversized bag- $100.00 - $105.00 (only 1 fee)
  • Additional baggage- $100.00 - $105.00 

Between US and Mexico, Costa Rica, Caribbean and Bermuda

  • Overweight or oversize baggage- $100.00 - $118.00
  • Both overweight and oversized bag- $100.00 - $118.00 (only 1 fee)
  • Additional baggage- $225.00 - $265.50

Between Canada and Other International Destinations

  • Overweight or oversize baggage- $100.00 - $118.00
  • Both overweight and oversized bag- $100.00 - $118.00 (only 1 fee)
  • Additional baggage- $225.00 - $265.50

All these fees are calculated on per-direction basis.

Carry-on Baggage

You are allowed to carry two items as carry on baggage- one standard article and the other a personal item.

Air Canada is very particular about oversized hand or cabin luggage and it will not allow you to carry the oversized bags on-board.

The standard article shall be of maximum size 23, 40 and 55 cms (including wheels and handles) and of weight up to 10 kgs.

The personal article shall not be exceeding 16, 33, 43 cms of dimensions and 10 kgs of weight.

While traveling with an infant, you are allowed to carry 1 more standard article in the cabin.

Overcoat, wrap, small purse (up to dimensions of 25, 30 and 14 cms), mobility aids, medications, battery operated medical equipment and food to be consumed in-flight by infant is also allowed inside the cabin.

Special Baggage

Sporting equipment, pets, musical instruments and hunting equipment are some of the other special baggage items which are allowed as checked in or hand baggage. However, there might be special charges, waivers and packing instructions for this luggage.

Sporting equipment includes archery items, avalanche rescue items, bicycles, boating/fishing, broomball/curling equipments, firearms for sports, golf clubs, hockey/cricket/ringette/lacrosse equipment, kiteboards and skateboards, parachutes, racquets, scuba diving, skeleton sleds, skis, skates, snowboards, Inflatable balls, bowling balls and surfboards.

Hunting equipment include Antlers and horns, ammunition, archery equipment, firearms and fishing equipment.

Musical equipments are accepted as carry on and checked in baggage provided they meet all restrictions of dimensions, weight and numbers.

Pets can be carried in three different ways on Air Canada. One way is to carry it in cabin. For this, it will be counted as 1 standard items towards free luggage allowance. Maximum weight allowed is 10 kgs and dimensions of hard and soft sided carriers shall be (23, 40, 55 cms)  and (27, 40, 55 cms) respectively. If not counted as free baggage, the charges are CAD/USD 50 within USA and Canada and CAD/USD 100 for international travel.

The second option is to carry the pets in the baggage compartment. In this case the total of dimensions of carrier shall be 292 cms and maximum weight will be 32 kgs. The charges for carrying these within Canada and US are USD/CAD 105 and for international travel are CAD/USD 270. These charges are for one-way travel.

The third option is to make use of the cargo service of the airlines for this purpose.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Carmen Lawson

Posted on 27-Jun-2020
Is there a limit as to how many extra bags you can take, aware that there are charges. Can I book 4 bags as long as they are under the weight limit? So 225 x 4 is that correct?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not prescribe any upper limit on max number of check in bags which can be carried. So, you can take 4 check-in bags.

jayram sullaphen

Posted on 03-Jul-2019
my carry on dimensions are: 22x15.5x9 inches. 22x14x9 inches However Air Canada calls for : 21.5x15x9 inches I have booked economy ka3jni booking reference and purchased tickets. Will I have to purchase new carry on baggage or will they pass. Thank You. Jay

Admin Reply :

Are you taking two carry on bags? If yes, then this will not be allowed. Only 1 carry-on bag and one personal item is allowed per passenger. 

oniel adams

Posted on 25-Jun-2019
Want to know about military status

Admin Reply :

Please mention the precise query. What is it that you want to know?

John Tozer

Posted on 24-Jun-2019
What is the baggage allowance for passengers flying enhanced economy?

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route of travel. 

Raunak dutthe

Posted on 23-Jun-2019
Hello there! I just wanted to know about the allowed baggage for me while on student visa. Regards!

Admin Reply :

Air Canada does have a Student Pass scheme but it does not have any special baggage allowances for students.Can you provide us the route of flight and cabin class of travel for further confirmation?

Marie Mosalski

Posted on 02-Jun-2019
I traveled to Canada with BA and am now travelling,Montreal to Washington DC - can I take same baggage as with BA Thank you

Admin Reply :

Did you book one ticket for both legs of journey, or , are these separate tickets? There is no free check in baggage allowance on Air Canada flights from Montreal to Washington DC. You will have to pay for even the first check in bag.

Julianne fritz marshall

Posted on 29-May-2019
Trying to add a checked bag to existing reservation

Admin Reply :


Lucyna Cockman

Posted on 26-May-2019
Are plastic hangers allowed in the carry-on baggage?

