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Turkish Airlines Baggage Allowance

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Turkish Airlines is one of the top airlines of Europe. Following are the rules of its free baggage allowance for cabin and check-in luggage.

Cabin or Hand (Carry on) Baggage Allowance

Cabin baggage allowance rules of Turkish airlines allow you to carry 1 piece of 8 kg on Economy or Comfort Class travel. Business class travellers are allowed 2 pieces of 8 kg each. Infants are also allowed to carry 1 piece of luggage of 8 kgs. The dimensions of the bag shall not be more than 55, 40, 23 cms. In addition to this allowance, passengers are also allowed to carry 1 of these personal items- hand purses, small cameras, strollers, laptops/tablets and umbrellas.

In case of overweight cabin luggage, the excess weight is chargeable. But in case of oversized (but not overweight) cabin baggage, the whole weight is chargeable as per excess baggage charges.

Liquids can be carried in cabin but in 100ml quantity and these shall be put separately in a sealed transparent bag which has to be x-rayed. Medicines in original packs and on prescription and the baby food to be consumed during flight are the exceptions to this rule.

Liquids bought at the duty-free shops shall be carried in cabin in sealed and originally packed condition. But, restrictions of 100ml quantity apply on connecting flights within USA or Europe.

Check In Baggage Allowance

The check in luggage allowance rules of Turkish Airlines are different for domestic and international flights. These also depend on class of travel.

Free check in allowance for domestic flights within Turkey are 10kg, 20kg and 30 kg for the Promotional, Economy and Business class travellers (adult or children). Infants are allowed to carry 10 kg across all classes of travel.

For the international flights, the free allowance is 20kg for Economy and Comfort classes and 30 kg for Business class passengers. Infant are allowed 10 kg allowance and are additionally permitted to carry one collapsible carriage.

However, there are exceptions to this general rule for international flights.

Passengers on flight to/from Egypt are allowed 50 kg for both Economy and Business class.

Flights from Norway and Jakarta, allowance is 40 kg for Business and 30 kg for Economy classes.

From Germany to Turkey and beyond, allowance is 30kg and 40kg for Economy and Business class.

From Ireland, allowance is 30 kg and 40 kg for economy and business class.  

For international flights to/from Americas, Central African and West African nations, Economy and Comfort class passengers are allowed 2 bags of 23 kg each with dimensions restrictions of 158 cms. Business class travellers are allowed 2 bags of 32 kg with 158 cms overall sum of dimensions. Infants are allowed 1 bag and 1 stroller of 23 kg total with sum of dimensions of 115 cm.

There are special stipulations of baggage allowance for flights to/from Brazil/Argentina. From Brazil/Argentina, the allowance is 2 bags of 32 kg each. Flight to Brazil/Argentina have allowance of 2 bags of 23 kg for Economy and 2 bags of 32 kg for Business class.

In case of flights involving other carriers, the free allowance is determined as per the most significant carrier rule (MSC).

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Posted on 22-Feb-2017
1 bag of 8 kg is cabin allowance and check in allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg each. Please confirm that above the baggage allowance Is correct from Manchester to Mumbai.

Admin Reply :

No, for your flight in Turkish Airlines the allowance would be 30 kg check in and 8 kg cabin per person. Manchester to Mumbai route has weight based system of check in baggage. 


Posted on 19-Feb-2017
I need a real confirmation if it would be possible to carry my LG LED 43 in Tv from Dublin Ireland to Khartoum Sudan as a checked in luggage

Admin Reply :

It can be taken provided the size of the check in baggage having TV and the weight is within permitted allowance limits. If size exceeds then it will be taken in cargo.


Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Hi! I am planning to travel from Tirana, Albania to Tampa, Florida, USA on April 19, 2017. Can you please confirm me, are there allowed 2 checked baggage of 23 kg and 1 piece of max 8 kg hand baggage? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in in the economy class. Cabin baggage allowance is of 8 kg.

Neetu Tyagi

Posted on 07-Feb-2017
Hello, I'll planning for booking tickets from India to Geneva and duration is 8th April to 2nd July 2017 via Turkish Airlines. Let me know about total Check-in -Baggage weight and total Hand-Baggage weight.

Admin Reply :

1 check in bag of 20 kg and hand baggage of 8 kg is allowed for economy class travellers. For Business class, the allowance is 2 bags of 8 kg each in Cabin and 30 kg in check in baggage.


Posted on 22-Aug-2016

Admin Reply :

It is better to take it in check in baggage. 


Posted on 16-Aug-2016
From delhi to dusseldorf via Istanbul the economy is 30kg right?

Admin Reply :

For economy class travellers, it is 20 kg check in baggage.

M S Malik

Posted on 24-Jul-2016
Could you please guide me about the maximum size limit to carry LED TV from EDI to LHE. I have contacted their customer services , they say it is same 158 CM for both transatlantic and non transatlantic flights.I believe it is not correct information as all airlines have differnet baggage rules for transatlantic and non transatlantic flights. Qatar air ways for example allows 300 cm for non transatlantic . http://support.qatarairways.com/hc/en-us/articles/206465798-Is-it-possible-to-carry-an-LCD-or-LED-TV-in-my-checked-baggage- please guide

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage dimensions shall not be more than 158 cm. Free allowance is 40 kg for economy and 50 kg for business travellers.


Posted on 15-Jul-2016
I would like to know whether it is possible to check in a 55" TV as a part of my free baggage. The weight is 24 kg and the dimension of the box is 10*85*20. I know that it exceeds the limit but do you know if I can have it checked in for a fee? Or might it be rejected? I am travelling from Muscat, Oman to Tabriz, Iran

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage charges would be OMR 20 per excess kg. It is not likely to be rejected. 


Posted on 18-May-2016
hello...please from russia to ghana, flying with turkish airlines, check in luggage for Economy class is 2 bags of 23kg each,right? and please what about cabin luggage??? thanks

Admin Reply :

1 bag of 8 kg is cabin allowance and check in allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg each. 

Gunta Kalnina

Posted on 02-Mar-2016
From Dublin to Delhi I flying with Turkish Airlines. Check in luggage 30 kg? Economy class.

Admin Reply :

Right, from Ireland the allowance is 30 kg check in for economy and 40 kg check in for business class travellers. 

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