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Jet Airways operates its Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) which is called JetPriviledge. It comes with various benefits in services, earning flight miles (called JPmiles), and various options to redeem these points earned. JetPriviledge membership shall not be confused with classes of travel of Jet (which are First Class, Premiere and Economy). Understanding this FFP is not easy since it is quite cumbersome.

So, we begin with the basics of knowing what are the Tier Points and Tier JPMiles, the base of calculating the tier of membership. These are meant for Jet Airways, JetKonnect, Jet Airways Codeshare flights. Together these are used in Dynamic Tier Review (DTR) which is an unprecedented method of calculating Tier Levels for determining the membership.

Before moving on the explain these terms it is also important to know about TPM, or ticketed point miles, which is the direct distance between the origin and the city pair. This varies according to sector of travel.

Tier Points

For your travel on Jet Airways and JetKonnect, within India, there are no Tier Points for First Class but there are 2 and 1 points respectively for Premiere and Economy Class flights. For international travel, points earned on First, Premiere and Economy classes are 5, 3 and 1 respectively. For the international code share flights, there is only 1 point earned irrespective of cabin class of travel.

Tier JPMiles

For Jet Airways and Jet Airways codeshare flights, people traveling on the First Class cabin under F and A class of booking, 100% of Base JPMiles (Base JPMiles=Ticketed Point Mileage, TPM) along with cabin bonus of 100% for non-Platinum and 125% for Platinum members will form the JPmiles. For Premiere class travelers under C,J,Z, I and P, the 100% of base JPMiles and cabin bonus of 50% for non-Platinum and 60% for Platinum members shall form the JPMiles. For Economy Class travelers falling under G class, 75% of base JPmiles and those under Y, M, T, U, N, L, Q, S, K, H, V, O, W and B classes, 100% of base JPMiles form the Tier JPMiles.


For the JetKonnect flights, the JPmiles calculation varies according to flights which operate with S2 code or 9W code. For flights operating with the S2 code, people traveling in Premiere cabin class and under C, J and P classes, 100% of Base JPMiles along with 50% for non-Platinum and 60% for Platinum members forms JPMiles. However, for the Economy cabin class travelers, under W, Y, U, K, S, H, E, X, N, Q, M, O, G, R, I and Z class and V class respectively, 75% and 50% respectively of base JPMiles forms JPMiles.


However, the JetKonnect flights operating with 9W code, Premiere cabin class travelers flying in C, J, Z, I and P class, 100% of base JPMIles along with cabin bonus of 50% for non-Platinum and 60% for Platinum members shall be the JPMiles. However, Economy Class travelers will only get 50% and 75% of base JPMIiles depending on whether the travel is on G class or Y, M, T, U, N, L, Q, S, K, H, V, O, W and B class.


Till this point, you will be in a position to calculate the JPmiles (which include the base JPMiles +Cabin bonus only).


Now let us understand how does one upgrade membership from Blue to Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels and when and how can these memberships be renewed.




Tier Upgrade is possible either on 6-month or on 12-month period basis.


From Blue to Blue Plus, tier upgrade can happen only on 6-month fast track basis by earning 5 Tier Points or 7500 JPMiles.


From Blue Plus to Silver, by earning 15 Tier Points or 22500 Tier JPMiles on 6-month basis or by earning 20 Tier Points and 30,000 JPMiles on 12-monthly upgrade.


From Silver to Gold, by getting 30 Tier Points or 45000 JPMiles for 6-monthly and 40 Tier Points and 60000 JPMiles on 12-monthly upgrading scale.


From Gold To Platinum, by earning 45 Tier Points or 67,500 JPMiles over a period of preceding 6-months or by earning 60 Tier Points or 90000 JPMiles on 12-month upgrade period.




