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Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance

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Ethiopian allows cabin and check in baggage free of cost. Allowance is dependent on booking class of service, Sheba Miles membership status and route of travel. Unlike some other African carriers which only have piece-based system of allowance, Ethiopian has both weight and piece based systems of luggage allowance.

Check in Baggage

For Economy class travelers, one check in bag shall not weigh more than 23 kg and for Business Class travelers, it shall not weigh more than 32 kg. Business class is called Cloud Nine. Every check in bag shall not be more than 158 cm in dimensions.

Flights to/from US: If you have booked tickets on Ethiopian and the flight is also operated by Ethiopian, then first and second bag is free for both Economy and Cloud Nine travel classes. 2 bags of 23 kg each is allowance for Economy and 2 bags of 32 kg each is allowance for Cloud Nine.

 ShebaMiles Gold and Silver members as well as Star Alliance Gold members are allowed one additional baggage besides free allowance depending on the class of their travel. For ShebaMiles Silver members, max weight of additional bag is 23 kg whereas for ShebaMiles Gold and Star Alliance Gold members it is 32 kg.

If the passengers still want to carry more to USA, then USD 150 per bag would be the fee while travelling from/to Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam, Entebbe, Juba, Harare, Djibouti, Kigali, Kilimanjaro, Khartoum and Bujumbura. From/to all other points, the charges are USD 200 per bag.

Interline or Codeshare flights to/from US: You have to check the first airline operating your flight and its baggage allowance policy would be applicable on whole route.

Where the weight concept of baggage applies, ShebaMiles Gold and Star Alliance Gold members are allowed 20 kg in addition to free allowance. ShebaMiles Silver members are allowed 15 kg more.

Infants are allowed 10 kg check in allowance and a pushchair/stroller (fully collapsible) on non-USA/Canada flights. On US/Canada flight, infant is also allowed 1 check in bag of 23 kg if 10% of applicable fare is paid but seat will not be provided for infant. Infant bag shall not exceed 115 cm dimensions.

Cabin Baggage

Ethiopian allows carriage of 1 bag of 7 kg for economy class and 2 bags of 8 kg each for business class (Cloud Nine). Sum of dimensions shall not exceed 55, 40 and 23 cms for 1 cabin bag.

In addition to the above allowance, passengers are allowed to carry the following personal items in luggage provided total weight does not exceed 5 kg per person. These items are lady handbag, laptop, overcoat or wrap, small camera, binoculars, infant food for consumption during flight and infant carrying basket. Passengers can carry more than 1 such personal item if weight does not exceed 5 kgs.

If wheelchair, crutches, braces or other prosthetic devices are to be carried over and above these 5 kgs, it is allowed free of cost.

Excess Baggage Charges

For flights which do not involve USA/Canada in itinerary, there is a fee to be paid for carrying sports equipment even if these are within free allowance. This fee is applicable for kites, Scuba, Angling or Diving equipment, Vaulting Poles, Bicycles, Jet skis, Wind surfing, Hand Gliding, Canoes and Kayaks, Golfing and Snow Skiing equipment.  

Flights from Washington to Addis Ababa and beyond:

  1. USD 150 for addition pcs upto 23 kg between Addis Ababa and Washington.

USD 210 for additional pcs weight more than 23 but less than 32 kg between Addis Ababa and Washington.

  1. USD 200 for additional pcs from Addis Ababa to a point beyond Washington in USA
  2. For more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg on economy class travel, charge is USD 60 per bag.

Flights from Toronto to Addis Ababa and West African Nations: CAD 150 for each additional baggage upto 23 kg. For weight more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg in economy class, CAD 60 per bag applicable. For other destinations in Africa, CAD 200 will be applicable for both additional luggage as well as weight more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg.

From Toronto to Asian destinations: CAD 250 for extra pcs of 23 kg and CAD 100 for every such bag which weighs more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg.

