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Malaysia Airlines Refunds

Due to circumstances beyond the control of carrier, there is a delay or cancellation, inability to provide pre-confirmed space, failure to stop at destination or stopover or result in missing of flight, then there are three options for travelers:

a. take alternative flight of Malaysia Airlines provided seat is available; or

b. re-route you to the destination point using the carriers own scheduled services, or the services of another carrier and surface transportation. If the difference between fares, excess baggage charge or service charge and refundable amount is higher then the passenger is not charged. But, if the difference is lower, the balance is refunded back to passenger.

c. Refund the sum (as given in Involuntary Refunds below).


Involuntary Refunds

a. If no portion of ticket has been used, the whole amount paid is to be refunded; or

b. if a portion of ticket has been used, one way fare point of interruption to destination or stopover is to be refunded. Else, difference between fare paid and for transportation used, whichever is higher.


Voluntary Refunds

For reasons other than the ones which are mentioned above, the refund will be:

a. If no portion is used, then the whole amount is to be refunded after deduction cancellation fee and service charges; or,

b. If a portion has been used, refund will be the difference of paid fare and applicable fare for that portion. Cancellation charges and service charges may be deducted.

Munikoti Kumar

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
I have a confirmed flight from BLR to SYD, booking ref no, S7ZRVE. We are unable to travel today due to medical condition of a close relative.We spent more than an hour trying to call 18001027778 to cancel the booking.When we called ur local office in BLR we were told to call the toll free number.Please advise re any refunds or charges.

Admin Reply :

At first, we are not the airline and is not related to it in anyway. Second, the number +91 80-43587900 for BLR office.

Md Zaidi

Posted on 30-Jul-2017
On 25th July I was overcharged 5 times for one flight ticket.Each tranx cost RM108.96 which divided to two bank.Three by AEON credit card and two by Maybank debit card.Please help in refund/reverse process

Admin Reply :

PLease seek help from the agency which booked tickets for you. 

Zarith fitrah

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Hye can i know how much will be refunded if i cancel my ticket one month before my flight

Admin Reply :

Only the entity whicih booked tickets will tell you that. 

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