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Check in baggage

International Flights

There are 4 different classes of international travel- Economy, Premium Economy, Business and La Premiere. Check-in baggage allowance for these classes is respectively 1 bag of 23 kg, 2 bags of 23 kg each, 2 bags of 32 kg each and 3 bags of 32 kgs each. FlyingBlue members (including Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite and Elite Plus members) are allowed an additional baggage of 23 kgs for economy and premium economy cabin class and 32 kg for business and la premiere classes. Dimension of each bag shall not exceed 158 cm. 

In case you have bought a mini price ticket, then there is no allowance for check-in luggage, meaning that check in baggage is not free. However, you can book the baggage online. Only FlyingBlue Elite and Elite Plus are allowed one bag of 23 kg. 

For certain destinations in Africa and on select routes, in economy class cabin, there are 2 checked in baggage allowed. 

Domestic Flights

For flights within metropolitan France, allowance depends on type of fare classes- Basic, Basic+, Smart and Flex. All fare classes, except Basic, are allowed 1 bag of 23 kg. FlyingBlue (+Silver, Gold, PLatinum, Elite, Elite plus) are allowed one additional bag of 23 kg.

Extra fee for check in baggage

If your baggage is overweight, over-sized or more than the freely allowed baggage, then Air France will charge you extra fee for it. For the purpose of determining the quantum of these charges, Air France has divided its flights into 8 different regional sectors and charges vary depending on whether the bags are overweight, oversized or more than free allowance.

Carry on / Hand baggage

How much of hand baggage can be taken free of  cost on Air France is dependent on flights region and cabin class of travel.

For the intercontinental, Caribbean or Indian Ocean flights:

  • Economy travelers are allowed bags of dimension, 55, 35 and 25 cms (l, b, h), 1 accessory bag is allowed (laptop, notebook, computer, camera, etc) and the Max total weight is 12 kgs.

  • Premium Economy travelers are allowed 2 bags of abovesaid dimenions, 1 accessory and total max weight allowed is 18 kgs.

  • For Business and First Class travelers as well, the rules mentioned for the Premium Economy travelers apply.

For the flights within Europe, North Africa or Israel:

  • Economy travelers are allowed 1 bag of 55, 35 and 25 cms (l, b, h), 1 accessory bag and max weight of both these shall not exceed 12 kgs.

  • Premium Economy travelers also have same rules as that of Economy travelers.

  • Business class travelers are allowed 2 bags with each bag of abovesaid dimensions, 1 accessory bag and the maximum total weight of these bags is 18 kgs.

For flights within France,

  • Economy class travelers are allowed 1 bag of 55, 35 and 25 cms (l,b,h), 1 accessory bag and max weight of bags being 12 kg.

You can also carry an additional bag of duty free items per person in the cabin.

For carrying an infant in lap, 1 additional baggage is allowed free of cost. Dimensions shall be 55, 35 and 25 cms and weight 12 kgs.  A small stroller of 15, 30, 100 cms is allowed free of cost. Others can be kept as checked baggage.

You are also allowed to carry liquids in 28 EU countries and 50 other countries so long as it is carried in 100 ml quantity per product and are placed in clear and sealed plastic bag with max volume of 1 litre. However,, if there are certain liquids which a passenger has to take as medicine, including the nutritional substances and baby food, then these are allowed without any restriction.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 02-Apr-2023
On KLM, is it true that if you are traveling consecutively on 3 sectors ON THE SAME PNR, the highest baggage allowance is applicable to all sectors? I.e. one sector is business class and others economy, then allowance for that sector is applicable to all other sectors on the PNR on a single journey? KIndly confirm if this applies also to KLM, since it does apply to BA. THANKS

Admin Reply :

We could not get a reliable reply from KLM. However, as per the general trend, it is customary to allow higher baggage allowance for all sectors on same PNR.


Posted on 08-Dec-2015
Hello, myself , my husband n 2 children aged 7 and 2 are travelling to India from London, checked in baggage allowance per bag is 23 kgs... We then have a domestic flight from Delhi to Lucknow ( indigo airlines) which allows checked in baggage 15 kgs per person... Can I check in 23+23+14 kg bags in that case which would total to 60 kgs as per the free allowance, basically clubbing the bags ... Plz respond ASAP as we flying on Thursday .. Thanks in advance..

Admin Reply :

If you have total baggage of 60 kg check in for 4 passengers, then the domestic IndiGo flights will allow its carriage in 23+23+14 free of cost (since each bag is less than 32 kg weight). Nothing extra to be paid. 


Posted on 23-Nov-2015
What\'s the cost of checking in extra baggage Sony 40inch TV

Admin Reply :

Please provide the route information in order to know the excess baggage rates. 

anita singhania

Posted on 19-Aug-2015
My daughteris coming from Paris to Kolkata. How much weight she can carry as checkin luggage and hand luggage.

Admin Reply :

Please inform us about the cabin class of travel.

Natarajan Palanisamy

Posted on 07-Aug-2015
I will be travelling along with my wife from Cincinnati to Bangalore by AIR France on 13/08/2015. Reservation Reference number: 3C6RBW .Please let me know whether umbrella can be taken in side the cabin as cabin hand luggage. Please reply. Thanks Dr.P.Natarajan

Admin Reply :

Umbrellas are personal items and these are generally allowed to be carried inside the cabin free of cost in addition to the cabin luggage. 

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