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Etihad Airways Special Assistance

Like any other airline, Etihad also offers special assistance to people in special conditions. Whether children, expectant mothers or people with certain medical conditions, Etihad extends on-ground and on-board assistance to enable them to travel comfortably.

Children: Infants are children below 2 years of age. Infants are required to be seated in the laps of adults accompanying them. However, the children of more than 2 years of age are required to have separate seat. For every child who is in age group of 6 months to 3 years and needs to be seated in a separate chair, there are special requirements of design and quality standards to be met. These standards vary from country to country.

Unaccompanied Minors: Children from age of 5 and up to 12 years, when travelling alone, are called unaccompanied minors. Above the age of 12 years and below 16 years, they are called Young Passengers. Even they can avail of the UM services if asked by their parents or guardians. It is important to note that the UM service needs to be availed at least a week before scheduled travel by contacting nearest Etihad office and completing the required documentation.

Expectant Mothers: Women who are expected to have single or multiple children are allowed to travel without the Medical certificate during up to 28 weeks of pregnancy.

From 29th week and up to end of 32nd week (for multiple pregnancies) and 36th week (for single pregnancy), Medical certificate from mid-wife or doctors is required which shall state her fitness for travel, approximate due date of delivery and the number of weeks for which she is pregnant. The certificate shall be issued within the immediately preceding 7 days of travel date and shall state that you are fit to fly. It shall be duly stamped, signed and issued by doctor or attending midwife. Thereafter, pregnant women are not accepted for travel on Etihad Airways.

Visually Impaired: The permanently blind passengers are not required to have medical clearance except when they are travelling in groups. Temporarily blind passengers do need medical clearances through the MEDIF.

Visually impaired people are allowed to carry their service dogs inside the cabin provided they are properly trained, restrained and muzzled. These dogs have to be seated on a moisture absorbent mat which is to be carried inside the aircraft.

You need to inform about your special requirements during the time of making the reservations. For carrying dog inside cabin, you are required to inform about it at least 48 hours before flight time.

Prior Medical Clearance requirements

There is a need for people in following special conditions to get prior medical clearances. These are:

a. contagious or communicable disease;

b. if passenger is likely to be a hazard for other passengers or flight due to his special condition

c. passenger is not able to care for himself

d. passenger has unstable medical condition

e. travelling with a prematurely born infant

f. passenger need oxygen, injectable medicines and other such equipment in the flight.

g. requiring a stretcher.

Personal Care Attendant is required when passenger is not capable of feeding or administering medicines by self and/or are not able to use lavatory on their own.

Personal Safety Attendant is needed along with passenger when the latter is on stretcher, is mentally disabled and has severe mobility, visual or hearing problems.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Sarah Cecilia Moynihan

Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Is there any service for pregant women flying on Etihad. I must collect my bags in bkk and recheck in but I can't carry heavy bags. Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

We are sorry to inform that the airline does not provide baggage carriage or handling on your behalf, if you are pregnant. It is advisable to take a travel companion along.

Sandamali wanniarachchi

Posted on 11-May-2019
Im 8 weeks pregnant my returns tickets for srilanka is on 17th may can i travel .and im travel with my 3 yrs old son with first time alone.r u assist us

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline customer service directly. Etihad is one of the best global airlines. They will surely take care to ensure that you have a nice journey. 

Dr, James Welch

Posted on 28-Dec-2018
My wife is currently 14 weeks pregnant, She will be 19 weeks when we fly to the UAE for my work. Is there any special assistance for her as far as boarding priority is concerned? Thank you for your kind response

Admin Reply :

Generally, passengers in special conditions are allowed to board ahead of others. 

hiteshkumar patel

Posted on 08-Oct-2018
my wife is pregnant and we want fly etihad airlines so what u want document for u guys

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the number of weeks pregnancy. However, if the pregnancy is in 29th week to 38th week period and is a single pregnancy, a medical certificate is  required. Similarly, if pregnancy is multiple and between 29th week and 32nd week the medical certificate is required. The certificate shall state her fitness for travel, approximate due date of delivery and the number of weeks for which she is pregnant. The certificate shall be on official letterhead, stamped by attending doctor or midwife. This certificate would be valid for 3 weeks from date of issue. 


Posted on 18-Aug-2018
I made booking for my wife and son to travel on 19/08/2018. Due to closure of Kochi airport they can not travel and they can not wait till opening. How can I cancel this ticket? I tried thru web but it is not allowable now. I tried to contact their local number but not reachable. Pls advise

Admin Reply :

Airline will itself cancel the flight if it is not possible to land in Kochi. 


