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Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

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Cabin/Hand/Carry-on Luggage

Hand luggage on Qatar Airways has restrictions of number and total weight depending on the class of travel of the passenger. First Class, Business Class and Economy Class travellers have respective restrictions of carrying 2 pcs (total weight up to 15 kg), 2 pcs (total weight up to 15 kg) and 1 pcs (total weight up to 7 kg).

For all cabin or hand baggage, the dimension restrictions are same: 50, 37, 25 cms for each pcs of luggage.

Besides the above mentioned allowance, passengers are also allowed to carry personal items such as ladies handbags, coat, blanket, small briefcase, walking stick or crutches, duty free items, infant basket and camera or binoculars. Laptop is a part of the cabin baggage. It is not allowed in separate bag and shal be within the permitted allowance.

It is important to note that the laptops or the laptop bags are considered a part of the hand baggage and not a personal item and therefore, its weight is counted towards the free allowance.

All electronic devices to be carried on board must be fully charged and functioning in order to establish that these are genuine.

Checked Luggage

Checked baggage allowance of Qatar airways varies from route to route and also depends on cabin class booked by the passenger.

For Qatar Airways flights to/from Brazil, all classes of passengers are allowed 2 pieces of luggage with each not exceeding 32 kgs weight and of a maximum sum of dimensions of 158 cms.

For Qatar Airways flights between Brazil and Argentina, all classes of passengers are allowed to carry free allowance of 2 pcs with each piece not exceeding 23 kgs of weight and maximum sum of dimensions of luggage being 158 cms.

For flights to/from Argentina, Canada and US, First and Business Class passengers are allowed to carry 2 pcs with each not exceeding 32 kgs and maximum dimension of each being 158 cms. The Economy class travelers on these routes are allowed to carry 2 pcs of 23 kgs each with sum of dimensions of each baggage being 158 cms.

Flights of Qatar Airways to/from all other destinations, First Class passengers are allowed a total weight allowance of 50 kgs, Business Class 40 kgs and Economy Class 30 kgs, with all classes of travel being allowed maximum dimension of 300 cms.

It is to be noted that no single piece of checked in baggage shall weigh more than 32 kgs and, if the weight is more, it shall be broken down into 2 bags.

LED TV of check in baggage size (158 cm for transatlantic flights and 300 cm for other flights) and weight is allowed free.

Baggage allowance for the Codeshare and the Interline Agreement Carriers

Codeshare and interline agreements are quite common in aviation industry. However, whenever there is flight involving the codeshare or interline partners, there is always a confusion as to which airlines’ baggage allowance would be applicable. In case of Qatar Airways, this is determined going with the Most Significant Carrier rule of IATA except for flights to/from/through USA and Canada. As per the MSC rule of IATA, the MSC is the one which is the first carrier to fly between two IATA areas or its sub areas or the first to cross the international border. (Check out the various areas in which IATA divides the world).

Excess Baggage Charges

Excess baggage can be bought online, at its offices or counters and even at the time of check in at the airport. Charges depend on two factors:

  1. Whether you have made online booking on its website or through its call centre /counters /office /check in desk.

  2. Sector of travel

It is charged on per kg basis except to/from Americas where it is based on per piece. Check out this post for excess baggage charges of Qatar Airways.

Bulk Baggage ChargesExcess baggage allowance for Silver, Gold and Platinum members are 10 kg, 15 kgs or 1 piece and 20 kgs or 1 piece respectively.

Bulk baggage charges are applicable when traveling to destinations in Africa from select cities in China, UAE, Oman, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe and India. These charges are applicable when there is a need to carry additional baggage from/to Africa (more than free allowance). Though the rates are based on per kg of weight, a minimum of 5 kgs of additional baggage must be bought. From select cities in abovementioned countries except China and UAE to destinations in Africa, rates are 10 USD per kg (for Lagos, rate is USD 200/piece of maximum weight 32 kgs). From China, Hong Kong and UAE rates are:

Bulk baggage rate per additional kg




Addis Ababa, Algiers, Alexandria, Luxor, Maputo, Asmara, Djibouti, Entebbe, Johannesburg, Khartoum, Cairo, Casablanca, Cape Town, Nairobi, Tunis


Dar Es Salaam, Kilimanjaro











175 USD / piece





Hong Kong


Abu Dhabi




150 USD / piece

Dubai and Dubai World Central


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Posted on 02-Mar-2017
Hi, plz share the info on the following questions: I am travelling to Helsinki from Bangalore on 6th April 2017 with a stop at Doha. Mine is economy class. My Baggage allowance mentioned in the ticket is 45kgs. 1. 45kg includes check-in and cabin bag? 2. Can we split the baggage? 3. What is the maximum weight and dimension for 1 bag?(plz mention separately for both check-in and cabin bag) 4. Can we utilize completely 45 kgs? Because I saw your previous replies regarding baggage, wherein you have answered 30kg check-in and 7kg cabin though the baggage allowance is 40kg.

Admin Reply :

If your travel in on Qatar airways only, then the allowance is of 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin. We do not think this is 45 kg in check in baggage. Please reconfirm with the airline local office as well. Sum of dimensions of the check in bag shall be 158 cm and for cabin it is  50x37x25cm

Ivie Rhose Reymondo Espino

Posted on 01-Mar-2017
Hi,I will be travelling @doha to Manila Philippines tomorrow (,Qatar airways)...As for my ticket it indicates that I have 50kg luggage allowance....In 50kg luggage allowance this include the handcarry?Thankyou ..I need an immediate response so I can adjust my things....Thank you so much!

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which class ticket you are travelling with. Baggage allowance will depend on it. 

Susan Stuchbury

Posted on 27-Feb-2017
We have just booked to fly with you in Oct 17 . to south Africa can you tell us our baggage allowance please. Flying economy

Admin Reply :

As per the present policy, it is 45 kg per person in check in and 7 kg in cabin for economy class travellers. However, no single check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight. 


Posted on 27-Feb-2017
I am going to India tomorrow pls tell me written 40 kg aloowns my flight Manchester UK to amritsar. How many kg one suitcase and bag not hand bag pls tell me .thanks

Admin Reply :

Qatar allows you to carry 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance on this route for economy class travel. Total weight of check in bag shal not exceed 30 kg. 

Jenny Lyn

Posted on 26-Feb-2017
hi, i am travelling this week from dubai to clark Philippines, as per written on my ticket, my baggage allowance is 40kgs. i want to ask if its possible to check in 2 luggage with the total of 40kgs?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be done.


Posted on 26-Feb-2017
Hi I am travelling abu dhabi to clark on march 13 can i bring my used 32"tv? it will cost something or if they can deduct the weight of the tv in the baggage allowance? Thank you

Admin Reply :

LED TV can be brought in check in baggage, within the size limits of sum of dimensions for 1 check in bag which airline stipulates.

rema sanchez

Posted on 25-Feb-2017
hello, I want to asked because I will travel tomorrow by economy class Lebanon to Qatar to manila , I have 40 KGS luggage its written I can have hand carry bag ? for how many kilos please ?! and if ever my 40 kilos luggage over for 5 kilos how much I have to pay for it ?! thank you , waiting for response immediately please ....

