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Cheap Air Tickets Services Soon on Baggage Allowance

Welcome to the Baggage Allowance site! Do you find it difficult to find the relevant travel information about the airlines? Most of the time, we are in need of quick answers to our travel queries but do not know whom to approach for it. The purpose of this website is to compile the information related to 8 most important service areas of world airlines for the benefit of the visitors.

This website:

a) will soon be offering booking of air tickets and flight information to/from India. Currently, it provides authentic and comprehensive information related to:

Baggage Allowance

Check-in and Boarding

Frequent Flyer Program


Liability and Limitations

Special Assistance


Alliances and Partners

b) provides information in an easy-to-understand manner

c) enables you to ask questions related to these service areas and get answers quickly

d) get latest updates on airlines

You are welcome to use this for gaining clarity about some of the most complex airline rules as well as for searching and reserving flights for your travel.

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