Posted on 11-Aug-2017
I’m asking about my wife she Pregnant for 7 months you can travel her ? Because I’m ready booked my Travel from Dar Es Salaam to Manchester United Kingdom, number for booking KEWN33. She have Visa for one month only

Admin Reply :

From 29th month onwards and up to 36th week, the airline would need a medical certificate of her fitness and allow her  to fly. 


Posted on 11-Aug-2017
What about Letter from a Doctor?

Admin Reply :

Please elaborate on what you intend to say. It is better to have the certificate from the treating or attending doctor, if possible. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
is the fit to fly certificate the formal certificate given by the dr? does it need pre-approval from the airlines if i am between 33 and 35 weeks pregnant? any changes of the conditions or it is still up to 36 weeks of pregnancy? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes it is a formal certificate and is to be issued on doc's letterhead. This certificate is to be submitted from the beginning of the 29th week to the end of the 36th week in case of single pregnancy. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2017
after getting my medical certificate from my doctor, where will I submit this certificate to get a travel clearance from the airline? thanks!

Admin Reply :

yes, this is to be done. You can even show it during the time of checking at the airport. 

Elaine Wright

Posted on 28-Feb-2017
Regarding flying hen the 36 week cut of 35 weeks plus 1 dayor when the patient reaches 36 weeks pregnancy. Please clarify for my medical team. Regards

Admin Reply :

Till the end of 36 weeks of pregnancy, women can be accepted for air travel by Etihad. From beginning of 29th week till end of 36 weeks, medical certificate is required. 


Posted on 28-Feb-2017
For 36 weeks pregnancy(single, uncomplicated), do I need prior approval from airline medical team or just present the medical certificate from my doctor during check-in? Also, is this 36 weeks cut-off applicable to long-haul international flights? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will need a fit to fly certificate. 


Posted on 17-Feb-2017
If I travel on 36 weeks and 6 days. Will I be allowed to travel?

Admin Reply :

Since airline prohibits travel from beginning of 37th week onwards, you are within this limit technically but we would suggest that you seek prior approval of airline for this purpose. Fit to Fly certificate would be required. 

Heidie Emma Yabut

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
Good Day Ma'am/Sir, I am currently 29 weeks AOG of pregnancy, singleton and uncomplicated pregnancy, my due date via ultrasound is on April 24, 2016. Approximately my husband want to book a ticket on Feb 19, 2017, from Philippines going to Madinah Ksa. What requirements do I need to bring with me during travel or requirements needed prior to travel? Good day and have a nice day.

Admin Reply :

Medical certificate is required. What is to be written or mentioned in this certificate is given in the webpage above. 


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
hey admin my wife is pregnant of 30 + weeks. she is traveling to USA from middle east. can you inform about what to do ??

Admin Reply :

She will be required to produce a medical certificate from her attending doctor or mid-wife. This shall be done on the letterhead of doctor (hospital) or, if from midwife, than duly stamped by her. This certificate shall state that she is fit to fly, whether pregnancy is single or multiple, the number of weeks she is pregnant, expected date of delivery and shall be written either in English or in Arabic. 


Posted on 01-Oct-2016
Hiya, I am a pregnant women, so from where can I download the form to fill from the doctor?? Many Thanks

Admin Reply :

Doctors do have these proforma. Please check the same with your doctor. 


Posted on 20-Sep-2016
Hello Admin.... My sister going to travel from USA to INDIA during her 22nd week of pregnancy with her medical report. Should she inform the airlines about her Pregnancy for Comfortable and Safe Seat during her journey before her travelling Date?

Admin Reply :

If there is no special assitance required, there is no real need for informing the airline. 


Posted on 16-Sep-2016
Hi Admin, My mom is aged 60 yrs & has got little bit of difficulty in walking, so I have booked her wheel chair assistance option for her travel from India to USA. Will she be provided wheel chair assistance throughout her journey, i.e, even during her pre-clearance process at Abu dhabi airport before heading on to USA? Does she need to carry any proof or certificate in order to avail wheel chair assistance?

Admin Reply :

You can book the wheelchair assistance for the whole journey and there will be no issue at all at any stage of he journey. No medical proof or document needed. 


