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Malaysia Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

(Updated: 13-03-2018)

Frequent Flyer Program of Malaysia Airlines is called ‘Enrich’.

Passengers can enrol into the program by signing up for it one the website of Malaysia Airlines. 

Membership Tiers

  • Enrich Blue,
  • Enrich Silver,
  • Enrich Gold, and
  • Enrich Platinum memberships.

Criteria for Upgrading Membership

  Upgrade requirements Tier Bonus
Enrich Silver 25,000 Elite Miles or 30 Elite Sectors 25%
Enrich Gold 50,000 Elite Miles or 50 Elite Sectors 25%
Enrich Platinum Membership on highly selective basis 30%

Tier Bonus is earned on flights of Malaysia Airlines or its codeshare partners marketed by Malaysia Airlines. 

Elite Miles or Elite Sectors have to be met in a 12 month calendar-year. 

Elite Miles are different from Enrich Miles. 

Earning Enrich Miles

Enrich Miles are calculated on the actual distance flown. Elite Tier Bonues, as a percentage of class of travel, are earned separately. It takes about 7 days for Enrich Miles to appear in the account and, while traveling on partner airlines, it takes about 4-6 weeks.

On Malaysia Airlines, following scheme determines how many Enrich Miles are earned:

  Class Level   Booking Class    Total Enrich Miles Earned
  First Class   F / A    300%
  Business Class   J    200%
  C / D    175%
  Z    160%
  Economy Class   Y / B / H    150%
  K / M / L / V    100%
  S / N    85%
  Q / O / G    25%

Similarly, Enrich Miles are earned on its other airline partners, certain financial service organizations, accomodation providers, transportation, shopping and lifestyle companies. 

The number of Enrich Miles which you will earn will depend on following criteria:

a. Type of ticket purchased.

b. Class of service

c. Enrich Tier Status

d. Distance flown

It is also possible to transfer as many miles as you want to another person’s account by paying a small fee. But, there is a limit of 50000 miles per year on the person who will be receiving it.

It is important to enrol first before earning these Miles. Signing up online for these miles itself earns you 1000 Enrich Miles.

Redemption of the Enrich Miles

Redemption of Enrich Miles can be done on 21 airlines and 2 lifestyle partners. 

Redemption on Malaysia Airlines

Redemption can be done online on Malaysia Airlines and MASwings, by calling the customer service of the airlines or visiting their local offices. 

Minimum 1000 Enrich Miles are required for redemption on Malaysia Airlines and MASwings. 

It can be done by way of upgrading service class of travel. It is subject to availability of seats and is not applicable on MASwings operated and Malaysia Airlines codeshare and marketed flights.

Upgrade Award:

The upgradde award travel reservation shall be booked on I RBD in business class and A RBD in First Class.

In Economy class, RBDs Y/B/H and K/M/L/V are eligible for upgrade to Business Class

In Business class, RBDs J and C/D are eligible for upgrade to First Class.

Redemption for upgrade is done as per the upgrade table, which, in turn, depends on class of travel and the miles flown (route of travel).

Redemption of Cash+Miles

Under the Cash+Miles service, redemption is permissible by paying part cash (credit card) and partly through Enrich Miles. This facility is provided only for the online redemption and only on Malaysia Airlines flights. Using this facility, you can redeem as little as 1000 Enrich Miles. These redemption tickets are non-refundable except for the cash part which is refundable upon payment of charges. For group travel, only a maximum of 9 passengers are required to avail of redemption.

Enrich Elite Miles

Elite Miles are earned only on First, Business and Economy class fares of Malaysia Airlines and oneworld Alliance partners.

Elite Miles are only used to track the member’s qualification of different tier membership status and are not used towards the redemption of Enrich awards.

Platinum Miles, like Elite Miles, are used to track qualification of a member for Elite Platinum membership. These are earned only Golden Club Class and First Class Fares. These are also not used for redemption for Enrich Awards

Elite Sectors are used to check the qualification of a person for Silver and Gold membership. These are earned only on Malaysia Airlines flights and on Economy, Business and First classes of travel. No use of these towards redemption of Enrich Awards shall be done.

Elite Miles or sectors have to be earned on yearly basis (calendar year) in order to be a member of one of the three classes. Elite Gold and Silver members same number of Elite Miles per year whereas Elite Platinum members need 1 lakh Elite Miles or 130 sectors in a calendar year.

Benefits of Elite Tier Status

All three categories of travel earn the Elite Tier Bonus while flying Business or First Class.

Lounge Access is free for Gold and PLatinum members but not so for Silver members. Price to be paid is MYR 1900 per year for gaining access to worldwide lounges of Malaysian Airlines.

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