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People, by virtue of their special conditions of health, age or time in life, may require special assistance for their air travel needs. This website informs you about the different types of special assistance that you will get with various airlines. Generally special assistance is required by:

1. Visually and hearing impaired
2. Mobility disabled
3. Pregnant Women
4. Unaccompanied minors and children
5. People requiring assistive devices or medical equipments
6. People with cognitive disabilities

These passengers need special attention and care from the airline staff, both on-ground and during the flight. The airlines do have their own policies which define the conditions of carriage of these passengers. This makes it pertinent for the passengers to know what these policies are.

This website provides detailed information on the policies of different airlines for special assistance extended by them. If you have more queries or feel that your questions have not been completely answered by the informative content provided here, you are simply required to let us know by filling in the “Ask a Question” below. We will strive our level best to provide you required answers within 24 hours.

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