Posted on 04-Sep-2016
My friend is 9weeks pregnant..can she travel at this time..does she need to hav any medical certificate. .

Admin Reply :

9 weeks pregnancy is no issue in flying. There shall not be any complication and it shall be a case of single pregnancy. She does not need a fit-to-fly certificate. 

kabo maroba

Posted on 09-Jun-2016
Hello there I plan to travel to South Africa in December my child will be 3 months old. would she need to pay for a flight ticket? and are there any special preparations iv to make prior to the flight

Admin Reply :

There is a Global service fee to be paid instead of a ticket. However, you will have to add an infant to the booking. PLease use this link for specific requirements for South Africa travel: 

Else please contact the Etihad local office. 

Shravya Mandadi

Posted on 17-Apr-2016
Hi Team, I am planning to travel in August 2016 where I will be 33 weeks pregnant with single pregnancy. Can you please suggest the procedure and guidelines for the same. Thanks in Advance,

Admin Reply :

There will be a need to submit a medical certificate. The guidelines are mentioned in the content above.


Posted on 31-Mar-2016
Hi, i will be pregnant 22 weeks when travelling. Can i carry my scan report as a proof if i m asked to show. There will be written how many weeks i am and my due date. We don\'t have pregnancy charts in my country.

Admin Reply :

If you have doctor pregnancy record chart, it can be taken. Else, you can carry a Fit to Fly certificate even if it is not needed in 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Liny Thomas

Posted on 10-Mar-2016
Dear Sir/Madam I have seen the policies of pregnant woman travel in etihad airways.Its shown that fitness for travel certificate from midwife is needed after 28 weeks pregnancy and can travel until 36 weeks pregnant.I am pregnant 22 weeks pregnant now and my mid wife told their hospital will give certificate until 32 weeks pregnancy.can i know whether i can travel in etihad during 34 weeks pregnant and is there any approval form from etihad or etihad doctor approval is needed.

Admin Reply :

If you will not have the Fit to Fly certificate from attending midwife or doctor, you will not be able to fly.


Posted on 28-Feb-2016
I am planning to travel to Abudhabi from Chennai with my 2 sons aged 3 and half years and 6 months without any other adult with me . Can i get assistance till boarding and also after landing till i collect my luggage?

Admin Reply :

For any assistance, please contact Etihad Airways directly. 

Mona Ali

Posted on 20-Feb-2016
I ll b 30 week pregnant at the time of travel .. I heard eithad airways stopped pregnant ladies .. Why are the rules for them ??

Admin Reply :

Etihad allows pregnant women to travel till end of 36th week of pregnancy. Till 28th week, there is no need for any medical certificate but from the 29th week till 36th week, there is a need for Medical certificate. Medical certificate guidelines are given in content above.


Posted on 12-Feb-2016
I will travel alone pregnancy 34 week. The midical Certificate just write my doctor o there are some especial certificate that i have to take from your web site? If something rong there are some doctot in the fly? Thanke you Alessia

Admin Reply :

If yours is a 1-child pregnancy, you will have to submit a medical certificate. This certificate shall meet following requirements: 

  • Issued and signed by your doctor or attending midwife.
  • Written on a clinic/hospital letterhead and/or stamped by the doctor or attending midwife.
  • Issued within 7 days from the date of travel.
  • State if the pregnancy is single or multiple.
  • State the number of weeks of pregnancy and the Expected Date of Delivery (EDD).
  • State that you are fit to fly.
  • Easily understood and written in English or Arabic. 


Posted on 26-Jan-2016
Ref: Prior Medical Clearance> (f) oxygen requirement. Can the traveler bring his oxygen concentrator and sleep Apnea as additional hand luggage. Is there an extra fee? Can you provide a number to call for details and a convenient time EST. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

You can call their toll free customer service number at 18002090808. Normally, these medical equipments are allowed in cabin but it is better to inform the airline about your special need in advance of travel date.


Posted on 13-Oct-2015
My wife will be 21 weeks pregnant at the date of travel. What do we need to present to prove that if we are asked at the airport? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, you might be asked proof. You can carry your pregnancy progress chart with you which can satisfy the airline staff about your duration of pregnancy.


Posted on 05-Oct-2015
do Personal Care Attendants travel free or at a discounted ? I require 2 Personal Care Attendant due to sever physical disability not out of choice. Are there any ways of reducing the financial disadvantage this puts in

Admin Reply :

You will have to buy tickets for personal care attendants. 

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