Air India Frequent Flyer Program

‘Flying Returns’ is the Frequent Flyer Program of Air India. It is also the first Frequent Flyer Program of India. There are base miles which are calculated depending upon the route of travel and is directly related to the miles flown. Thereafter, depending on the booking class, there is specific percentage which accrues as mileage.

For the First Class cabin travel booked under F and A booking class, the accrual is 250% over base miles. For the Business Class cabin travel booked under C,D,J and Z booking classes, accrual is 200%.

For the Economy Class cabin travel booked under P# (premiere economy which is available on select routes), accrual is 150%. However, it is 125% if booked under Y,B,M class of booking, 100% if booked under H,K,Q,V,W and G class, 50% if booked on L class and 50% or 25% (depending on international and domestic travel) under U,T,S and E categories of booking class. All these percentage are calculated over the base miles accumulated.



Redemption of these Flying Returns can be done as Flight awards on Air India, Singapore and Lufthansa and as Upgrades on Air India.


Redemption for awards on Air India can be done in three ways, either through the booking offices of the carrier or through its contact centre in india or by using the online website for bookings. You are required to carry your membership card for verification purposes and you shall mention that you would like to have an Awards Ticket. These would then be given to you in print or sent in your email address, as the case may be.


For redemption on Air India flights, the mileage points which are redeemed are 2.5 and 2 times of Economy Class mileage points for First and Executive Class respectively. You are bound to using specific booking classes for different cabin classes for Awards Tickets. These are O, I and X for First, Executive/Business and Economy Class of Air India flights.


There is also a provision of upgrading the Awards tickets. For economy to business upgrade and for Business to First class upgrade, you need 75% of normal and business class redemption miles respectively. There are also eligible classes for upgrade in economy (Y, B, M, H, Q, K and V)and executive (C and D) class of travel. Air India also provides the facility of upgrade of class of travel between 24 to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of flight only on domestic flights of Air India. In this case, the miles required are 50% of normal and business class redemption miles for upgrade to business and First class respectively.

Redemption for awards on Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines can also be done. There is a provision that the bookings will be made in O, I and X classes and these are subject to capacity control by Lufthansa and Singapore airlines respectively.

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Posted on 02-Feb-2016
I want to be a member of FREQUENT FLIER PROGRAMME. How to apply for AIR INDIA???

Admin Reply :

You can enrol online at


Posted on 08-Sep-2015
I have 2000 AirMile issued by HDFC Bank. My Flying return account no with Air India is 120228731. Kindly advise me how can I get Air tickets booked and what is the value of 2000Air Mile issued to me by HDFC Bank

Admin Reply :

No clear answer from Air India. If you get one, please let us know. 

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