Other important points to remember

Liquids more than 85 ml not allowed in cabin. If cabin baggage weight and size limits are crossed, this has to be checked-in.

For travel to/from USA, any money or instrument of more than USD 10000 has to be declared at the Customs.


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Shirley Allen

Posted on 14-Feb-2017
Hi can u please tell me what the baggage allowance is on a flight from Dublin Ireland to LAX America thankyou regards shirley

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each and cabin baggage of 7 kg is the allowance. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
HI there. I am wanting to pack general toiletry items such as shampoo, shower gel , conditioner etc. Is there a limit for my check in baggage regarding liquids? If so how should it be packed?

Admin Reply :

These can be taken in check in baggage. 

Katelynn whatmore

Posted on 11-Feb-2017
Hi there Interested in finding out how much liquid I am allowed in my checked in luggage travelling to Thailand

Admin Reply :

It will depend on which item are you carrying and how it will be packed. 


Posted on 08-Feb-2017
hi, i have ticket to Blantyre Via Mumbai with Sri lankan airlines and Ethiopian. but when i check-in in online it shows 2P. but my ticket says 30Kg only. how is possible???

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the agency which booked the ticket for you.

Tunde oyeyemi

Posted on 08-Feb-2017
How many bags of luggage am allow to carry from London to Nigeria

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed for economy class travel. 1 cabin baggage of up to 7 kg is also allowed.


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
I want to ask how many extra bags can I take with me at 150 dollars each? I am travelling from Lebanon to Addisa Abba

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to take 2 bags of 23 kg each free in check in baggage. Cabin baggage allowance is of 7 kg.


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
How many extra bags may I take? I am travelling from Lebanon to Addisa Abba?

Admin Reply :

How many are you planning to take?


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
Scratch the last comment, I just got off the phone with them and they confirmed he is allotted the 23 Kg bag. Thanks for your insight!

Admin Reply :

Thanks for your feedback.


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
I am flying from Vancouver (Canada) to Kilimanjaro (JRO) next week. My question is, how many bags am I allowed and is the what is cost of extra baggage from YVR to JRO. Kind regards

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg is the general standard allowance and 7 kg is cabin allowance. USD 200 per additional bag of 23 kg would be charged from 3rd bag onwards.


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
Hello, I am flying to Ouagadougou from the US via Addis Abba. Am I to understand that I am allowed 2 checked bags weighing 23kg as well as 1 checked bag of 10kg for my child? Or is my child also allowed a checked bag of 23kg? He is 1yr old.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are right.

PJ Sudhir

Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Please let me know what is check in and cabin baggage allowance for business class for sector New Delhi-Addis Ababa- Lusaka. Thanks

Admin Reply :

2 pcs of 32 kg each is the check in baggage allowance for business class travellers between Asia and Africa routes.


Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Please how much do u charge for extral bag lagos to johannesburg

Admin Reply :

These charges vary from route to route. You are requested to contact the local office of the airline for this purpose. 

robert jere

Posted on 29-Jan-2017
I have a Solar panel weighing 23.50 kg and of the following dimensions: 195.60 cm × 99.20 cm × 4.50 cm. Destination is Lilongwe(Malawi) from Doha (Qatar). Is this panel an oversize ?, If it is an oversize how much is the fee. Please reply to this email address: robertbrian32@gmail.com

Admin Reply :

The size is more than permitted allowance of 158 cm sum of dimensions. You might be asked to book it as a separate cargo item.

John Nabende

Posted on 29-Jan-2017
Am traveling with Ethiopian airline from Toronto to entebbe economy class. Am only going to use one bag weighing 36kg is that OK.

Admin Reply :

No check in bag can be more than 32 kg in weight. So, it has to be taken in two bags.

steve arendse

Posted on 29-Jan-2017
FlightET0847 monday evening,what ismy baggage allowance.Dublin to Cape Town.

Admin Reply :

It is 2 bags of 23 kg each for economy class travel. Cabin allowance is of 7 kg per person.

