United Airlines Baggage Allowance

Checked baggage: United Airlines allows you to carry up to two baggage as checked in luggage with maximum weight being 22.7 kgs and linear dimensions being 158 cms. However, service charges are applicable on these baggage. Precisely what these charges depends on a number of factors such as:

1. Type of fare purchased

2. Date of purchase and travel

3. Itinerary

4. When and where the baggage is checked and charge paid

5. Active Military status

For travel within US and to/from Canada, Caribbean, Puerto Rico., Mexico and Virgin Islands, the first and the second baggage service fee is USD/CAD 25 and 35 respectively.

However, for travel within the above said destinations + Central America, second baggage service fee is USD/CAD 40 respectively.

For travel between North and Central America and to/from South America the charge for second baggage is USD/CAD 70.

When travel is between North, Central and South America and to/from Europe, Middle East and Africa, the second baggage charge is USD/CAD 100. The only exception here is travel between UK and Canada where the charges are USD/CAD 70 instead of 100.

Between Americas to/from Asia (including Japan) and South Pacific (including Micronesia) second baggage service is USD/CAD 100. But, for travel between Asia and South PAcific (excluding Micronesia, Palau and Marshall Islands), second baggage service is USD/CAD 70. When the travel has to happen between Japan, Micronesia, Palau and Marshall Islands, second checked baggage service fee is USD/CAD 40.

Excess baggage charges: The excess checked in baggage charges are USD 100 per piece if you are carrying more than allowed baggage allowance while on travel within USA, Puerto Rico, Canada and Virgin Islands. These charges are USD 150 per piece for travel between Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America. For rest of international destinations, these charges are USD 200 per piece.

Baggage of more than 45 kgs will not be acceptable as checked in luggage.

Oversized/Overweight baggage charges:

Travel within USA and between USA/Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, passengers travelling with checked baggage of 23 kgs but less than 32 kgs  are charged USD/CAD 100. The charges get doubled to USD/CAD 200 if bag is more than 32 kg and less than 45 kg. Beyond this weight, the luggage is not accepted. Single baggage of sum of dimensions more than 158 cms will be charged at USD/CAD 200.

For travel happening to Mexico, Caribbean, Central and South America (except Brazil) and other destinations around world, charges are USD 200 per piece for weight of luggage between 23 to 32 kg and USD 400 per piece for weight between 32 to 45 kgs. Similarly, the checked in baggage of linear dimensions more than 158 cms will be charged at USD 200 per piece.

Carry On Luggage: At UA you are allowed to carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage including one freely allowed luggage and one personal item. There are limits on the dimensions and weight of these items. Carry on Free baggage shall not be more than 22 cm, 35 cm and 56 cms including its wheels and handles and the personal items shall not be more than 22cm, 25 cm and 43 cms. A personal item of more than these dimensions but not exceeding the limits of free luggage, will be considered as a freely allowed cabin baggage.

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Santosh Reddy

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Is there any excess baggage allowance for people traveling on students visa

Admin Reply :

Do not have any such information. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2017
hi i am travelling from hyderabad to abudabi,jfk airport ,to rochester through jet airways. we r traveling 4 people with 8 checkin bags nd 4 cabin bags. i have a question.,,if i want to carry extra check in baggage how much do i need to pay. can i carry extra baggage as 23 i need to pay any other charges again in jfk airport.? if i am carrying extra 10 kg in my 8th check in baggage how much money i have to pay extra?

Admin Reply :

Extra 1 check in bag of 23 kg is charged at USD 200. Excess weight or oversize is charged at USD 150 for such check in bag. 


Posted on 21-Nov-2015
united airlines allow extra 3rd baggage for free under student visa

Admin Reply :

No information on this as of now.

basab chakraborty

Posted on 21-Aug-2015
I am looking to travel from CVG to CCU. My flight details are as below: CVG to ORD by United Airlines ORD to DEL by Air India DEL to CCU by Air India. Air India allows 2 checked in baggage for travel to India. My question is when I travel by United Airlines from CVG to ORD will it allow 2 checked in baggage without any extra charge since my connecting flight Air India allows 2 checked in baggages. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

United Airlines will go by its own baggage allowance policy. 

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