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If AirAsia cancels, terminates, diverts, reschedules, delays or postpones the flight due to circumstances beyond its control, due to safety or due to commercial reasons, the carrier will either carry you on its scheduled flights at the earliest or will retain the sum of fare in your credit for future travel but in this case you must rebook within 3 months. 
If you miss a ‘fly-thru’ flight:
Due to delay at point of origin, you get a free move on next available flight which connects you final destination point.
Due to delay of subsequent flight, you can get a free move to next available flight
In both cases, the move is allowed for free only when it falls within the connecting time of AirAsia. If it does not match with the connecting time, then AirAsia does not provide day/night accommodation, surface transfers or storage of baggage.


Posted on 17-Aug-2018
My flight is cancelled, what can I do to rebook? I need to be in Manila by tomorrow morning Dear MR. DIAMANTE, your PNR: QMWIKS with flight number Z2-774 CEB-MNL, 17Aug2018 has been cancelled. For inquiries, kindly call +632-722-2742, 6AM-11PM, or check your registered email for more information. And we cannot reach your telephone number

Admin Reply :

You can simply rebook the flight. You can approach the customer service of the airline or their airport office and let them know your issue. 

Ajay Popat

Posted on 15-Aug-2018
Air aisa has cancelled flight D&191 on 2nd sept..all other cariers are ok why is this cancelled and would they pay for alternative carrier to take us to our destination?

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline to know their response. The airline can carry you on another flight.

Bhavani vikram

Posted on 05-Aug-2018
We need Refund for late check in

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline for refund matters. 

Arshad Kamil

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
I miss my flight, can i get refund of my tucket

Admin Reply :

REfunds can be claimed. 

Deepkumar Manvar

Posted on 16-Jun-2016
After i booked my ticket with air asia flight for goa to manila they close this route so my flight is cancel due to route problem of air asia so they mail me for full refund but i didnt get my full refund its already 1 months

Admin Reply :

You must take this issue with the agent which booked the flight or the airline, if you booked directly with it. Your money will be refunded. We believe they might have kept it in credit shell and have not released it. This is only an assumption and no confirmation. So, please speak to them and also write email to them in this respect. 


Posted on 27-Jan-2016
What is Airasia criteria for a refund for flight cancellation?

Admin Reply :

You will have to fill an e-form for this purpose. This is available at 


Posted on 02-Dec-2015
what is the status of flights to chennai. my flight is scheduled on sat 5 Dec 6 am

Admin Reply :

Airport at Chennai closed till 12 hrs IST till 6 December, 2015. All flights stand cancelled till that time. 

Sunanda Easwaran

Posted on 14-Aug-2015
I was scheduled to fly Air Asia from Denpasar, Bali, to Bengaluru via Kualalumpur, Malayasia on August 10, 2015. My flight AK 377 was delayed by about 3and a half hours arriving at Denpasar and delayed further by about an hour taking off from there to Kualalumpur. As a result I missed my flight AK 53 from Kualalumpur to Bengaluru. Air Asia put me up at Kualalumpur airport for the night and suggested that I could take an Air Asia flight to Chennai from Kualalumpur, next morning, i.e.,Tuesday, August 11, 2015. They said I could make my way on my own from Chennai to Bengaluru and they would reimburse the expense I would incur. Accordingly, I flew flight AK11 at 6:30 am from Kualalumpur to Chennai on Tuesday morning, and travelled by taxi to Bengaluru from Chennai, incurring an expenditure of Rs. 7,000/-. As agreed upon by Air Asia, I am now submitting this claim for reimbursement of Rs. 7,000/-.

Admin Reply :

All claims shall be submitted to the airline company. We are not a ticketing agency for now and hence can not proceed with any actions in this matter. We can only resolve queries relating to refund arising due to various reasons. Please take up the matter formally with AirAsia.

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