Admin Reply :

For economy class, allowance in checkin baggage is 30 kg and in cabin it is 7 kg. Excess baggage charge is USD 25 per excess kg for buying it online or USD 30 per excess kg when you decide to buy at airport.

Hope Marzan

Posted on 24-Feb-2017
Hello. We are travelling tomorrow from doha to clark. In our ticket, it is mentioned 40 kg baggage allowance but my question is: Is the 7kg handcarry already included in that 40kg? Or still separate? So it will be 47 kg total for handcarry and luggage?

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage allowance on your route is 30 kg for economy class and 40 kg for business class travel. Hand baggage allowance is 7 kg per person. If  it is 40 kg allowance, then it has to be taken in two check in bags as one check in bag shall not exceed 32 kg weight. 


Posted on 23-Feb-2017
Hi, i will be travelling from Doha to Dubai next month..How much baggage am i allowed to carry?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person. 

Margaret Brandwood

Posted on 22-Feb-2017
On an economy flight to Perth with a luggage allowance of 30kg, can it be in 2 separate pieces?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be two check in bags within the permitted allowance.

B Connolly

Posted on 21-Feb-2017
Could you please confirm that the baggage allowance for flight from Manchester to Johannesburg via Doha is 30kilos checked in baggage PLUS 7kilos carry on baggage, making a total of 37kilos. Thank you. 93755

Admin Reply :

yes, that is right.

Marilyn Connolly

Posted on 20-Feb-2017
Does the 30kilo baggage allowance on my ticket include 7 kilo hand baggage of 7 kilo, making 30 in total, or is the total allowance 30kilo checked in bagged plus 7 kilo hand bagged making 37 in total.

Admin Reply :

 7 kg is separate. 


Posted on 20-Feb-2017
My carry-on laptop bag was bought for flying on another airline. with a different limit. It weighs more than the 7k(?).. what can I do? -- also I have 4 bags to check instead of 2. what will the 2-is it?-- extra bags cost? -is it 2 piece checked baggage for economy? all the 4 bags weight about 47 ilbs. what will this cost-?

Admin Reply :

You can take a laptop apart from cabin baggage. You have not mentioned which route you are flying.


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
I'm traveling from Johannesburg to Beijing via DoHA . How much baggage am I allowed to carry ??

Admin Reply :

Check in allowance is 45 kg per person and dimensions of check in bag shall not be more than 300 cm (L+b+H). Since check in baggage is more than 32 kg, it has to be carried in two bags. 

Sneha Kandpal

Posted on 18-Feb-2017
Hi! I am travel from Poland to India via Doha. I will be carrying a 7 kg suitcase as a carry-on luggage. My question is can I take my travel backpack as a "personal item"? Thanks in advance!

Admin Reply :

That might not be allowed as back packs are not considered to be personal items. 

Iona saldanha

Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Lhr to mumbai economy on 19 feb . Can i carry 40 kg in 2 bag check in luggage

Admin Reply :

yes, you can do it. Anyways, it has to be in 2 check in bags since one can not be more than 32 kg. 


Posted on 15-Feb-2017
how much per kilo if you excess baggage allowance from abu dhabi to manila economy class.?tnx...

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person (adult or child, not infant)


Posted on 15-Feb-2017
I am traveling from Doha to Manila economy class. i have a box weighing 20kg. dimension is Length 24in - Width 24 - height 26in = total dimension is 74in. is the box within the allowed dimension limit?

Admin Reply :

yes, it is within baggage dimension since max allowed size limit for check in bag is 300 cm.

Christian Ryan Coria

Posted on 14-Feb-2017
Hi im travelling from doha qatar to manila philippines via economy class with 40 kg allowable check in luggage. Can i split the 40 kg like 12kg LED tv + 10kg box + 18kg bag? Or is it allowed for me for 2 bags with 23kg each. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can take 40 kg in 3 different check in bags/packages. 

Susan Franks

Posted on 14-Feb-2017
I am travelling from Sydney to Birmingham UK on 19th July, my baggage allowance is 30 kg is that for 1 bag plus hand luggage or am I allowed 2 bags plus hand luggage up to the weight restriction Regards Susan Franks

Admin Reply :

You can take more than 1 check in baggage within permitted allowance. 

Robert Alfo

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Sir,/Madam, I'm flying Qatar Airways economy class from Dammam to Doha /Doha to Goa on 28th April 2017. On my ticket 40 kg baggage allowance showing, Is it possible i can carry Two bags of 15kg bag + 10kg bag + 15kg 48 inch T.V. Regards, Robert.

Admin Reply :

You need to cross check with the airline whether allowance is 30 kg check in or 40 kg? Anyways, you are allowed to take more than one check in bag within overall weight limts on Qatar Airways.

Taj Mohammad

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
How many kgs are allowed in baggage from doha to kathmandu.can i take one bag weighting 30 kgs in luggage or i have to make two bags in luggage.

Admin Reply :

You can take 2 check in bags within permitted allowance limits.


Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Hi how many kgs can we take on checked luggage and how many kgs for hand luggage. Flying from australia to lebanon.. My travel agent said 40kgs checked and 7kgs hand luggage. Is this correct. Thank u

Admin Reply :

This is correct if you are travelling in business class. If travelling in economy, allowance is 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin. 

Johneva Grace Capiz

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
can i bring two bags for my check in baggage with 15kls each..?my destination is from abha saudi arabia to manila philippines?

Admin Reply :

yes, this can be done.


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
Dear admin, We'll be travelling from Doha to manila via Qatar Airways with total of 150kgs of allowable luggage for 3 person. We divided the 150kgs in 10 baggages, will the airlines allow us to carry as many as these baggages for check in? Looking forward for your advise.. Thank u very much & more power!

Admin Reply :

150 kg for 3 persons means a 50 kg per person whereas free allowance is 90 kg in total. So, excess charges will have to be paid. Now, w.r.t. to the number of check in bags permitted, we would suggest that you speak to airline. 

Davis Mariana

Posted on 11-Feb-2017
Hi. My name is Davis Mariana. I am going to Entebbe ( Uganda ) from Cluj (Romania) economy class ( via Doha) How much baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

Economy class travel allows you to take 45 kg check in baggage and 7 kg cabin from Africa point of boarding. Sum of dimensions of baggage shall be 300 cm. Further, since 1 check in bag can not be more than 32 kg weight, 2 check in bags would have to be taken. 

