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Saudia Baggage Allowance

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Checked in Baggage Allowance

Checked in baggage allowance on Saudia is dependent on class of travel, frequent flyer membership status and whether flight is operating on domestic or on international routes.

For Domestic Flights within Saudi Arabia, allowance is 1 and 2 bags respectively for Guest and First or Business class passengers, with each bag weighing not more than 25 kgs.

Please note that each bag shall not weigh more than 25 kg and if it exceeds, the carrier would request for redistribution of items. If number of pieces of luggage still exceeds weight limit, passenger would be required to pay SAR 100 for each piece which is exceeding the limit. Similarly, if the number of pieces being carried is more than what is freely allowed, a SAR 100 fee would be applicable to each of the piece.

Saudia AlFursan Gold and Silver members as well as Elite and Elite Plus members of SkyTeam alliance are allowed one extra baggage weighing not more than 25 kg.

For International flights, free allowance is as follows:

Flights to/from USA or Canada, First, Business and Guest Class passengers are allowed to carry 2 pcs. For Guest class travellers, the weight limit is 23 kg per baggage and for First and Business class it is 32 kgs per piece. Each bag shall have sum of dimensions less than 157 cm.

Flights to/from EU/UK/Middle East/Africa/Asia/Arabian Gulf , First and Business class passengers are allowed 2 bags of 32 kg each. Guest class passengers are either allowed 1 bag of 32 kg or 2 bags of 23 kg each which is shown on the ticket.

Alfursan Silver/Gold and Elite/Elite Plus members travelling in First Class are allowed to carry 1 extra bag of 32 kgs, Business class are allowed 1 bag of 23 kg.

All destinations other than USA/Canada shall have baggage dimensions not exceeding 205 cm.

Infants are also entitled to free allowance of 10 kg.

Excess Baggage Charges

Saudi Excess Baggage Charges.jpg

If Excess Baggage more than 23 kgs but less than 32 kgs but within standard dimensions, charges are USD/CAD 60. Additional USD/CAD to be charged if more than 32 kg.

If excess baggage is more than standard dimensions, USD/CAD 100 would be charged.

Allowance related to ZAMZAM holy water

For passengers departing from Jeddah and Medina International airports, 1 gallon package of Zam Zam water from the Sophia factory is allowed which does not exceed 5 litres for all passengers. This is allowed as a complimentary checked in baggage.

For passengers departing from other airports, Zam Zam water is allowed as a part of the free checked in baggage but any excess baggage more than normal allowance will have to be paid for.

Cabin baggage allowance

Saudia also allows carriage of cabin baggage free of cost. First and Business class passengers are allowed one hand bag (56, 45, 25 cms), or 1 garment bag (11 cm thickness) and one briefcase (45, 20, 35 cms). Total weight shall be 9 kgs for these passengers

Guest class travellers are allowed one hand bag of 56, 45, 25 cm and maximum weight 7 kgs.

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Posted on 01-Mar-2017
I flying Damam Saudi Arabia To Kathmandu Nepal. Can i carry 32"inch. Lcd.. I am confused because somebody tell me, Saudi Airport banned now lcd, led. Please answer fast.. Thank you...

Admin Reply :

We do not have any such information. Satellite TV cards are banned to carry inside Saudi but to there is no issue in carrying LED TVs to/from the Kingdom. For further confirmation, we are getting more information from the airlines of Saudi.


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
can i carry 32 inches TV in hand carry or in baggage from saudi airlines ? saudi to india

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
Guitar has to be taken in check in baggage is acknowledged and confirmed. Hence, does Saudia Airline can give an assurance that my electric guitar will be handle safely throughout the flight!

Admin Reply :

You can get the baggage insured. 


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
For all people travelling from Riyadh to Indian, LED/LCD TV greater then 32' is not allowed as per new rule from Saudi Aviation. Saudi Airlines is not allowing TV of any size , other Airlines will allow TV till 32' inch of specific brands only. Please call your airline to check before travelling

Admin Reply :

Thanks for the information. 

Ganga sagar

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
I m gali to Riyadh to lucknow I have 2 bheeg of 23 kg +led tv 32 inche how many changes

Admin Reply :

$164 if you buy 1 extra bag check in of up to 23 kg at airport and $ 104 if you buy online on Saudia website. 

Akhtar Nawab

Posted on 14-Feb-2017
I am flying to Riyadh to Delhi tomorrow in economy class saudia airlines my luggage is extra weight is around 50 kg . Can u tell me about how much I have to pay for per kg. Please reply as soon as possible

Admin Reply :

You have to tell the information in number of pcs and weight of each bag. Allowance is based on number of pcs being carried in check in baggage. 


