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Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance

Baggage allowance of Cathay Pacific depends on the fare class or cabin classes of travel and the membership status of its frequent flyer program.

Cabin or Hand baggage allowance


Economy and Premium economy travellers are allowed to carry piece of cabin baggage not exceeding 7 kg weight and of dimensions 56, 36 and 23 cms. Business Class passengers are allowed 1 cabin bag of 10 kg of same dimensions limits.

First Class passengers can take 1 cabin bag of 15 kgs with same dimension restrictions.

Apart from this, they are also allowed to carry 1 additional item which could be a laptop, small handbag, camera bag or a briefcase.

Green Marcopolo members remains the same as standard allowance.

Silver and Gold members travelling in economy, premium economy and business class are allowed 1 piece of 10 kg whereas first class travellers are allowed 1 pc of 15 kg.

Diamond members across all classes are allowed 15 kg allowance.

Please note that combined weight of all cabin baggage (including duty free) shall not exceed abovementioned limits.

For infants, there is a provision for providing car safety seat or child restraint seat. Infants are charged a fee when not occupying seat. A parent or guardian can bring maximum 2 infant on the condition that one of them has reached 6 months and occupies a child safety seat and the other is secured to the parent/guardian using child restraint seat. Child safety seat shall be brought by the parent/guardian.

Certain oversized items are classified as Cabin Bulky Baggage (CBBG) and for carrying them in cabin, it is important to inform the carrier at least 3 days in advance of travel date. These items shall otherwise not be restricted or prohibited from carriage. These could be musical items, religious idols, artworks, etc.

Check In Baggage

Standard allowance on Cathay Pacific flights is a total of 20, 25, 30, 40kgs for economy, premium economy, business and first class respectively. This is also the allowance for Green members of Marcopolo.

However, Silver members are allowed additional 10 kg on these standard allowances across all the cabin classes.

Gold members and oneworld Sapphire members are allowed additional 5 kg over the Silver member allowances (15 kg above standard ones) across all fare classes.

Diamond members and oneworld Emerald members are allowed yet another 5 kg over Gold members (20 kgs above standard ones).

No bag shall weigh more than 32 kg or be of dimensions more than 203 cm. Infants not occupying a seat are entitled to check in baggage of 10 kg irrespective of number of pieces.

Excess Baggage Charges

Calculation of excess baggage charges are dependent on zones of flight of Cathay Pacific. The five zones of its network are mentioned below:

Zone 1 :

Within Australia, within Malaysia,  between UAE and India/Bahrain, between Taiwan and Japan/Korea, between Thailand and India/Sri Lanka/ Pakistan/ Singapore, between Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, between Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Taiwan,Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore,Thailand, Vietnam,  Myanmar, Korea*

Zone 2:

Japan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia (in Asia), Sri Lanka

Zone 3:

Australia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Bahrain,UAE, Qatar

Zone 4:

South Africa, France, Netherlands, UK,Germany, Italy, Russia (in Europe), Switzerland

Zone 5 :

USA, Canada

Zone 6:

Central and South America


Excess Charges for all destinations (except Americas and point to point flights between HK and NZ)

Per kg (in USD)


To Zone 1

To Zone 2

To Zone 3

To Zone 4

Zone 1( Rates differ for  Korea)





Zone 2





Zone 3





Zone 4





For non stop point to point flights between HK and Qatar, USD 30 per kg is charged.

For flights to/from Americas, charges for excess piece of bag are as follows:

  1. from Z1 to Z5, Z6- USD 150 and 180 respectively

  2. from Z2 to Z5, Z6- USD 170 and 200 respectively

  3. from Z3 to Z5, Z6- USD 190 and 210 respectively

  4. from Z4 to Z5, Z6- USD 200 and 230 respectively

  5. from Z5 to Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5- USD 150, 170, 190, 200, 100 respectively

  6. from Z6 to Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4- USD 180, 200, 210, 230 respectively

In case of overweight baggage, excess charges would be USD 100 for Premium Economy travellers if it is more than 25 kg free allowance but less than 32 kg. It will be USD 100 for Economy travellers if baggage is more than 23 kg and less than 32 kg. In cases of oversized baggage, USD 100 per piece is charged if dimension is more than 158 cm but less than 203 cm in all classes. If baggage is more than 32 kg or 203 cm dimension, charge is 4 times of extra baggage rate per piece.

For point to point flights between HK and NZ, per piece extra baggage charge is NZD200/HKD1300 for 1 st piece, NZD 250/HKD 1700 for 2nd piece and NZD 350/ HKD 2200 for 3rd piece. These bags shall be up to 23 kg or 158 cms. If weight per bag is more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg and size is more than 158 cm and less than 203 cm, the charge is NZD 200/HKD 1300 per piece in both cases.

For determination of baggage allowance in cases where connecting flights of other carriers are involved, the Most Significant Carrier rule will apply (w.e.f. 01 April, 2015).


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
What would be the charges if student carry 2 bages of27 kg instead of 23 kg from delhi to la

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route  of flight.

Angel Covisa

Posted on 18-Feb-2017
Can I carry a printer to the luggage cabin? Should I check in? Thanks

Admin Reply :

No, it has to be checked in.


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
I will be travelling from hong kong to Malaysia, cathay pacific 1729 operated by Malaysian airline. may I know my baggage allowance. thank you

Admin Reply :

It will be based on check in baggage allowance policy of Cathay Pacific. IT would allowed 30 kg check in baggage as standard free allowance for economy class travellers. If you are travelling on a different cabin class, please let us know. 


Posted on 01-Feb-2016
Hi I\'m looking to find out how much an entire extra bag is from China Z1 to UK Z4 is with Cathay Pacific- surely they don\'t charge 60 USD per Kg of the extra bag isn\'t tat just if you\'re overweight?!

Admin Reply :

As a matter of fact, it is USD 60 per excess kg. On your route, baggage allowance is as per weight and not as per piece.


Posted on 18-Jan-2016
Hi im going adelaide to delhi by emirates Can i take milo powder 1kg tin?

Admin Reply :

There is no restriction on its carriage. 


Posted on 03-Nov-2015
We need to take a small mobility scooter. 45kg total weight, breaks down to 3 pieces, battery is heaviest part at 15kg. What is Cathay\'s policy? Can we gate-check?

Admin Reply :

This will naturally be carried in check in baggage. Since weight of one bag shall not exceed 32 kg and dimension shall not be more than 203cms, you shall pack accordingly, otherwise it will not be allowed to be carried.


Posted on 20-Sep-2015
Can u suggest baggage allowance from LA in USA to Mumbai in India.

Admin Reply :

20, 25, 30, 40kgs for economy, premium economy, business and first class respectively

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