Sadia khan

Posted on 11-Feb-2017
Sadia khan again I'm travelling in economy class and in my ticket say 40kg and my 3 daughters each 30kg each bag how many kilos I close

Admin Reply :

If your daughters are above 2 years of age, all of you would be allowed 30 kg check in baggage allowance and 7 kg cabin allowance per person. 

Sadia Khan

Posted on 10-Feb-2017
Hi I'm going to peshawar pakistan in my ticket it's says 40kg how many kilo is allowed in my baggage allowance

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance is known to us for economy class travellers. Are you travelling in a different cabin class?

Sheryl aggabao

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Hi im going vacation this feb 26 doha to mnla how much kilo allowed in bagge allowance

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin per person. This is for economy class travellers. 

Aileen Siducon

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
How many pieces of baggage can I bring from Qatar to Phillipines?and how many kilos each baggage?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage is allowed on your route. This can be taken in more than 1 check in bag. 

Anharur Rahman

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
What is baggage allowance from Medina to dhaka umrah passrnger in economy class?website shows 50kg/adult/child.is it 50kg in economy passenger

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in per person (adult or child ) on your route.


Posted on 08-Feb-2017
I'm travelling from Birmingham to amrita this week, my ticket says 40kg. What is the most weight I can put in each luggage?

Admin Reply :

If your baggage allowance is 40 kg then you would need two check in bags since one bag can not be more than 32 kg.


Posted on 08-Feb-2017
I'm travelling from amman to manila philippines, next month!and the total kilos of my luggage is 37kls, how much do i need to pay???

Admin Reply :

Is it both including check in and cabin baggage? You shall make 1 cabin bag of 7 kg and 1 check in bag of 30 kgs. It would be fine. If you make only 1 check in bag of 37 kg,, then extra charges have to be paid. 


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
can I bring and check-in 52 inches LED TV from DOH/CRK in economy class?

Admin Reply :

it can be brought provided the total dimensions are within the permitted allowance. Dimension shall be less than 158 cm

Clare McGunnigal

Posted on 06-Feb-2017
I am travelling from Edinburgh via Doha to Goa on the 8/02/17 Returning 28/02/17 What is the hold allowance per passenger, and can it be split into 2 bags per passenger. Also What is the cabin alllowance and how many pieces of baggage per person. Is it the same for both going and returning. Thank you Clare McGunnigal

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in is the permitted allowance and you can take more than one check in baggage. Cabin allowance is 1 pcs of 7 kg. 


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
How much weight is allowed from amritsar to palma de mallorca spain per person???

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. 

Kath Fordham

Posted on 05-Feb-2017
flying from uk to Johannesburg SA soon can you confirm our baggage allowance and the maximun weight of individual suitcases please.

Admin Reply :

30 kg checkin and 7 kg cabin allowance per person. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
Hi I'm traveling from Denmark to Manila via Qatar airways on feb 13 this year and my baggage allowance is 30kg.can I check in two luggage ?not the same size but it's 15kg each.would that be possible?thanks!

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take 2 check in bags within same weight of baggage allowance. Sum of dimensions of each check in bag shall be less than 158 cm. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
Hi...my flight is on feb.06,,,is it possible to carry a hand luggage weighing 20kls..economy!tnx

Admin Reply :

Certainly not allowed. 


Posted on 02-Feb-2017
Hello i go vacation this feb 27 2017 i want to ask how much i pay if i want to send air cargo i have home theater 25 kg tnx

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect and you will have to tell them the route and dimensions of package. 

Mushtaque ilyas

Posted on 31-Jan-2017
am traveling to Bangalore India around 15th Feb Via Doha economy class.pls let me know my baggage Allowance .if I have any additional baggage what will be charged.Fm JFK to Bangalore

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each in economy class flights. Max dimension of each bag shall not exceed 158 cms. Cabin baggage allowance is 7 kg per person, 

Mushtaque Ilyas

Posted on 30-Jan-2017
I am traveling to Bangalore India around 15th Feb Via Doha economy class.pls let me know my baggage Allowance .if I have any additional baggage what will be charged.

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin is the baggage allowance. IF you want to make more check in baggage, it has to be paid for. 


Posted on 29-Jan-2017
I am travelling from US to India tommorow via Doha. If i am correct i can carry 7kg and checkin 2 peices of 23 kg each! Instead can i have one bag close to 30 kg or would you charge me for extra luggage? Also how much alcohol is permitted unopened or opened in checkin please? Thankyou await you quick response

Admin Reply :

Any check in bag above the 23 kg limit will be chargeable for extra baggage. Hence, it is suggested to take two such bag within the free allowance of 23 kg each. One or two bottles of liquor in sealed and packed condition are considered okay. But, we would suggest that you get the confirmation from the airline office locally in this respect.


Posted on 29-Jan-2017
Hi! I am from dubai and traveling this february to clark Philippines. I am planning to bring home my used tv which is 47 inches. I would like to ask if i can bring it along with me and do i still need to provide any documents like receipt for purchasing, warranty etc. Also, is the max baggage allowance for economy tickets really 30 kgs? I heard that they are not rhat strict with the baggage allowance. Thank you

Admin Reply :

There is no need for providing the documents of TV. The allowance is 30 kg. IT can be carried if the box dimensions are within the permitted dimension limits of the baggage. The airlines are very strict with the baggage allowance since it is an opportunity for them to earn more by putting extra baggage charges.


Posted on 28-Jan-2017
What's the allowed baggage Riyadh to Calicut?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person for economy class travel.

aman chettri

Posted on 24-Jan-2017
hi i.am traveling from israel to delhi ( india) in economy class my allowanc is 30 kg I split it in 2 pieces of luggage I can't find anything clear on the web site .thank you

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check in baggage within the overall weight allowance limit. 


Posted on 24-Jan-2017
Hi, I am traveling to Nairobi from India. I am traveling alone with my kid will I be allowed to check in my cabbin luggage?

Admin Reply :

No, generally this is not permitted. But, airline officials at airport have final say. 

Graham Lynn

Posted on 24-Jan-2017
My partner and I are flying from Manchester U/K to Melbourne Australia via Doha, our allowance is 30kg checked luggage each,can we use three pieces of luggage of 20kg each.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done for passengers travelling on same pnr. 

Mar Velasquez

Posted on 14-Nov-2016
Sir,/Madam,, I'm flying Qatar Airways economy class from Dulles Washington to Doha Qatar stop over and my final destination to CRK Angeles city Philippines. I just checked the new Qatar Airways baggage allowances, 1 carry on baggage, weight 7KG/15LB, (dimensions 112 CM/44 INCHES, 2 check in baggaes. per piece weight 30KG/66LB (dimensions 300CM/118 INCHES. Can I verify if these are correct so I don't have excess baggage when I travel. Need an answer soonest ....Thank you......

Admin Reply :

2 check in bags shall be 23 kgs each for every adult passenger. If more, excess baggage charges will have to be paid. Everything else fine. 