Posted on 14-Feb-2017
Sir dammam to pakistan how many inch led allowed l have only one bag 25 kg but I take one led?PLZ sir reply me

Admin Reply :

No limit on TV screen size. Check the sum of dimensions of check in baggage. These shall be less than 158 cms. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
Noted for the two (2) 23 Kg. allowed by Saudi Airline for International travel "i.e." RUHMNL. My question is, does Saudia Airline can allow for hand carry of electric guitar in guitar case?

Admin Reply :

No, guitar has to be taken in check in baggage only. 


Posted on 11-Feb-2017
Does Saudi Airlines allow to carry LED TV from Riyadh to Chennai, if so till how much inches TV will be allowed by the airlines and how about the charges? Route: Riyadh To Chennai direct flight

Admin Reply :

It does allow you to take the TV along in check in baggage but it shall be within weight and size limits of check in baggage allowance. Therefore, size of package shall be less than 158 cms. 


Posted on 09-Feb-2017
I am traveling from india to saudhi in saudhi airline economy class what weight baggage i can carry in checkin and cabin?

Admin Reply :

 2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed as free allowance. Cabin allowance is 1 cabin bag of 7 kg. Total dimensions are 126 cm for cabin bag and 158 cm for check in bag

Arshad hussain

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Hello sir, i will go my country august or sebtember 2017 inshaallah.. I want to carry 42 inches used led tv(tcl) from Riyadh to lucknow ,india. Can i carry this, and i hv no any bill of this tv.. Pls answer me..

Admin Reply :

You can take this in check in baggage, within permitted allowance limits by weight and size. Bills are not needed for it.


Posted on 08-Feb-2017
I am going vacation to india this coming March via saudi airline economy class. I have 2 baggage 23 kg, 15 kg and one led tv 32 inch and hand carry also.Can i carry this led tv. Waiting for your quick replay.

Admin Reply :

You can take this LED TV but excess charges have to be paid. 

Shaik Mydeen

Posted on 07-Feb-2017
I have only two baggage in my ticket but I have 32 inch television in extra how to carry on saudia airlines

Admin Reply :

Which route are you flying? Anyways it will have to tkaen in check in baggage. 

J p angrish

Posted on 05-Feb-2017
How much baggage is allowed in saudi airlines from new delhi india to Toronto canada Pearson airport

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each is allowed in check in and 7 kg in cabin

Mary jane

Posted on 04-Feb-2017
Hi can't I ask if is OK to luggage 43inch led tv?From Riyadh to Manila?Thank u economy only

Admin Reply :

The size of the TV package shall conform to the check in baggage allowance limits. If it does not, then it might not be allowed to be taken. 

Rajan V Deshmukh

Posted on 04-Feb-2017
Can I able to carry 55 inches LED TV in Saudia flight from dammam to mumbai in the month of june

Admin Reply :

It shall meet check in baggage sum of dimensions and weight. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
Good day.. 40 inch led tv allowed in saudia airlines? I have a trip from GIZ to Riyadh to MNL. This week Economy class 23kg each baggage & 7 kg cabin . Pls notify me if the 40 inch led tv having charges and how much. Thanks a lot.

Admin Reply :

TV shall fit into your permitted check in baggage dimensions.


Posted on 01-Feb-2017
43 inch TV is allow to check in on plane ?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be taken in check in baggage provided the dimensions of the TV package are within the prescribed limits. 


Posted on 30-Jan-2017
I will be traveling India by Saudi airlines,which is economical class I have only totally 37kg i,e 27 kg is a carpet remaing small items, will a Carpet be allowed as it can't be taken in 23kg bag .

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to carry only 25 kg in check in baggage. Any weight above it will be chargeable. Carpet can be taken in check in but its dimensions after rolling or folding have to be considered.


Posted on 29-Jan-2017
Want to carry 32 inches tv from Jeddah to Channai India can I carry this

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in check in baggage, as a part of your free allowance.


Posted on 27-Jan-2017
Good day I need to know how much wright on baggage I am allowed to take with me? I am flying from OR Tambo airport to Saudi on a work visa for 2 years Please let me know

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 2 bags of 23 kg each in checkin baggage and 1 bag of 7kg in cabin if travelling in economy class. 


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
want to carry 48 inches TV from Riyadh to koch,india. Can i carry this,

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried if it fits the check in baggage weight and size restrictions. 

Daniel baruzo payton jr

Posted on 25-Jan-2017
hi sir,ma'am, Im going home this months of january 2017,riyadh to manila.,i have 2 baggage,weighing 24kg each.the one cartoon have a led tv.is 32''inches led tv allowed in baggage?,it was 6 kilos already but I put it in cartoon and put some clothes to protect the led tv. Thanks and waiting for your quick response

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned your class of travel. For economy travellers on this route, the allowance for baggage is based on the piece system. It is 2 bags of 23 kg each for economy class travellers


Posted on 10-Nov-2016
hi!! i i bought this 40" LED tv and i will be having my vacation from Tabuk to Manila this coming December 2016... is it allowed to carry this 40" tv as my check-in baggage? ,,, hoping for your quick response.. thank you!!

