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Oman Airways Baggage Allowance

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Checked In Baggage 

There is a change in Baggage Policy of Oman Airways from January 9, 2017. For all tickets which are booked on or from January 9, 2017, this new policy will apply.

New Baggage Policy (w.e.f January 9, 2017)

As per the new policy, Economy class passengers would now be able to bring upto 30 kg check in baggage but it will be limited to only 1 check in bag. Thus, piece-based baggage policy is being introduced. Similarly, the Business and the First Class passengers would be able to carry 1 piece of upto 30 kg and 1 additional piece of check in baggage upto 20 kg weight.

For the Gold and Silver Sindbad members, this allowance will be further increased to allow 1 additional baggage of 20 kg for Economy class passengers and for Business or First Class passengers, the weight of additional 1 bag can be increased from 20 kg to 30 kg.

Size limit of check in bag is 158 cm. 

For carrying extra weight, there are excess baggage rates defined for per piece of 20kg. These vary depending on whether these are bought at the airports or online on the website of the airline. You can ask us about these rate in the comments section below. 

Old Policy

For all tickets booked before January 9, 2017, the old baggage allowance policy will apply. Oman Air is dependent on the class of booking and on whether you are flying only on Oman Air or also on its codeshare or interline airline partners.

If you are flying only with Oman Air, the allowance is 50, 40 and 30 kgs respectively for First, Business and Economy Class passengers.

But, if the flights also involve the codeshare or interline partners, then the standard IATA baggage allowances apply. These are 40, 30 and 20 kgs respectively for First, Business and Economy class travelers.

Further, there are weight and dimension restrictions for each piece of luggage. Maximum weight per luggage shall not exceed 32 kgs and the sum of dimensions shall not be more than 158 cms. Oversized items might require special handling.

Cabin or hand baggage allowance of Oman Air is dependent on class of booking and is subject to restrictions on weight, dimensions and number of pieces. Economy class passengers are allowed 1 piece of hand luggage of maximum weight 7 kgs and 115 cms of maximum sum of dimensions. First class and Business class flyers are allowed to carry two bags per person and total weight of each bag shall not exceed 14 kgs and each bag shall have maximum sum of dimensions at 115cms.


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