Posted on 12-Nov-2016
Im travelling back from UK to Philippines.. Total kg in ticket is 30kg... Can I check in 2 pcs as long as it will not exceed 32kg each and not more than 30kg of my limit??? How much is the excess baggage cost for this route as im expecting 5kg above? Appreciate help...

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in free allowance. You can take more than one check in baggage within this permitted allowance. 40 USD per kg when paid online or 50 USD when paid at the airport.


Posted on 10-Nov-2016
hai! good morning! can i ask? can i equip us to carry a flat screen tv that is 22 inches in size??

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in check in baggage provided there is sum of dimension of less than 158 cm and weight is within permitted allowance. 

Anwar Hossain

Posted on 08-Nov-2016
What size and what weight I can get check in luggage from JFK to DOHA and DOHA to DHAKA

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each and 7 kg cabin allowance. 


Posted on 08-Nov-2016
jeddah to manila econo flight baggages allowance? do u allowed 40" tv? nov 24 is my flight i wonder if i can bring my tv.. tnx

Admin Reply :

yes, you can bring your TV within permitted allowance of check in baggage. 

Geneveve So

Posted on 07-Nov-2016
Hi! I have 50kgs baggage allowance. And i want to a bring a TV. Is it included in the no. of pcs of baggage? Can i bring two pcs baggage and 1 TV and the total weight is not more than my baggage allowance of 50kgs. Hoping for your immediate response. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

You have mentioned everything but not the route of flight. Please mention origin and destination places as well. 


Posted on 07-Nov-2016
Hi! I will travel from doha to manila on Nov. 8. I have 50kgs baggage allowance but not mentioning no. Of pcs allowed. I want to a bring a TV. Can i bring two pcs baggage and 1 TV and the total weight is not more than my baggage allowance of 50kgs. Hoping for your immediate response. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check in baggage within your permitted allowance. and size of each baggage shall be less than 300 cm in sum of dimensions. If size exceeds, you might be asked to send it through cargo route. 


Posted on 06-Nov-2016
Flying Tommorrow from London to India in economy class.40 kg allowance.hand bag weight including or separate ??

Admin Reply :

Allowance is 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin luggage per person for this route. 


Posted on 06-Nov-2016
I'm travelling to montreal from beirut ,lebanon via qatar airways what is my baggage allowance for economy class? Thank you

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each in check in and 7is kg cabin baggage is the allowance for economy class travel.


Posted on 06-Nov-2016
Hi, I am traveling from Dubai to Cape Town Souh Africa at the end of the month. What is the maximum weight for checked in luggage? Also, can that weight be split over 2 bags or do I have to purchase additional baggage for the second bag?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person is allowed. You can take 2 check in bags within same baggage allowance. 


Posted on 04-Nov-2016
I'm travelling with your airline in February to Nairobi to go on safari. I need to take soft checked baggage for the internal flight which has to be within 15kg so well within your limit. Can I take a rolled up sleeping bag on with hand baggage please? If so, what are the weight & dimensions of the hand luggage please? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

158 cm as sum of dimensions and 7 kg weight limit. 


Posted on 02-Nov-2016
Hi, I will travel in qatar airways from Alqassim to delhi on 04 nov 2016, can i carry zam zam water 5litre as a free weight? Plz reply asap

Admin Reply :

yes, you are allowed to carry it. 

Mohammed Sharif

Posted on 29-Oct-2016
Hi I am going Bangalore how money kg now allowance

Admin Reply :

what is the place of origin of flight?

Mohammed Sharif

Posted on 29-Oct-2016
How much charge Dubai to Bangalore extra luggage

Admin Reply :

USD 12 per kg if you buy online and USD 15 per kg if you buy at airport. 


Posted on 26-Oct-2016
I was planning to have a vacation to the philippines on november 6, 2016 by qatar airlines a direct flight economy class, i want to know if i was able to take a check in baggage of 2 bags weighing 25kls. Each w/o any excess baggage fee?

Admin Reply :

Which place are you travelling from? Are you sure that the baggage allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg? If yes, if the weight of each bag is increased to 25 kg in place of 23 kg then it will entail payment of extra charges for two bags. So, if extra weight has to be carried, it is suggested that the one bag shall have all 4 kg excess so that you pay for only 1 bag excess weight. 


Posted on 24-Oct-2016
hello sir/maam. how many pcs of baggage are allowed for one passenger?

Admin Reply :

depends on which route are you flying... 

Ayesha Fareed

Posted on 24-Oct-2016
My baggage is over the dimensions limit. How can I check it in. It's a box of a dollhouse I bought. Please advice.

Admin Reply :

if dimensions are more, it will be sent throigh the cargo route. So, please bring the size within manageable limits. 


Posted on 23-Oct-2016
I am traveling to Trivandrum frim doha along with an infant. Is there 10 kg hand baggage allowance for infants? Also can send the hand luggage along with the luggage because i couldnt carry as traveling aline with baby

Admin Reply :

Yes, there is a 10 kg cabin allowance for the infants. Also, here is a check in baggage allowance of 10 kg. Generally, clubbing of checkin and cabin baggage is not allowed. However, you can try requesting the same from the airline officials at the airport by putting forth your case. 

Clifford Fernandes

Posted on 23-Oct-2016
How many baggages can u take on Qatar airways fglit from UK to India is 1 os2 picece n weight of d each baggages

Admin Reply :

It is not based on number of pcs for this route. Rather, it is based on the total weight of the check in baggage allowance.


Posted on 23-Oct-2016
Hi , I am traveling from hyderabad , India to tunisia and my transit will be in Qatar for 1:30h (PS: I will not leave the airport) .Am I allowed to bring 1L of alcahool with me from india ? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it would be allowed. 


Posted on 22-Oct-2016
Hi, I want to bring a sound system amplifier, does it have same consideration as led tv?

Admin Reply :

yes, these shall meet check in baggage size and weight guidelines, if these are to be carried free. 


Posted on 22-Oct-2016

Admin Reply :

yes, they can allow 3 pcs of check in baggage but it is better to confirm from the local office of the airline. 

NAZMUL haque

Posted on 19-Oct-2016
What is the cost of extra checked bag from Kolkata to USA ...economic class

Admin Reply :

USD 200 when bought online and USD 250 when bought at the airport. 


Posted on 18-Oct-2016
Hi im going to manila by nov 10 my cabin bag is 20" is it allowed tnx

Admin Reply :

 50x37x25cm (20x15x10in) shall be dimension of cabin baggage. 112 cm as sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 17-Oct-2016
I am going home to Philippines next week and my economy ticket indicated 40kg baggage allowance. I have been advised to have 2 separte luggages. Is there an allowed extra weight for each luggage? or is it flat 20kg each? thanks!

Admin Reply :

Max weight of one check in bag can not be more than 32 kg. Therefore, you have been advised to take 2 check in bags to carry 40 kgs in total. 