The procedure for renewal is quite easy since it is oriented to make for easy renewals so that the customers do not have to suffer. Renewals are done on the basis of JPMiles earned in a 12-month time frame and if the criteria is not met than the 18-month or subsequently, the 24-month criteria are considered. As the time period increases, the Tier Points and Tier JPMiles are reduced, which are given below:


a. For Platinum members, the renewals can be done by earning 60 Tier Points or 90000 JPMiles in 12-month time frame; or,  81 Tier Points or 121500 JPMiles in 18-month period; or, 102 Tier Points or 153000 JPMiles over a 24-month time period.


b. For Gold members, renewals can be done by earning 40 TPs/60000 JPMs in 12-months; or, 54 TPs/81000 JPMs in 18-month time period; or, 68 TPs/10200 JPMs in 24-month time frame.


c. For Silver members, renewals happen if they earn 20 TPs/30000 JPMiles in 12 month period; or, 27 TPs/40500 JPMs over 18-month period; or, 34 TPs/51000 JPMs over 24-month period.




JPMiles come with an expiry date, except for the Platinum members. JPMiles earned in a quarter will expire  on the last day of thirteenth quarter from that quarter in which these are earned.


In case of transfer of JPMiles, there will be a validity of 12 months only. So, if these are transferred on a particular date, these will expire on the last day of the quarter of that particular date next year. So, if transfer happened on, say, July 2, 2013, these will expire by 31 September, 2014.




e-booking and e-Check-in services (web or kiosk check-in) at and can win you Bonus JPMiles.


For check in privileges of members, please visit the ‘Check In’ Section.


Reservations and Cancellations:

a) There is provision for guaranteed reservations up to 24 hours prior to flight departure applicable on Jet Airways and JetKonnect flights and can be availed only by Gold and Platinum members.

b) Pre-reservation of seats 331 days in advance and up to 48hrs prior to departure of flight. This is applicable for all card members on Jet Airways International flights and for Platinum members on Jet Airways and Jet Konnect (operating under 9W code) at

c) Gold and Platinum members are also required to pre-reserve their choicest seat in economy class cabin without paying any extra charges. However, this is permissible on select international and domestic routes operated by B737 aircraft.

d) For flights within India being operated on Jet Airways and Jet Konnect, the Platinum members are waived off  of the cancellation fees. However, the waiver is not applicable in cases of No Show, No Gate Show and non-refundable tickets.

e) Silver, Gold and Platinum members can also check-in at dedicated counters while traveling in Economy class of cabin and avail of the priority stand-by when traveling on waitlisted ticket. This is available on both the Jet Airways and JetKonnect flights.

f) Gold and Platinum members can also get the priority baggage tagging facility on both Jet Airways and JetKonnect.

g) Lounge access at departure airport is another benefit associated with membership card holders both on Jet Airways and JetKonnect. However, this facility is available only for self both in domestic and international routes. For flights within India, lounge access can be availed by all members flying in Premiere class cabin. But, for Economy travelers this facility is available for Gold and Platinum members only. For the international flights, First Class and Premiere class travelers get this benefit, irrespective of the nature of their membership. However, only Gold and Platinum members will get this facility if they are traveling in the Economy class.



Redemption of the earned JPMiles can be done in different ways. The eligibility criteria for doing it is accumulation of minimum 3500 JPMiles and 2 activities.

a) Getting the Jet Award Tickets, using the online and the offline medium. However, this is subject to a condition that award travel is 4000 JPMiles on shortest route. If the redemption is done using the online medium, further discounts on redemption requirements can also be availed.   

b) Transferring JPMiles to another account, with a minimum of 1 block of 500 JPMiles and in multiples of 500 thereof.

c) JPMiles can be used for on-cabin upgrade to Premiere or First Class. However, this upgrade is not available for  G class on Jet Airways and G/V class on JetKonnect. Service fee of 4.94% and differential airport departure tax are applicable on upgrades.

d) You also have the facility of combining JPMiles with reduced revenue fare on select sectors in India. This facility is called Cash N Miles.

e) The Economy award ticket can be upgraded to Premiere for Rs 2000 if the travel is between Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. For all other cities within India, this upgrade is done for Rs 1000. Service Fee of 4.94% will be applicable as well.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 01-Aug-2017
Sir, I am travelling in jet for the last 2-1/2 years. My tier is blue plus with 38415 points. Why it is not upgraded to silver.

