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jetBlue Frequent Flyer Program

TrueBlue is the frequent flyer program of JetBlue Airways. In order to be a member of the program, there is a need to enroll for the same. This can be done online using the website of airline.

TrueBlue is based on amount spent and not on miles flown. Certain benefits of this program are:

  • On jetBlue operated flights, there are no blackout dates.
  • At least 6 points can be earned for every eligible dollar spent on booking flight with jetBlue.
  • Points can be redeemed for any seat and at any time.
  • The points do not come with an expiry time.
  • Family pooling of points is possible.

How to Earn?

jetBlue Flights: 3 base points for every dollar spent + bonus points for fare class booked (3 for Blue, 4 for Blue Plus, 5 for Blue Flexi and 3 for Mint)

jetBlue services: If you also avail of the airline special services, there are good chances to add more to your points. Buying ‘Even More Space’ service can add another 200 TrueBlue points. JetPaws can earn you 300 points. JetBlue Getaways can also fetch you 6 points per dollar spent.

jetBlue partners: There are 18 travel partners out of a total of more than 40 partners which can earn you jetBlue points.

How to Redeem?

Award flights of jetBlue: Redemption of the points of jetBlue can be done by using the Award flights of the airline. The amount of points to be consumed will depend on fares. There are no blackout dates for redeeming these points.

Donation to Charities: Beginning with a minimum of 500 points, you can donate any number of points to one or more of the associated charities. These charities are for youth and education, community causes and related to environmental causes.

Vacations: You can use the TrueBlue points with the cash component to avail the holiday packages to different destinations.

Subscribe to Magazines: This is another way of redeeming the points. Subscribe to the different magazines using your redemption points.

Aloha: Points can also be redeemed by flying with Hawaiian airlines.


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