Robert jere

Posted on 27-Jan-2017
I have a Solar panel of the following dimensions:195.6 cm × 99.2 cm × 4 cm and the weight is 10 kgs. Is this an excess item and much I'm I going to pay if it is an excess from Doha capital city of Qatar to Lilongwe capital city of Malawi


Posted on 26-Jan-2017
Good day. We are flying from Johannesburg via Addis Ababa to Rome in July 2017. Is the baggage allowance for economy class 23kg x 2 bags plus 5kg of carry on luggage (ie for 3 passengers - 23 x 6 pcs plus 5kg x 3 pcs? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes it is 2 bags of 23 kg each for economy class travellers in check in baggage and 1 bag of upto 7 kg in cabin baggage for them,

sheila nazerali

Posted on 26-Jan-2017
I have a poster in a cardboard roll which does not fit in my carry on case . May I carry it in my hand with my purse ?

Admin Reply :

That will depend on how big it is. We do not think it will be an issue if it is not too large. 


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
Hi , if i am flying from ireland to south africa. what is my baggage allowance? can i take a bicycle? does it cost extra? thank you

Admin Reply :

If you are flying on economy, then 2 check in bags of 23 kg each are allowed. If you are flying on Cloud Nine cabin class, then either 2 bags of 32 kg or 3 check in bags of 23 kg each are allowed to be taken. 

Susan nakitende

Posted on 25-Jan-2017
Am flying from Dubai to Entebbe, can I pack my washing machine in my kilos on silver card?


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
I am travelling from Mumbai to Lilongwe, Malawi. Can I check in two bags and still carry hand baggage? What should be their weights on economy class?

Admin Reply :

yes, check in baggage allowance is different from cabin baggage.


Posted on 11-Nov-2016
Want to know the buggage allowance for Ethiopian Airlines travelling from Delhi to Gaborone

Admin Reply :

Please mention the other airline. 


Posted on 27-Oct-2016
I am travelling from Beijing to Lagos on 29th October, Can I check in two bags and still carry hand baggage? What should be their weights?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be done. 2 bags of 23 kg each.

Ajay Kumar Gupta

Posted on 21-Oct-2016
Dear Sir/Maam, I am travelling to India by Ethopian line on 22.10.16 and will reach Mumbai on 23.10.16.The next flight is Mumbai-Jammu at 10.55.Plz let me know the luggage in kgs permissible by your airline

Admin Reply :

Would you be using Ethiopian airline for Mumbai-Jammu flight as well? 


Posted on 16-Oct-2016
Reservation Code : XCKSUP. I would be travelling to Mombasa alongwith my spouse on 25th October, 2016 to visit my son. I wish to carry one baby pram. Please let me know whether I can take it within my overall luggage allowance of 23 X 4 bags, which means that the overall weight of 4 bags plus pram would be within my entitlement.

Admin Reply :

Fully collapsible pram is allowed free if infant is also travelling along with. However, if infant is not travelling, then you will have to pay for 1 excess baggage. 

joan hendry

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
Apart from the 23kg baggage allowance, can I check in an extra bag, what is the weight allowance and price per extra bag Thank you

Admin Reply :

yes, you can check in an extra bag. 

joan hendry

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
My apologies, I would be flying economy from Heathrow to Johannesburg via Addis Ababa and want to know apart what baggage I'm allowed...I'm immigrating and have several bags. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

We would request you to contact the local office in this respect. 


Posted on 25-Sep-2016
What is the weight of the luggage allowance between NY and Addis in business class

Admin Reply :

2 check-in bags of 32 kg each are allowed free on this route for Cloud Nine business class travellers. 

Sandra Chapman

Posted on 19-Jul-2016
Please advise baggage allowance from London Heathrow to Johannesburg South Africa

valentine ochieng

Posted on 07-Jul-2016
incase i have a 24 inch TV an can fit in one of the free baggage is it allowed to carry

Admin Reply :

yes, it shall be allowed.

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