Admin Reply :

You can go for it and ask airline to do the same. 


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
I have the American Express Jet privilege Platinum Card through which I am accumulating a lot of JP miles to my id. Would these JP miles earned through this card be considered for upgrading my Silver Tier to Gold Tier ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will be considered.


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
Enrolled for Jetprivilege card. Number allotted is 249982331. So far card not received.

Admin Reply :

Please fill in the form at: If already done, please contact the airline for your card. 


Posted on 22-Jul-2017

Admin Reply :

You can do it at the time of making booking, or later by calling the customer care and informing them of the travel you have undertaken.


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
Hi i want to know if i cancel my ticket is i get i get my refund ticket booking if for 31st july

Admin Reply :

Refunds would be granted as per the ticket cancellation and refunds policy of the airline

veena Sharma

Posted on 22-Feb-2017
Hi Please can you advise how I can join the Frequent Flyer programme. I already have a Jet Privilege number 217030203 Thank you

Admin Reply :

Very sorry for wrong reply. You can enrol for Jet Priviledge online on jet airways website

Mohammad zulfeqar

Posted on 20-Feb-2017
Sir I member jet airways my cord blu I take extra 10kg my luggage please reply

Admin Reply :

No, Blue members are not allowed excess baggage allowance. 


Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Need FF No

Admin Reply :

PLease enrol online on the website of airline.

abdulmajid abdul sattar momin

Posted on 13-Nov-2016
i am always travelling by jet airways i want extra baggage facility

Admin Reply :

Please enrol as a frequent flyer online on Jet Airways.

Hemant Phayde

Posted on 07-Nov-2016
How to register for Frequent Flyer ?

Admin Reply :

You can do it online. 

Mayank Shah

Posted on 30-Oct-2016
I want to check my detailed frequent flyer miles earned statement from January 2016 to till date How do i check it?

Admin Reply :

You will need to log into your account and check against the membership number. 

Badruddin p

Posted on 29-Oct-2016
Tonite travelling to mangalore from Dubai by jet I am a gold member. How many kilos eligible Being a gold member 1. By hand 2. By luggage Also wanted to know lounge excess for the gold card available in Dubai airport. I am carrying Hdfc platinum privilege card. I am travelling on k class along with my wife PNR tnngle

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 10 kg excess baggage allowance being a Gold member. You would be allowed lounge access only for self since you are the Gold member. 


Posted on 02-Oct-2016
Traveling from dxb to Bdq. I have a silver card. What would be my baggage allowance. Traveling by mid October 2016.

Admin Reply :

If you are travelling Economy Classic fare class, check in allowance would be 5 kg more thant the standard allowance. 


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
I have silver card hw much my baggage allowance (international)

Admin Reply :

Which route?

Meena Valecha

Posted on 19-Sep-2016
Need to have frequent flyer no.

Admin Reply :

Please enrol online on its website for getting the number. 

Sumana Talla

Posted on 31-Aug-2016
Hi, Currently, I do not have a jet privilege membership card. But, I had booking with Jet and Qatar Airways in the coming month. Is there anyway to translate those miles to a new membership card?

Admin Reply :

You will have to enrol online for the Jet Privilege membership. Once done, your miles will be credited to your account. 


Posted on 19-Aug-2016
How, when and where will i get my jet privilege card?

Admin Reply :

You will have to enrol for it here :


Posted on 06-Aug-2016
I find it difficult to get my jet privilage benefits wen evr i book tickets..i am frequent flyer and i ave alot f prb in terms f jet privilage remedtion

Admin Reply :

Please feel free to ask your queries. 