Posted on 13-Oct-2016
I'm from india. I wanna travell from Calicut(ccj) to Baharain(bah) on Qatar Airways this month. Howmuch kilo of baggages i can kept in economy?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person.

Ashok Kumar Sinha

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
I am travelling to India within a week. Can I carry an used old laptop in my checked luggage , within the allowed permissible weight lilimts.

Admin Reply :

Airline does not have a problem. 

Sally Harris

Posted on 10-Oct-2016
We are travelling from india back to the UK can we have 2bags x 15kgs per person in the hold rather than 1 x 30kgs ? Regards Sally

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done. 


Posted on 05-Oct-2016
I will be travelling from Doha Qatar to Philippines, may I know if i can check in luggage 43inc flat TV?thanks for your prompt response, pls responds i bought already 43inc led tv, it is allowed?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried if it is within permitted allowanc by weight and size.


Posted on 03-Oct-2016
Hello, I am Ramasami, may travel to India in few weeks in October 2016 and would like to check with you whether I can carry the follwing baggage.. Kindly reply at the earliest. Thanks. ADULT 1: Hand Baggage 1) 5kg backpack(including laptop) - 1piece 2) 7kg small briefcase - 1piece Checked Baggage 1) 23kg - 2pieces ADULT 2: Hand Baggage 1) 5kg backpack(including laptop) -1piece 2) 7kg small briefcase - 1piece 3) Ladies handbag - 1piece Checked Baggage 1) 23kg - 2pieces INFANT Hand Baggage 1) 10kg backpack(toiletries,food) Checked Baggage 1) 23kg - 1piece Please let me know at the earliest . Thanks a lot..

Abegail ponce

Posted on 02-Oct-2016
Hi..my flight is on Oct 06 2016 dubai to clark...is it ok if 30kilo in one bag and 7kilo hand carry??hoping for your reply..tnx..

Admin Reply :

Yes, that would be fine. 

Love Joy Gaviola

Posted on 01-Oct-2016
i just want to ask i booked a flight in Qatar Airways this nov 10, 2016,from amman jordan going to Philippines is it possible to hand carry a trolley bag as long it will not exceed 7 kilos...?thank you...

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be done. Please take note of its size as well. 

sai krishna

Posted on 01-Oct-2016
Can my checkin baggage have 167 cms as dimensions

Admin Reply :

Please keep it within 158 cms.

Mrityunjay Mrinal

Posted on 30-Sep-2016
I am flying from Johannesburg to Delhi (india) in economy class. Is there any restrictions in carrying alcohol in checked in baggage. How much alcohol is allowed? Some airlines have policies depending on the % content of alcohol.

Admin Reply :

If you are not entering the State of Qatar, then you can take the alcoholic beverages along upto 5 litres. 


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
My colleague is traveling to Cape Town, SA, on October 29. she is allowed 45 kg luggage allowance from Asmara to Cape Town, But on her way back, her ticket shows 1 piece per person included. how much is the weight allowance when she returns? Can you please explain this to me?

Admin Reply :

Allowance will remain same at 45 kg check in and this has to be taken using 2 check in bags since  one bag can not be more than 32 kg in weight. 


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
Dear Qatar I am travelling to Maputo- Mozambique in December, my ticket says 30 Kg baggage allowance. Bag 1 Bag 2 I would like to know if I can carry two checked baggage of e.g 20 + 10 and my hand luggage (7 kg) Greetings

Admin Reply :

You can take two check in bags within permitted total weight allowance. 

Jack angeles

Posted on 29-Sep-2016
Hi..my flight will be on oct 1,2016 frm jeddah to clark.it is allowed 2 luggage and < 30kg each?or i need to pay my extra luggage?tnx

Admin Reply :

you can take more than one check in baggage within allowance limits.

cristina paray

Posted on 27-Sep-2016
My flight will be on Sep. 30, 2016 from Kuwait to manila. what is the allowed height of box for check in baggage? and the allowable weight per baggage?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per passenger is free allowance. It is the sum of dimensions of check in baggage which are considered and this is 300 cm as its limit. 

Suparna mehrotra

Posted on 26-Sep-2016
I'm travelling g to Cairo via doha on 7 oct and returning on 14 frm luxor - doha - calcutta . What will bensure the baggage allowance chk in and cabin ? Any particular dimensions ? Tx for the assistance .

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per adult or child passenger. 

Jimmy Marzo

Posted on 23-Sep-2016
My flight schedule will be on 15 of October from Doha to Manila Philippines is it possible to check a luggage with 55 inches LED TV?

Admin Reply :

If it fits the free check in baggage aallowance limits by weight and sum of dimensions, there shall be no problem in carrying it. 


Posted on 22-Sep-2016
I am traveling alone with my baby. So I can't able to carry any hand baggage. Could I include with the checked luggage.

Admin Reply :

Not allowed generally but can always request the airline. 

Christine Garrison

Posted on 21-Sep-2016
I am traveling with a group from the US to Kolkata. We are delivering a large number of feminine hygiene kits for girls and will need extra baggage to accommodate everything. Does Qatar offer any special allowances for charitable supplies?

Admin Reply :

Sorry, no special allowances. You need to check with the airline if the items being carried are very large in quantity. You might be asked to send these through cargo route. 

laila suresh

Posted on 18-Sep-2016
I am travelling from USA New York to India in Qatar airways .Can I take a cookie jar and a few bowls (crockery) in my hand baggage as it get chance to break in the check in baggage? Please give me a speedy reply.

Admin Reply :

Generally, these items are required to be checked in. 


Posted on 17-Sep-2016
I am travelling from Bangalore to London and on the ticket it says 45kg allowance. Does that mean 2 check ins and one cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Which class are you travelling? For economy, the check in allowance is 30 kg and cabin allowance is 7 kg. 

Muhammad Ashraf

Posted on 12-Sep-2016
I want to take my golf kit with me .Will it be free or with check in baggage .This will thirt piece.pl clarify

Admin Reply :

Golf kit shall be a part of your check in baggage allowance. So, if you are taking it more than permitted allowance by weight, you will have to pay for excess baggage. If it is exceeding the dimensions of check in baggage, then it has to be sent through cargo route. 

You have not mentioned the route of flight and how many bags of what weight are you carrying? 


Posted on 12-Sep-2016
Hi, I am traveling from USA to India and i have a LCD TV of total dimensions 79inch, can you please confirm me if I will be allowed to take this TV as a 2nd checked baggage or will I be charged anything as part of bulk baggage ? Thanks, Naveen

Admin Reply :

You will be allowed to carry the TV so long as it is within the permitted allowance by weight and size. 


Posted on 12-Sep-2016
Hi, My question was as below and your previous response did not answer my actual question, can you please tell me if my TV box is exceeding the allowed size, can I pay additional fee for over sized baggage ? Can you please advise ? Hi, I am traveling from USA to India and i have a LCD TV of total dimensions 79inch, can you please confirm me if I will be allowed to take this TV as a 2nd checked baggage or will I be charged anything as part of bulk baggage ? Thanks, Naveen

Admin Reply :

You might be required to send it through cargo since it exceeds the permitted size dimensions. 