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take the TV but the total weight and size limit of check in bags shall be within the allowed limits.

Editha raymundo

Posted on 09-Nov-2016
From USA to Philippines how many baggage allowance ?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each in check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. 


Posted on 08-Nov-2016
I want to carry 48 inches TV from riyadh to hyderbad,india. Can i carry this,what is the dimensions allowed what is custom duty to pay at hyderabad

Admin Reply :

158 cm shall be sum of dimensions of the LED TV baggage. We are not award of Customs duties. 


Posted on 05-Nov-2016
I bougth 40 inches tv from algassim..can i shift it from gassim fligth to riyadh..then riyadh to manila by saudi airlines fligth economy class.??thank you for reply

Admin Reply :

You shall ask the airline local office at Gassim whether you have to take the TV and recheck in again at Riyadh or is through check-in possible?

Chitra Kuikel

Posted on 04-Nov-2016
Greetings, Could you please confirm If I can carry 02 luggage & 01 laptop backpack in Jet Airways. Also, the total weight written on ticket is 37 Kgs. Is it with Cabin Baggage or only luggage weight. Sincerely,

Admin Reply :

37 kg is the check in baggage allowance.7 kg cabin is extra. 


Posted on 20-Oct-2016
how is it true that saudia is prohibiting any led tv as check in baggage now?as my friend told me last month,his relative going to vacation book in saudia never permited his led tv to check in baggage.

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the local office for the details. We do not have any such information., 


Posted on 16-Oct-2016
I want to know I have 32 Inch Samsung led I can hand carry when I go India Thx

Admin Reply :

No, this has to be checked in and will form part of you check in baggage allowance. 

Mohammad Afsar Khan

Posted on 05-Sep-2016
i am travelling by Air India from Riyadh(RUH) to Ranchi(IXR) via Delhi(DEL)on 8th of september 2016. returning by same Air India Ranchi(IXR) to Riyadh(RUH) via Delhi(DEL)on 14th oct. 2016 [(DELHI from and to T3)] as per my information i am allowed for 40kg. please correct me if m wrong. my question is that will i get my lugage in delhi or direct to ranchi.? and will i be allowed same weight of lugage (40kg) till ranchi.?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is 40 kg check in and you will be required to do immigration at Delhi. You will be allowed same baggage since you are ticketed on same PNR.

Mohammed Arifuddin

Posted on 25-Jul-2016
Hi Gulf Air Team, I purchased a 40 inch TV and I want to carry from Riyadh to Hyderabad, please tell me if this 40 inch TV is allowed onboard to carry ? Do I need to pay extra charge to carry this TV to hyderabad ?

Admin Reply :

If this is within the check in baggage allowance limits by size and weight, it would be allowed to be carried in check in baggage. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2016
How about on pick season like july what is the baggage allowances on etihad airway from saudi to philippines.

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each in economy class and 1 bag of 7 kg in cabin. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2016
can i carry 55" LCD TV to INDIA ?

Admin Reply :

Allowed within permissible allowance limit of check in baggage. 

Crisanto Santosidad

Posted on 02-Jul-2016
What is the maximum size of LED TV from Jeddah - Manila . Thank you very much

Admin Reply :

LED Tv wil be considered a part fo check in luggage and therefore, you can carry the size till it does not breach the dimensions (158 cm) and weight limit of bag.


Posted on 27-Jun-2016
hi, i am travelling on 29th morning, and the baggage is mentioned 30k, it is economy class, travelling to mumbai, so my q is - can i carry 2 bags with limit of 20k and other 10k suitcase. and the size of one bag is 32 inch and the other one 22. please reply me soon. and how much hand carry allowed i do have laptop with me.

Admin Reply :

You can take 2 bags within permitted allowance. 


Posted on 15-Jun-2016
i am travelling from s arabia to delhi then to sxr go ar airlies bact to dethen s arabia holdin four return tkts how much load i am allowed to carry

Admin Reply :

What are the flight times from Saudi Arabia to Delhi and from Delhi to SXR? GoAir will allow international allowance up to max 46 kg check in baggage if its domestic flight is within 24 hours of your international flight. Please retain the proof of journey on international flight with you (boarding pass when coming to Delhi and ticket of Saudia when going back) These have to be shown to GoAir check in counter. 


Posted on 08-Dec-2015
I have an economy class ticket and can I have a cabin luggage of a small trolley and my laptop bag ? I am a student and going back to my home for vacation. Can this be allowed? It would be great if its allowed

Admin Reply :

yes it is allowed. 

Alphonso Norbet Roni

Posted on 27-Oct-2015
I am travelling on 26 November 2015 Riyadh to Mumbai economy class 9w 523 v how much baggage allowance am I allowed

Admin Reply :

When travelling economy, your ticket will show whether you are allowed to carry 1 bag of max 32 kg or 2 bags of 23 kgs each. 

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