Satyaprakash Mishra

Posted on 14-Jul-2016
Hi, I am a Silver member. I have 23000 JP miles. I want to know how many points I need to upgrade to Gold. How many flights do have I to take? Thanks

Admin Reply :

From Silver to Gold, you will have to get 30 Tier Points or 45000 JPMiles for 6-monthly OR 40 Tier Points and 60000 JPMiles on 12-monthly upgrading scale.

Santosh Kumar

Posted on 08-Jul-2016
I have blue card, and I want to directly pay for upgrading it to gold. Can I do it ? if yes How to proceed.

Admin Reply :

Upgrading of membership tier is related to travelling more on Jet Airways and on accumulation of Tier Points. It is not linked to paying more for upgrading. 


Posted on 30-Jun-2016
How many Kgs Blue Plus member can take from Mumbai to Chennai

Admin Reply :

No extra check in baggage allowance for Blue or Blue  Plus Jet Privilege members.

Mayur Singhal

Posted on 10-Jun-2016
I have got Jetpriveledge member number. is the Frequent Flyer number is different?

Admin Reply :

It is same. 

pramod singh

Posted on 08-Jun-2016
how to enroll for ffp, thx

Admin Reply :

It can be done online. Use this link

Mr.Jitendra Kumar Ranka

Posted on 10-May-2016
This is very nice service

Admin Reply :


Rakesh Tandon

Posted on 26-Apr-2016
JP miles required for one way economy class ticket from Delhi to Lucknow? Where can I find the redemption chart for various location?

Admin Reply :

There is no chart as such for redemption through award flights. It provides a search and booking engine for this purpose which can be accessed from this link:


Posted on 03-Apr-2016
If I reach the renewal tier point but failed to reach the required air miles, will my status be renewed?

Admin Reply :

Yes it will be renewed. 

Sam Rana

Posted on 23-Mar-2016
Want to confirm please -- so it\'s either the Tier Points OR the Tier Miles that can get one to renew/ upgrade levels of membership? Or does one need to achieve both milestones? Thanks for letting me know.

Admin Reply :

Both are not needed, it could be either. 

Nirmala Poddar

Posted on 18-Mar-2016
Nirmala Poddar is Blue Jet previlage member and has travelled with malaysia airline and need to register the JP mile with Jet airways please advice how I can register the same as have travelled holding Boarding cards and tickets details Please advice Nirmala Poddar M# 09821018418

Admin Reply :

This can be done  by calling the customer service and informin them about the impending addition to your account. 


Posted on 14-Mar-2016
please membership no

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline for this purpose. 

Rajendra Erande

Posted on 14-Mar-2016
I have FFP registered for jet privilege. while travelling from Pune to Hyderabad on 11th March 2016 in the morning by 9W2573 I forgot to book my mileage. . Seat number was 5F. How to account for it. Boarding pass is available with me

Admin Reply :

You shall contact the airline with this information. It will get credited to your account.

Muhammed Hussain

Posted on 29-Feb-2016
My blue plus points niw 14014.when i can enter on silver card position?

Admin Reply :

The number you are quoting is of Tier JPMiles. For moving from Blue to Silver membership, you need to have earned 22500 JPMiles in last 6 months or 30000 JPMiles in last 12 months. Jet Airways seeks to give further opportunity to you to move to higher level of membership and therefore, it will also consider 18 and 24 month criteria if you have not earned sufficient miles in the 12 month period. The number of miles for 18 and 24 month review period are required for upgrade is 40500 and 51000 respectively. 

kishor Nagda

Posted on 06-Feb-2016
where do I apply for frequent flyer mile program? How do I get credit for my flight from Newark, NJ , USA to Mumbai on December 30th, 2015? I have delta frequent flyer number, can I get my travel mileage credit on that number?

Admin Reply :

Please enrol at for Jet Privilege program. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2016
I want to be a member of JET FREQUENT FLIER PROGRAMME.How to apply???

