SpiceJet Liability and Limitation

For domestic flights, Spicejet shall not be liable in case of any loss or damage due to delay in carriage. The liability for loss or damage to baggage due to other circumstances (such as reckless handling when the intent to cause damage is clear) is limited to Rs 200 per kg subject to a maximum of Rs 3000 only. However, there is no liability for perishable and fragile items in luggage.

For international flights, the liability is limited as per Montreal and Warsaw conventions. So, Spicejet liability towards loss, delay or damage to baggage is limited at SDR 1131 per passenger for hand and checked baggage as per Montreal Convention, the same is $9.07 per pound of weight for checked luggage and $400 per passenger for cabin luggage.

In case of death or bodily injury resulting in incapacitating a person from occupation, the liability is limited to Rs 7,50,000 for passenger of equal to and more than 12 years of age and Rs 3,75,000 in case of less than 12 years.This provisions are applicable both in case of domestic and international flights.


Damage to Baggage: In case of damage to baggage done intentionally due to recklessness, the liability for damage to the baggage is limited to INR 200 per kg

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