Mohamed Imran Qureshi

Posted on 09-Sep-2016
Respected Sir , I am traveling to Mumbai on 12 September 2016. From Riyadh and return on 12 October 2016. ( Economy Class ). Sir I wants to know about luggage . I seen on online that a single piece of 32 kg bag is allowed ( not more ). And hand bag of 7 kg. Somewhere written 30 kg . Sir , I wants to know which is correct.

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in allowance. Hand luggage of 7 kg.


Posted on 07-Sep-2016
Hi I am travelling today from Washington to Pakistan, I have a stopover in Doha. I am allowed 2 pieces each of 50 pound. Will I be allowed 3 pieces within 100 pounds free of charge?


Posted on 07-Sep-2016
Hi , if anyone can help me please I am going to pakistan by QATAR airline from ENGLAND. I HAve 40inch samsung led tv is this allowed to take in qatar airline, if allowed then will it be included in my free baggage or i will have to pay for it Hepler much appreciated

Admin Reply :

If it is within size and weight limits of checkin baggage, it will be allowed for free. 


Posted on 06-Sep-2016
I am fly today qutar airways. So my ticket baggage totall 35 kg But my baggage 39 Kg. Please help me 1 kg extra weight how much need to pay in Abu dhabi AED

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel. Excess baggage charges depend on route of travel 


Posted on 06-Sep-2016
I am travelling from Bangalore to Los Angeles thro Doha in quatar airways. I have 2 baggage allowance of 23 kgs. Each but I need one more extra baggage of 23 kgs. Is it allowed and what is the charges to be paid for extra baggage. Can I purchase for baggage before travelling. Is there any problem for extra baggage. Pl reply

Admin Reply :

USD 200 when you one extra piece online and USD 250 when you buy through contact centre. 


Posted on 04-Sep-2016
i am travelling from bangalore to doha & doha to paris( QATAR Airways) on economic class. On the ticket it is mentioned baggage allowed upto 45kg. 1. If total baggage(45kg) includes with cabin luggage (7kg), can i carry the remaining 38kg in one bag? 2. if it separate, can i carry 45 kg in single bag or it should be splitted into two. please let us know regarding this.

Admin Reply :

No check in bag shall exceed 32 kg. However, allowance on this route in economy class is 30 kg check in. 

dragos dumitrescu

Posted on 04-Sep-2016
Hi, travelling from Bucharest to Jakarta, Economy Class. My allowance is 30kg. Can i split it in 2 pieces of luggage? I can't find anything clear on the website.Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be divided into 2 check in bags for convenience. 

Seyed farrokh janani

Posted on 03-Sep-2016
Hi dears: I have Baggage Allowance - 3 Piece(s) Included In front of my flight details from los angeles to Doha on 7 sep. Am i allowed to have 3 baggage with max 50 lb each and one carry on bag?

Admin Reply :

Only 2 pcs of check in baggage are allowed in check-in baggage in Qatar Airways from/to USA. If booked in economy, these are 2 bags of 23 kg each and if booked in business or first class, these are 2 bags of 32 kg each. 1 cabin luggage is also allowed in economy class. Business and First class passengers allowed 2 bags in cabin not exceeding a total of 15 kg weight. 


Posted on 01-Sep-2016
What are the Charges for a separate Laptop bag apart from a Carry On Bag? Also what are Weight restriction for this separate Laptop Bag? Thanks.

Admin Reply :

No separate charges for it. You will be asked to check it in. 


Posted on 01-Sep-2016
Im travel from india. New dehli to lebanon beriut. 1. Baggage allowance will still be the same as in the ticket? 2. If extra weight or baggage is it by $ or rupies to pay? 3. Would i pay by kg or a full bag 23 kg allowance? 4. Can u help me to know the rate from india to beriut lebanon cause its not mention in any site. Thanks and hope i get a reply soon.

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage charge is in USD. It will be based on per kg rate. It will be USD 12 kg if you pay online or USD 15 per kg at airport. 


Posted on 26-Aug-2016
Travelling from Adelaide Australia to Budapest Hungary can I split my luggage into 2 instead of 1 weighting up to 30kg

Admin Reply :

yes, you can split the luggage into 2.

Deola Onafowokan

Posted on 25-Aug-2016
How much is luggage between 23-32kg and what is the hand luggage kg from to nigeria.

Admin Reply :

Flights from Africa are allowed 45 kg check in allowance per persons with max size of a check in bag at 300 cm. Since once check in bag can not be more than 32 kg, please take two. Cabin baggage allowance is of 1 bag of 7 kg. 


Posted on 25-Aug-2016
Hand luggage carton allowance for business class. Is it two bags 15kg each or total 15kgs.

Admin Reply :

Total weight shall not exceed 15 kg for both cabin bags.


Posted on 22-Aug-2016
No, 40 kg allowance for economy plus handbag is correct, travel agent confirms, says "exception". So it s not always 30 for "other destinations", so you d better tell ppl to check with company

Admin Reply :

Thanks for bringing this to our knowledge. 


Posted on 20-Aug-2016
I will travel tonight from oman to qatar and from qatar to manila.My company booked my ticket but on the print out It wasnot written there the allowance baggage. But on my friends itinerary it was written there baggage allowance is 45kg. We are same on same flight thats why I think we are same on the baggaeallowance also. So is this true that we are allowed to have check in and hand luggage total of 45kg.?

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance if travel is on economy class ticket. 


Posted on 20-Aug-2016
I m flying Beirut-Doha-Manila. Economy. On the ticket it s written "baggage allowance 40 kg". Is it with hand luggage? Why is it 40? Should not it be 30?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are right, it shall be 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin. We suggest that you go by this 30 kg allowance. 


Posted on 17-Aug-2016
hi im flying from dubai,to doha and doha to clark via qatar airways...my ticket is economy T class?? in my ticket 40kg?? is that true 40kg??

Admin Reply :

Standard allowance is 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin per adult or child passenger for economy class travellers



Posted on 14-Aug-2016
hi, i'm flying from doha to heathrow and then to JFK via qatar airways on economy class. My baggage weighs 42 kg. Do I break up my baggage so that it doesn't weigh more than 32 kg? Or can I instead opt to simply pay the excess baggage charge?

Admin Reply :

yes, it shall be less than 32 kg. You are mixing two points. One is related to baggage allowance, which is what the airline allows you. It is 2 bags of 23 kg each for economy class travellers to US. The other point is related to maximum weight which can be taken in one check in bag. This is 32 kg. So, if you are taking more than 23 kg but up to 32 kg in checkin bag, you will have to pay excess baggage charge. More than 32 kg is not allowed in one check in bag. Therefore, you will have to take another one. 