Admin Reply :

Fill out the Personal Details on this page for enrolment in Jet Privilege program

lynette chhawnveli pachuau

Posted on 31-Jan-2016
hello, would like to know extra baggae allowance for flight from aizawl to kolkatta by blue card membership

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage allowance is 15 kg and cabin allowance is 7 kg for Blue members. Excess baggage would be charged at Rs 350 per excess kg.

Mohammed Illyas Sait

Posted on 07-Dec-2015
Hi my JetPrivilege Membership No. is 199310963 kindly confirm if this is my frequent flier no. too and also how do i add my jp miles for the trips that i have made in jet airways after registering in jet previlage

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is your frequent flyer member no as well. You can add the miles by calling customer service or online on your own. 


Posted on 03-Dec-2015
Hello, You mentioned that renewal criteria are 6 month, 12 month and 24 month. Does this mean once a person becomes a platinum member , it remains valid for at least 24 months ?

Admin Reply :

It means that whenever a membership is due for renewal, at first the last 6 months mileage accumulation is looked into. If the criteria is not met during the past 6 months, it does not mean that the membership will be lost or downgraded. In this scenario, last 12 months criteria have to be looked into. If criteria is not met in the past 12 months as well, then last 24 months criteria is considered. In all, maximum chance is allowed to passengers for retaining the membership. 

Satish Kumar

Posted on 02-Dec-2015
Would like to know baggage allowance for jet privelidge no 130573096

Admin Reply :

Can you tell us which level of membership you have and for which route of travel you would like to know the allowance?

mazharul haque

Posted on 25-Nov-2015
How to get friqwent flyer members cards

Admin Reply :

You can seek it online by filliing out the form and enrolloing for it.


Posted on 15-Nov-2015
i want frequent flyer please!!

Admin Reply :

please specify your query.

Anupam Verma

Posted on 14-Nov-2015
I have registered for Frequent flyer today. However, I had made journey to Paris last month. I do i claim miles for last journey. My company had book this using a travel helpdek (3rd party). I have complete travel details. Please provide helpline number.

Admin Reply :

No, your last journey will not be counted since you were not a registered frequent flyer member till then. 


Posted on 06-Nov-2015
Enqiry about my current points? How many more points do i need to get a silver card.

Admin Reply :

Silver card status can be attained either by way of fast track 6-month upgrade or a 12-month upgrade. In a 6 month period upgrade, you can attain this status either by accumulating 15 Tier Points or 22,500 Tier JP Miles. 12 month period standard upgrade can be done with 20 Tier Points or 30000 Tier JP Miles. 

Anjana bohra

Posted on 05-Nov-2015
I have an account with my surname before marriage Anjana Bansal I am unable to find my jet privilege account number How do I find

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the customer care representative of airline in this respect.

Pradeep swarup

Posted on 02-Nov-2015
How can I check my jP miles balance

Admin Reply :

You can check it online by entering your membership no and password. 

VRK Subramanian

Posted on 02-Nov-2015
Hi, I am a Jet privilege member with membership: 101258220. I am currently a Silver card holder and want to know how many flights/points are required to maintain the silver membership. Thanks

Admin Reply :

The renewal of Silver membership is based on earning of preceding 12 month period Tier Points or JP Miles. For Silver members, this is 20 TPs or 30,000 Tier Miles. If you do not meet this crieteria, then 18 month period is considered and you are offered another opportunity to retain this status. So, in the 18-month period, you should have earned 27 TPs or 40,500 Tier JPMiles. If even this period criteria is not met, then the 24-month period is considered. You have to earn 34 TPs or 51000 Tier JP Miles in order to retain this status.  


Posted on 31-Oct-2015
As per your website, JP miles are distance between orgin and destination. Is it measured KM or Mile?

Admin Reply :

In Miles.


Posted on 17-Oct-2015
I want jet privilege card my jp no is 170878621 currently silver card member

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline office directly for this matter.


