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China Eastern Airlines Baggage Allowance

(Updated: 21-03-2018)

Cabin or Hand Baggage Allowance

On both domestic flights within China and International flights, passengers are allowed to take 1 cabin bag of max weight 10 kg in Economy and Business class, and 2 cabin bags of  maximum 10 kg each in First Class. 

Size of each cabin baggage on China domestic flights is 55cm, 40 cm and 20 cm.

Size of each cabin bag on International flights is 56cm, 45cm, 25cm. 

For Infants, food and diapers, collapsible stroller are allowed free of charge and in addition to cabin baggage allowance. Passengers travelling with infants shall ask for supply of liquid dairy products in cabin for the infant in the domestic flights of the airline. 

Liquids are generally not allowed on domestic flights. International passengers who carry duty-free shopping bags containing liquids in China airports are allowed the same on condition that this is being carried in a separate plastic bag which is sealed and the passenger has a proof of shopping (such as invoice of the duty-free goods). Exceptions are: medicines and supplies for infants and patients provided these are subject to safety checks. 

On International flights departing from airports in China, passengers are not allowed the carry more than 100 ml of liquid in a container and all such containers have to be put in a transparent, resealable bag of max 1 litre capacity. Bag containing duty-free shopping items shall also be kept in resealable plastic bag. 

Check-in Baggage Allowance

Domestic Flights (within China)

Free check-in luggage allowance on China Eastern is based on weight-system, and is-

First Class 40kg
Business Class 30kg
Economy Class 20kg

Infants are not entitled to free check in baggage allowance.

Overweight baggage charges are levied on per kg basis and the rate for same is determined at 1.5% on published one-way direct economy ticket for an adult passenger.

International Flights

For the purpose of determining the free check in baggage rules on international routes, the routes are divided into three categories. These are:

a) For Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok

Class Pcs Weight Size
First 3 32 KG /pcs Sum of Dimensions: 158 cm
Business 2 32 KG /pcs
W/Class 2 32 KG /pcs
Economy 2 23 KG /pcs
  • Eastern Miles Gold members allowed 1 additional bag of 32 kgs.
  • Eastern Miles Silver members allowed 1 additional bag of 23 kgs. 
  • Elite Plus and Elite members of SkyTeam are allowed 1 more check-in bag of not more than 23 kg.

Excess Baggage Charges

Oversized:  158 to 203 cm USD 165/PC; CNY  1000/PC
Above 203 cm USD330/PC; CNY 2000/PC
Overweight: 23 KG - 32 KG USD 165/PC; CNY 1000/PC
Additional:  1st bag USD 165; CNY  1000/PC
2nd bag USD 330; CNY  2000/PC

b) For North America (USA and Canada)

Cabin Class Number of bags Maximum weight Maximum dimensions
First-class 2 32 KG /piece Sum of dimensions:          Up to 158CM
Business 2 32 KG /piece
Economy 2 23 KG /piece
  • Eastern Miles Gold card are allowed one additional whose weight shall not exceed 32 kgs.
  • Eastern Miles silver card are allowed 1 more bag up to 23 kgs.
  • Elite Plus and Elite members of SkyTeam are allowed 1 more check-in bag of not more than 23 kg.

Excess Baggage Charges

Oversized:  158 to 203 cm USD 165/PC; CNY 1000/PC;
Above 203 cm

USD 445/PC;

CNY 2700/PC

Overweight: 23 KG - 32 KG

USD 165/PC; CAD 200/PC;

CNY 1000/PC

33-45 KG USD 445/PC; CNY 2700/PC
Additional:  1st bag  USD 165;       CNY 1000/PC

c) All other international or regional flights

Adult & Child First Class 40kg
Business Class 30kg
Economy Class 20kg

Infant is allowed 10 kg check-in baggage + 1 collapsible stroller or car seat

Baggage Allowance for Infants

One fully collapsible infant trolley can be carried free of cost.

Infants travelling on 10 percent of adult fare ticket are not entitled to free baggage allowance on domestic flights (except food, medicines and diapers) but they are allowed 10 kg allowance for international flights.