Posted on 13-Aug-2016
Hi, Flying KL to Manchester via Doha economy 2 adults 1 child 7 yrs with Qatar airways ---- noted as 30kg checked baggage each - can this be in more than 1 bag per person - we are thinking of having an extra bag between us all to take advantage of our allowance of 90kg total obviously each bag under 32kg...... Thanks for your advice.....

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take more than one check in baggage within permitted allowance of weight.

Hanson Victoria

Posted on 10-Aug-2016
What is the online charges for extra luggage Lagos -Doha-Dubai? How many kilo extra is allowed?

Admin Reply :

45 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person is allowed for economy class travel. USD 25 per kg is the excess baggage charge. 

Sajid Sheikh

Posted on 09-Aug-2016
I am travelling to Manchester (UK) from Nagpur (India). My ticket shows 45Kg Baggage allowance. Can I carry two baggage 20kg and 25kg.

Admin Reply :

It has to be taken in 2 bags since one check in bag can not be more than 32 kg in weight. You can take it as 20kg and 25 kg. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2016
good day I'll travel to manila this coming Wednesday i have already 2 check in luggage weighing 20kg each is it possible to take 2 carry bags, 1 for lptop and the other 1 for stuff toy..

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the point of origin.


Posted on 05-Aug-2016
I am travelling from Milwaukee to Bangalore. Flight starts from Milwaukee (American Airlines) to Chicago. In Chicago I need to board Qatar airways to Doha and from Doha I need to take next flight to Bangalore. PNR is provided by Qatar airways and they code share with American airlines. Both American airlines and Qatar airways have different baggage charges. Which policy is applicable for me? Please advice. Also I am planning to carry 40 inch Tv and with package size will be (43.5 x 24.4 x 6.5) around 75 inch. Will it be considered as oversize baggage or will they allow as normal luggage? Weight will be around 16 kg.

Admin Reply :

Since the first airline to carry you would be American, its allowance would be applicable on Qatar subsequent flight as well. 75 inches would be oversized since AA would allow baggage of up to 158 cm or 60 inches. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2016
I'm y revealing to Daho from Johannesburg how much kg can I carry

Admin Reply :

You will be allowed a check in bagggae allowance of 45 kg with overall dimension of baggage at 300cm. Since one check-in bag cannot be more than 32 kg in weight, you will have to take 2 check-in bags. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2016
My ticket says that I have a weight allowance of 45 kg. Is this my total allowance including hand luggage, or can my hand luggage weigh 7kg if my checked baggage does not exceed 45kg in weight?

Admin Reply :

please tell us your route of travel. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2016
I will be traveling Economy Class from Bangalore to Oslo, via Doha and London (the last segment being on Scandinavian airlines). My ticket has single PNR upto OSL, and the baggage allowance mentioned on ticket is 45 kg + 7 kg for all segments. QA office also told me that it is 45 kg checked in baggage. 1. Can I take 3 pieces of checked baggage within the 45kg allowance? 2. As my ticket is single PNR, can I get my baggage through-checked-in to Oslo? 3. Will I face any problem on LHR-OSL flight (Scandinavian air) for 3 pieces checked baggage? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Admin Reply :

Travel allowance of Qatar Airways would be applicable on Scandinavian as well if it is a codeshare flight. Though, through check-in shall be provided, it is better to ask Qatar Airways for through check-in. If there are any restrictions, these would be known at the time of checking in.

Since allowance is based on weight system for whole journey, carrying 3 check-in bags within permissible allowance shall not be a problem. 

We would still ask you to contact the Qatar Airways for knowing correct baggage allowance. As per our understanding it is 30 kg for economy class travel. 

Mohammed sameer Miya

Posted on 26-Jul-2016
i m travalling to Nepal. I want to exceed 10 kg more . how much will it cost? when i chek in mytrip.com for my ticket i found there baggabe is upto 35kg but when i read in this qatarairway site there is mentioned that for economic class passanger baggabe is upto 30 kg free. so i want to know which i follow? Is my baggabe is upto 35 kg or 30 kg? please advice me for my 2 questions.

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check-in and 7 kg cabin allowance. Are you travelling for Qatar? If yes, excess baggage rates per kg are QAR 40 per kg when weight is booked online and QAR 50 when booked at airport.

Yusuf Khan

Posted on 26-Jul-2016
Hi.., My wife and my 2 year old son are travelling from Bangalore to Doha. What I want to know is that about baggage. They have 30Kgs economy per person. So total is 60Kgs check in and 7Kgs hand bag each, total 14Kgs. Now can they carry 3 bags not exceeding 60Kgs and no bag exceeding 32Kgs. Please reply? ...Thanks...Travelling on 28th July 2016 morning flight..

Admin Reply :

yes, they can carry three bags with none exceeding 32 kg but within 60 kg overall checkin allowance. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2016
My daughter flew from us to perform Umra By British Airways and after spending few days with parents in India She is now returning to US byBritish airways.Can she carry zamzam water?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried as a part of the check in baggage and up to 5 litres. 

sanjeevanee kelkar

Posted on 17-Jul-2016
I am flying from Nagpur ,India to Oslo Norway by Qatar airways, in next week. I have 2 check in baggages, and one backpack. As in economy class 30 kgs are allowed, and hand baggage 7 kgs., on my ticket 40 kgs is written. so I am confused. Please let me know, how I should distribute my luggage for a hasslefree travel. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

Allowance for check in is 30 kg per person and for cabin is 7 kg per person. You can take more than one checkin baggage within allowance limits free of charge. 


Posted on 14-Jul-2016
I will be traveling from the United States to Erbil, Iraq, with a 4 day stopover in Doha. The allowance from the US is two 23 kg bags. When I recheck my bags 4 days later to go to Erbil from Doha, will my allowance go down to 30kg per person, or will I retain the US allowance of two 23 kg bags?

Admin Reply :

If you are ticketed on the same PNR, the allowance will remain the same.


Posted on 04-Jul-2016
My flight will be this Tuesday. I'm flying fr mnila Doha NY. Economy class. Can I checked in 2 luggages weighing 20kgs each and hand carry 7kgs just a backpack thank you

Admin Reply :

yes, it is fine. You can check in this luggage and also carry cabin luggage. 


Posted on 04-Jul-2016
Would like to ask few questions please. My flight will be tomorrow, flying from Rome to Jakarta, I'm traveling with my photo equipment weighing 11 kg (4 kg over) for hand carry and a medium back pack, I have 40kg allowance and my two check in luggage weigh 19kg each. Last September they didn't charge me for my 12 kg camera bag when I told them it isworking equipments. ( I know sometimes it depend on your check in personnel but I've never fly out from Rome so I'm not sure if it would be the same.) How flexible Qatar airways with hand carry? Should I buy excess baggage fee online?and can the weight allowance (purchased online) be shared between check in and hand carry? Thank you kindly.