Posted on 12-Oct-2015
I have filled up the jet privilege enrollment form but I have not got the membership number

Admin Reply :

How long has it been that you have enrolled?


Posted on 23-Sep-2015
Flyingfrom Mumbai to Koljata on Econiy. 1. What is my Fre Baggage Alliwance 2 Rate of Ecess Baggage Charges Regards Sachipriya mukhejee

Admin Reply :

Free check in allowance would be 15 kg of total dimensions 158cm which is the standard allowance and more allowance is given to its FFP members. Cabin allowance would be 7 kgs. PLease note the dimensions restrictions in the text provided above. In case of overweight Rs 350 per kg is chargeable whereas for oversize baggage Rs 1000 per piece is charged.

subhash chand sachdeva

Posted on 18-Sep-2015
I forgot my frequent flier number. could you please provide the same. the e mail address is my old company.

Admin Reply :

You are requested to contact the Jet Airways customer service for this matter.

Nilesh Sonawane

Posted on 17-Sep-2015
if I Am Gold Tier Member Will I Get Platinum Tier Services or benefits if I Took American Express Jet Airways Platinum Card.

Admin Reply :

On joining, you will get 10000 JPMiles. 

Omar ahmed hussein

Posted on 15-Sep-2015
On 5th July 2015 I traveled with jetairways from dubai to hydrabad , so my teckit expire on 23rd of September so before it expires I would like to make it extended and longer validity? Plse support me

Admin Reply :

Please contact the agent who booked your ticket. Only it will be able to resolve it.

How to be a Frequent Flier Member

Posted on 04-Sep-2015
sir, provide some contacts for more information or arrange a call for to be a member of it.

Admin Reply :

You can join program here


Posted on 27-Aug-2015
why my journey miles not counting this mansion flight 9w0117 and 9w0120,9w0462,9w0481

Admin Reply :

Your question is not clear...

anil gupta

Posted on 26-Aug-2015
I want to platinum membership card my FF no is 171020345 pl do the needfull

Admin Reply :

You will have to approach the airline directly with this request.

Jagjit kaur

Posted on 26-Aug-2015
Earn ffn

Admin Reply :

Please tell your question.


Posted on 21-Aug-2015
How many points do you need to move from blue plus to silver ?

Admin Reply :

From Blue Plus to Silver level, you can use either 6 month fast track upgrade or 12 month normal upgrade. Under the 6 month upgrade, you are eligible to be a silver member if you get 15 tier points and 22500 JPmiles. Under preceding 12 months, if you get 20 tier points or 30000 JPmiles, you will get the Silver status.

saitram solanki

Posted on 16-Aug-2015
jetprivilege jetairways blue card no.186412170/unlock account updet

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline for this purpose. 

Suman Deb

Posted on 14-Aug-2015
I have not received my Jet privileged card . Kindly courier it if possible.

Admin Reply :

You are requested to make this request with Jet Airways directly.

saitram solanki

Posted on 13-Aug-2015
jetprivilege jet airways blue card unlock account activet kese kare card no.186412170

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the customer serivce representative of the airline on phone regarding this.

Kirti Narain

Posted on 10-Aug-2015
How much extra baggage for Blue Plus member travelling from Lucknow to Delhi and Delhi to Chennai

Admin Reply :

Blue Plus members are not entitled to additional baggage allowance on domestic flights.

Ashraf memon

Posted on 01-Jul-2015
Hi my card no is 196937274 . on Friday I have called at your call centre they have told me U reached Silver card but till now I have not received any upgrade in my account so pls kindly upgrade my Silver card in my account.

Admin Reply :

Upgrades have to be done by the airlines only. 

Yash sanghavi

Posted on 29-May-2015
What is the extra baggage allowences for the blue frequent flyer member within india

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage allowance is not permissible for Blue FFP members. So, you will have to pay for excess baggage.

shishir kumar

Posted on 11-May-2015
how i can make frequent flyer card pls let me know the process

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