About Us

Baggage Allowance had an interesting beginning. The idea for developing a website dedicated to baggage allowances of different airlines of the world arose when an occasional blog post was written on the subject and it began to receive good number of queries from customers. It was realized that the people are looking for this information and are not satisfied with the customer services of the airlines or agencies. Thus began the quest of making due research on baggage allowances of airline companies of the world and providing correct and reliable answers to queries of people.
The information base was soon widened to include check-in, special assistance, refunds, alliances, limitations and liabilities and frequent flyer programs. This marked the second phase of development of this website. This enhanced our customer engagement many folds in a short span of time.
We take pride in having provided satisfactory answers to thousands of visitors during all these years. We are also looking forward to enhancing this website further to serve more customers and in a much better way. In doing so, your continued support is crucial for us. 


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