On international flights where the piece concept of allowance applies, the regulations are as follows:

  1. First and Business class infant travellers who have bought tickets at 10 percent of adult fare are allowed 2 pcs of 32 kg each with dimension sum of 158 cms each. Economy travellers are allowed 1 pcs of 23 kgs and dimensions sum of 115 cms.

  2. First and Business class passengers- one adult and one infant- are allowed 2 bags of 23 kg and 158 cm dimensions for one pcs and 273 cms of both. Economy class are allowed 1 pcs of 23 kg each with 115 cms dimension limit.
Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 15-Aug-2017
I am traveling from Vancouver Canada to Delhi India in economy class in China eastern airline. How much charges for extra 3rd check in luggage for 23 kg on this route? Please advise.

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in and 10 kg bag in cabin.CAD 200 is the charge for 3rd check in bag of up to 23 kg. 


Posted on 14-Aug-2017
If my son travel fro Philippines (Clark)to Tucson Arizona..does his check in luggage will finally puck up Tucson Arizona directly or does He pick it up every connecting CHINA AND LAX??

Admin Reply :

This is something which the airline shall.


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
I'm traveling from ningbo to Guangzhou by china eastern and from there to srilanka by srilankan airlines in economy class with same trip ID. What is the baggage allowance for check in and cabin?

Admin Reply :

China Eastern would allow 20 kg check in for domestic route whereas Sri Lankan would allow 30 kg check in for the second leg. You might have to pay excess baggage charges to China Eastern if you take more than 20 kg in check in baggage.

Hoa Ngoc Do

Posted on 08-Aug-2017
I booked a fligth from Tongren to Wuxi on 31.08.2017, MU 2950. How many do I have for the checked baggage please?

Admin Reply :

20 kg check in baggage allowance for economy class in domestic travel. 

Elisabeth Codington

Posted on 06-Aug-2017
I am flying China Eastern Airlines from Kunming, China to Chiang Mai, Thailand. What is my checked baggage allowance for this route?

Admin Reply :

In economy, it is 2 bags of 23 kg each. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
Am flying chongqing to philippines stop over shanghai economy. How many checked in luggage can i bring and what is the weight mention of philippines in your routes. Thanks

Admin Reply :

It will be 2 bags of 23 kg each in check  in baggage. 


Posted on 03-Aug-2017
Hi. Could you help me, please. I'm going to Shanghai from Moscow,how much baggage and hand luggage I can take with me? (Economy class)

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed  in check in in the economy class and 1 cabin bag of 7 kg is also allowed.

Adnan Khan

Posted on 29-Jul-2017
i am flying with china eastern to bangladesh from japan.i have 2 boxes with dimensions of lenght 55cm width 42 and height 42cm total 139cm each box with 23 kgs can i check in the boxes?

Admin Reply :

yes, that is fine. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2017
My mom Traveling to India from Vancouver airport Canada in China eastern economy class. Can she carry stroller and car seat for her grandson in India? She is just traveling by herself. She has only 1 baggage 23 kg. And 1 stroller and car seat weight 33 Pounds. Is she allowed to Carry this without any extra charges ? If yes what is best way to package this? Box , bag or suitcase. Please advised. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Stroller and car seat will have to be carried in check in baggage. Allowance on this route is to be based on piece system, so it is better to keep 2 pieces of check in baggage each 23 kg. And, dimension of each piece shall also be less than 158 cm. You can have any of these- box, bag or suitcase, whichever you think will be able to meet the weight and size limits of your check in baggage.


Posted on 21-Jul-2017
From shanghai to kL 1)what is the TOTAL baggage weight in economy class? 2) how many pieces can be check in for ecomomy class & maximum weight PER baggage? Tq Urgent departing on 26 July 2017

Admin Reply :

2 check in bags of 23 kg each and 1 hand baggage of 5 kg. 

Adao da Cunha

Posted on 04-Sep-2016
I am flying on Sept 15 to the Philippines by China Eastern Airlines and I am confused about the carry-on hand luggage. I have a backpack with a total measure of 114cm +/- and another piece with the total measure of 100cm. Am I allowed to bring the 2 pieces with me? Thanks for your help

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. Anyways, 1 pcs of cabin luggage of sum of dimensions is allowed. The second one will have to be checked in. 

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