Air India Refunds

In case AI cancels a flight, fails to stop at ticketed destination, fails to operate on schedule reasonably, is not able to provide pre-allotted space or causes passenger to miss a connecting flight, the refund amount would be:

a) An amount equal to fare paid if ticket is totally unused; or

b) If ticket has been partly used, one way fare from the point of interruption or difference between paid fare and fare for transportation, whichever is higher.

If the refunds are sought for reasons other than the ones which are described above, refund to be paid for a partly used ticket would be the difference of the fare paid and the applicable fare on that leg of journey for which ticket has been used. 

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Yadunath Chaudhari

Posted on 13-Aug-2017
our flight AI 130 from London to Mumbai was scheduled to take off at 13.15 pm local london time but took off at 19.30 0n 12th august 2017. myself and my son had business class tickets for travel and my wife and my daughter had economy class tickets. It was announced at the time of boarding flight that we can claim refund partly . How much we are entitled and what is the procedure.

Admin Reply :

Precisely what amount would be refunded would be told only by the airline or agency where you booked tickets. This information will not be shared with us, since ticket has not been booked with us. 

Devinder Kumar

Posted on 26-Jul-2017
If I missed an Air India flight, am I eligible for a partial refund?

Admin Reply :

You will get some amount as refund which are taxes, such as psf and udf.


Posted on 02-Feb-2017
I was scheduled to travel from delhi to Chennai via Kochi. I had just one PNR no Flight was refundable The connecting flight from Kochi to Chennai was rescheduled by 40 minutes. I cancelled the ticket The airlines is deducting the charges from both the flights I. E delhi to Kochi and Kochi to Chennai however mine was a single route and single pnr Now the airline says had it been delayed more that one hour I was eligible for refund of 100 percent from second flight But this isn't my fault. Y should I bear the loss. Kindly advise in this regard

Admin Reply :

In general, Air India has a policy of deducting the applicable one way fare of the unused sector, tax applied on used sector and cancellation charges and the balance is refunded. Please refer here


Posted on 22-Sep-2016
Refundable amount for ticket cancellation from Hyd to riyadh

Admin Reply :

It will depend on you PNR. Please contact the entity which booked ticket since only it will be able to provide the correct refunded amount details. 

Nitin Mehta

Posted on 20-Sep-2016
I want to cancel my ticket- Mumbai to Delhi 21.09.2016(3.00pm) E ticket -5892215646419 and Delhi to Mumbai 22.09.2016 (7.15pm) E ticket -5892215646420

Admin Reply :

We do not provide the cancellation facility. Please seek this assitance from the entity which booked it in the first place. 

shahab syed

Posted on 20-May-2016
1 ) can I book ticket Mumbai to ahd for dec 2016 , one way now and if for any reason I have to cancel will I get full refund ? 2 ) I understand beggage allowed is 20KG check in and 8 kg cabin ? tks n rgds shahab

Admin Reply :

If you are travelling economy, check in baggage allowance is 25 kg per person and cabin allowance is 8 kg. Cancellation charges would be deducted. 

C Satyanarayana

Posted on 18-Nov-2015
I have booked tickets for my son and his friend from Chennai to Shanghai to travel on 3.12.2015.As their exams are postponed and they may not be able to travel, I may have to canel the tickets.What are the rules for refund in case of i.e.18.11.2015

Admin Reply :

You will have to tell us the PNR no and other details for us to get you this information, else you can speak to the airline representative. They do not have a declared policy and the cancellations and refund rules differ from one fare class of travel to another. So, your precise information can not be obtained without PNR no or flight details. 

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