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Malaysia Airlines Check-In and Boarding

Malaysia Airlines allows check-in in a number of ways- airport, kiosk, web and mobile. 

Self Service Kiosks

You can check in on your own by using a number of ways. This is available to passengers with confirmed e-ticket. It is available for both domestic and international flights between 48 hours to 60 minutes before scheduled departure of flight. 

Using this  method, passengers are able to:

  • Select seats
  • Print bag tags
  • Print boarding pass

It is mandatory for all passengers travelling on economy class tickets except for flights to Kathmandu and Dhaka. This is because the airline has introduced the self printing bag tags which have to be printed from the kiosks to tag their bags and then leave these at the baggage drop-off counters. People who have used web or mobile check in are also required to make use of the kiosks for getting the printed bag tags. 

These kiosks are available at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Kota Bharu, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Langkawi

If you are not accompanied by the checked in baggage and travelling on domestic routes, you can proceed directly to boarding gate. 

If you are traveling with the checked in baggage, irrespective of sector of travel, you shall bring printed or mobile boarding pass at check in counter not later than 60 minutes before flight departure.

Web Check In

Web Check In is another option. It is opens 48 hours before departure of flights and remain open till 90 minutes before departure. 

If you are carrying check-in baggage and flying out of Malaysia, then the cut-off time for droping off bags at designated counters at least 60 mints before departure of flight from KLIA for domestic and international flights, and, from Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah airports, 45 mints before departure of domestic flights and 60 mints before departure of international flights. 

Mobile Check In

Opens 48 hours before and up to 90 minutes before scheduled departure of flight. This option allows you to check in using web and get the boarding pass on mobile in the form of 2D barcode which shall be scanned at the airport to retrieve the boarding pass and get it printed.

MHmobile check in is facilitated by visiting on mobile phone browser and the barcoded boarding pass is received on mobile along with email of the same.

MHKiosk:In this method of check in, you make use of the Malaysia Airline iPads.Boarding pass is received on SMS/email. This method is applicable on all domestic flights; flights to/from Singapore to Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Langkawi, Penang and Kuala Lumpur; and, on regional flights connecting main cities of the region.

Airport Counter Check In:

Facility for counter check in is available up to 2 hours and 1 hours before international and domestic flight departure respectively.

For people using the KLIA Ekspres train service, you can check in inside the KL Central Station 2 hours before departure of international and 1.5 hours before for domestic luggage.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 21-Oct-2022
On 27th Oct 2022 I will be travelling from KUL to LGK on flight number MH-1432 at 9:25AM (PNR: 6KWU9K). Could you please guide me on when and how to pre-book in-flight meals?

Admin Reply :

If you have already booked the tickets, and want to pre-order the meals, then you can do so by going to Manage My Booking section of the website of airline. You can also do so by calling the airline Customer Support.


Posted on 30-Dec-2019
Hi how can I print my boarding pass after 2 months

Admin Reply :

You can request the airline for the same.


Posted on 20-Sep-2018
I'm going to do web check in for my husband who is flying from Malaysia to Indonesia (2 flights). Can he print the boarding pass later from KLIA at the kiosk, or counter? What is needed to have the boarding pass printed?

Admin Reply :

Yes, boarding pass can be printed later on. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2018
I have completed my web check in and got the boarding pass downloaded, but I have no printer access at the moment, is it mandatory to print the boarding pass or can I collect it at the airport counter. RAO

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the departure airport for the purpose of your query. You do have the option of printing the boarding pass at the kiosks at the airport or take it from the airport check-in counter. You shall check whether the airport has kiosk for this purpose and whether there are any special charges for printing these or not. 

Bilin Dandi

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
How do I reprint my boarding pass at the kiosk after web check in if I haven't print the hard copy boarding pass earlier?

Admin Reply :

You just to follow the instructions and get this printed. Airline crew at airport will also help. 


Posted on 24-Feb-2017
I plan to check in via mhmobile, read in a web that if I plan to use my phone to scan for boarding pass then only one pass is allowed. How about the second passenger ? If I screenshot the details and send to them. Does it work the same way? Or better to print out? Tq

Admin Reply :

Some countries mandatorily require print out of the boarding pass for boarding purpose due to security concerns. Therefore, it is always good to have the boarding passes in printed format along with the mobile boarding passes.


Posted on 09-Nov-2016
I already do web check in..can i reprint boarding pass at kiosk?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done. You must check whether kiosk is available at the airport or not. 


Posted on 06-Nov-2016
If I just give them scan barcode at my phone,is work?I didn't print the barcode

Admin Reply :

The regulations differ from country to country. Which place are you travelling from? 

Margaret Rathod

Posted on 26-Sep-2016
The infomation provided through this website as per the current baggage allowance policy If my luaggage weights 31 kg will it be charged

Admin Reply :

yes, excess baggage would be charged for even if it is 1 kg more. This is a source of reveue for the airline and they would not like to leave it. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2016
i want web check in my flight on 15/9/2016, when i check in i havent confirmed than the system said check in no available. After that i try to check in second time with same flight , the system said i already check in. what can i do now? how to get the boarding pass

Admin Reply :

It is opens 48 hours before departure of flights. You would be doing it before, therefore, that message was being displayed. 

havinash gangadaran

Posted on 07-Sep-2016
How to reprint the boarding pass..which not print for the 1st time. I need the urgent reply cause 8th 12.30pm my departure. Your cooperation highly appreciated.

Admin Reply :

You can revisit Manage My Booking to print it. Else, you can seek information on whether the self-service kiosk is available at origin airport since it can also be used for printing of the boarding pass. 

serena aw

Posted on 02-Sep-2016
I did web-check in but forgot to print boarding pass and did not leave email address nor tel no. So now how do i go about to get it printed?

Admin Reply :

You need to have either the booking reference number or the e-ticket number for this purpose. Else, please speak to the airline customer service. This might also be done using your last name, route to travel and date on which booked. 

priya dhar

Posted on 20-Jun-2016
what are the charges in Indian rupees per kg for luggage weight more than 30 kgs

Admin Reply :

Which sector are you travelling?


Posted on 29-May-2016
Hi, can i reprint boarding pass at mas kiosk? Because i\'ve check in using online check in but i haven\'t print the boarding pass yet. Can i screen shot the barcode to scan it? Thanks.

Admin Reply :

If kiosks are available at the airport, these can be used to get the prints of the boarding pass. 


Posted on 29-Apr-2016
Is food items are allowed in your flight in cabin luggage? In Malaysia flights

Admin Reply :

Yes, these are allowed but it shall not be smelly or messy in nature. 


Posted on 23-Apr-2016
Hai...i already check in but i cannot print the boarding pass..can i ask counter to print it to me. Kindly advise Tq

Admin Reply :

You might have to stand in queue airport to get it printed. 

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