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Frequent Flyer Program

Regular carriers do have the frequent flyer programs (also called FFPs popularly). These are intended to benefit and reward the travelers who fly frequently on that carrier.  A number of benefits and privileges are provided to these passengers for remaining loyal to the airline. Commonly, these are called 'loyalty rewards'. Most airlines of the world, with the exception of a few low-cost carriers, do have their FFPs. Low cost carriers may or may not have these programs of their own.


Most of the airlines would require you to earn these loyalty reward points (generally, these are based on miles flown) in different ways (flights, shopping, etc) and then mention the specific ways in which these can be redeemed or utilized (reward tickets, upgrades, shopping, etc). Special privileges of FFPs might also be existing for different membership tiers.

Listed on this website are the FFPs of different airlines. Since it is not too easy to understant these programs due to a number of variables which make it quite complex, we have taken care to use an easy-to-understand language so that the visitors are able to understand these programs and know how to utilize its benefits in the best possible way. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions related to it.

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