Admin Reply :

It is better to put these in check in luggage

Usha Rani Tumati

Posted on 22-May-2019
Free cabin baggage and hand baggage allowance by single passenger Is there any special baggage allowance for India military Retired Army officer How to contact the airline office from Hyderabad, India

Admin Reply :

No such allowance on Air Canada. Air Canada office is in Delhi and phone number is Tel 91-11-4717-2900

Marilyn Jennings

Posted on 07-May-2019
Can you take nail clippers and nail file in Carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

It is better to avoid these things being carried in cabin. Though these are not sharp, the airline officials at airport might still object. So, better to avoid taking these in cabin.

Marguerite Sheffler

Posted on 10-Dec-2018
I will be flying non-stop from San Francisco to Toronto. I have a small back pack (would fit in overhead storage), a purse, and a 17" laptop slimcase. Will I need to pay extra for any of these items? I also have a correct size carrier for my 5 1/2 lb. Chihuahua, so she can travel with me, and who I know I will be paying $50 for.

Admin Reply :

It requires you to carry 1 standard item and 1 personal item of 10 kg each. Though there shall not be a problem in carrying the three items as given by you, we would suggest that you speak to airline airport office for 100%surety and to avoid hassles at airport. 

Charges are USD/CAD 50 for carrying the pet in cabin apart from regular cabin baggage.  

Tina Rosales

Posted on 23-Sep-2018
I need to carry prefilled glass syringes for my medication in a small cooler as carry-on. Is this considered part of my 1-standard and 1-personal carry-on allowance?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be considered as such. You must carry the doctor prescription which clearly shows that you need this medication during the flight. 


Posted on 03-Sep-2018
I want to journey from india to canada in economy class in air canada . Pls tell me how kg cabin baggage i have?

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage allowance- 2 bags of 23 kg each are free. With respect to the cabin baggage, airline does not mention the weight. However, it does require that it be light enough for you to pick and place in the overhead cabin. Please carefully note the size limits. Standard cabin baggage shall not be more than 55-23-40cm in dimension. 

Malik Ahad Shahzad

Posted on 30-Aug-2018
I will travel on 16th October/18 from Lahore,Pakistan to Toronto,Canada with PIA Air and Air Canada. What will be my baggage allowance( Both hand and check in ) LHE to LHR (PIA) LHR to YYZ (Canada Air)

Admin Reply :

On which airline has the ticket been booked? You need to check with the airline about right check in baggage allowance since it will depend on what arrangement PIA and Air Canada have among themselves. 


Posted on 23-Aug-2018
Hello, I'll be travelling on Air Canada from Toronto to Seattle. Will it be possible for me to bring my trumpet with me as carry-on baggage? The size of the case is 59cm x 26cm x 17cm. It weighs 5 kg. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

We believe that this would be allowed. Else, you can also book the seat next to you for carrying it. It costs less than the given fare for musicians. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2018
I am travelling on Air canada to orlando in december, am i allowed to have checked in baggage free or do i need to pay?

Admin Reply :

Please mention the point of origin of flight.


Posted on 04-Aug-2018
Can we carry ready to eat food packages in cargo luggage? And are electronic items allowed in cargo?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken in check-in baggage. 

Allan Siegel

Posted on 02-Aug-2018
What is : (1) Maximum weight and size for check in baggage in Business Class from Ben Gurion Airpott (Tel Aviv) to Toronto (Pearson airport) and (2) Maximum weight and size for Carry On baggage in Business Class

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 32 kg each are free check-in allowance per adult or child passenger. You are allowed to bring one standard and one personal item in cabin baggage. Standard cabin baggage shall not be more than 55, 23, 40 cms in dimensions and personal item shall not be more than 33, 16 and 43 cms. 


Posted on 14-Aug-2017
I am traveling from Delhi to Toronto through air Canada. How much checked in luggage is allowed for me and hand luggage. Can I carry laptop and handbag together as cabin luggage

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in and 7 kg cabin baggage. Laptop allowed in cabin along with cabin luggage.


Posted on 13-Aug-2017
What are baggage allowances for students travelling from india to torronto for studies

Admin Reply :

We do not have any information on this. Please contact the local office of airline in this respect. 

Upasana Banerjee

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
Can I carry 1 standard article (a smallstrolleybag) and a laptop back pack (Having dimensions of a standard article) as cabin baggage for my Delhi-Toronto -Montreal flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done. Only laptop shall be kept in there. 

Susan Spicer

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
What is the cost for three bags in total for a flight from Trinidad to Canada. Susan

Admin Reply :

1st check in bag is free. 2nd check bag will cost $35 and 3rd will cost $225. 

Wella Kate F. Sadsad

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
My Flight is on 16th of april fromOorlando to Philippines is it allowed to check-in or hand carry a camping folding chair?.

Admin Reply :

If it can be disassembled and packed into or be carried as one of your check in bag, it is okay to carry it. 

Md Abdul Quayyum

Posted on 12-Nov-2016
I will travel on 9th December/16 from Muscat to Canada with Oman Air and Air Canada. What will be my baggage allowance( Both hand and check in )

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each for check in and 1 bag of 7 kg in cabin allowance. 

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