Admin Reply :

If they allowed you to carry 12 kg camera bag last time, this is possible because airlines allow small camera to be carried as a personal item along with the cabin bag. If they allowed you last time, why to buy excess baggage online now? If needed you can buy it during check-in. Weight allowance is bought for check-in. If they do not allow carriage of excess 4 kg in cabin, you might have to transfer the camera to check in and then buy excess charge for it. 


Posted on 02-Jul-2016
Would like to get informations about Check in baggage allowance from Thailand to UK. Thankyou

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance permitted. 

pius kimotho

Posted on 23-Jun-2016
am from kenya and i annually fly with you.....recent their were rumours that you are not accepting television sets as luggages ......is it true...kindly i wanna know before december this year

Admin Reply :

Please contact us during that time. As of now, there is no change in policy. 

Ineke Sinclair

Posted on 17-Jun-2016
I am flying from South Africa to Spain. I am allowed 30kgs of luggage according to my ticket but it does not stipulate if that can be devided over 2 suitcases or if I am only alowed1 suitcase. ICan you please clarify this for me

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one checkin bag within permitted allowance but please keep these bag within respective dimension limits. 


Posted on 17-Jun-2016
I'm traveling from PHL to Doha and onto Tanzania. Can I have alcohol in my checked baggae

Admin Reply :

If you have a long stopover in Doha which means that you will have to recheck in baggage at the Doha airport, then alcohol might not be allowed since it is not allowed in the country. However, if you are in transit and go to Tanzania, then it would be allowed. 


Posted on 11-Jun-2016
we r travelling to Chicago on 16-6- 2016. we plan to take a mixer grinder weighing 12 lbs & the Mixer grinder company pack is with in the cabin luggage measurement. can we take it as a carry on luggage? Thank you, kalyan

Admin Reply :

Generally, these are required to be checked-in. 


Posted on 07-Jun-2016
dear sir, 1- I am travelling to Dallas on 16-6-2016 in business class. Please let me know that how many baggage can be checked in and weight of each piece is allowed. It is not clear to me on your site. 2- how many carry on are allowed and their weight. Pl,ease write clearly the nos and weight of the above enquiry. Thanks

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 32 kg each are allowed in check in and 2 pcs of cabin baggage totalling 15 kg weight. Checkin bag sum of dimensions shall be 158 cm while hand baggage check in dimensions shall be 50x37x25cm


Posted on 06-Jun-2016
I am flying from bangalore to Doha and from there to Birmingham. My baggage allowance is 45 Kg. Am i allowed to check in 2 luggage not exceeding 45kg??

Admin Reply :

You can take more than 1 bag in check in for allowance of up to 30 kg while travelling economy class. Cabin allowance is 7 kg. 


Posted on 31-May-2016
I have a flight this June from Frankfurt, Germany to Manila, Philippines with a stop over in Doha, Qatar with Qatar Airways. Can you please tell me how many luggages and weight of each are allowed. My travel agent does not know. I checked your website but not so confident about the information because it was specific enough for me. This is my first time using Qatar Airways. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage allowance for economy class travel and  1 pcs of 7 kg hand baggage. 


Posted on 30-May-2016
I'm flying from Australia to London and I have 30kgs checked in luggage, am I able to break that up into two suitcases? Both still weighing under 30kg together? Or does it all have to be in one suitcase? Thanks

Admin Reply :

It can be taken into 2 bags. 


Posted on 29-May-2016
May I carry 4 bottles of wine, some chocolates and some muesli cereal in my checked in luggage to the uk?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not have any issue. We can not say about other agencies. 


Posted on 19-May-2016
hi, im travelling to manila from doha next thursday,, i would like to ask if i can devide my luggage into 2,,bcoz in my ticket only saying 40kgs baggage allowance,.. my second question is if i can bring 5 cellphone as my personal things..bcoz those are gift to my relatives..thank you


Posted on 17-May-2016
Hi,I am travelling on Friday from madina to doha and doha to kathmandu. I have allowed 40 kg.can I make 3 baggage from 40 kg? because I have television.

Admin Reply :

Are you sure about the 40 kg check in allowance? We believe it is only 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. You can take a total of 3 check in bag totalling your baggage allowance. 

Alfred S Goliath

Posted on 16-May-2016
What will my baggage allowance be if I travel from Windhoek, Namibia via OR Tambo Airport to Philladephia, USA.

Admin Reply :

All flights to/from US allow 2 bags of 23 kg each. However, it is also mentioned with Qatar airways that the total weight allowed for economy class travellers on flights from Africa is max 45 kg. Thus, you can divide it into 2 bags of 23 and 22 kgs each. 

Prem Khadka

Posted on 09-May-2016
I have my booking from jeddah to Qatar to Kathmandu nepal may i know how many kilos baggage allowance ?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance permitted in economy class travel. 40 kg and 50 kg check in allowance for business and first class passengers. 


Posted on 06-May-2016
I have my booking from Riyadh to Doha to Manila Philippines via economy class,it says there that the baggage allowance is 30 kg, can I divide that into luggage? 15-15 kg please reply to my query, my flight is tomorrow, thankyou so much

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be taken in more than one bag. 


Posted on 02-May-2016
Hi I have 40 KG baggage allowance, and 7 kg handcarry questions: In 40 kg - am I allowed to have 3 baggage ( 1 luggage weight 10 kg, 1 luggage weigh 15 kg, 1 box weigh 10kg) is this possible?

Admin Reply :

Please do cross check whether it is 40 kg check in allowance. You will have to take more than one bag since once check in baggage shall not be more than 32 kg. Three bags as you have mentioned are okay. 

Dennis Benjamin

Posted on 24-Apr-2016
My question is I am Indian planning to travel to UK and denmark and back to India. How much I can carry to europe and what is the excess baggage. While coming back from Denmark I need One more additional baggage of 30kg. If I can pay in India in advance before I travel will the price goes down or still per KG it will be charged.

Admin Reply :

If travelling economy, 30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin is allowed free of cost. Additional 30 kg would be charged at USD 25 per excess kg when you book online and USD 30 when you book offline. 


Posted on 15-Apr-2016
I am travelling from Mumbai - Doha - London . Please mail me immediately how much free check in baggage I am allowed to take on my economy class ticket . I am on the way to airport . URGENT . Also what are the charges for extra baggage per kg . URGENT PLEASE .

Admin Reply :

Very sorry for being late to reply. We might not be able to answer queries that fast. We need at least 24 hour timeframe for answering queries. 

roshan paudel

Posted on 12-Apr-2016
Hai good evening my flight schodule is april 23 from bahrain to doha qatar via kathmandu nepal how many kilos i can carry check in

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in in economy class. 7 kg cabin allowance. Max dimensions of 300 cms in check in baggage. 


Posted on 02-Apr-2016
I am flying from Australia to the UK. I understand my baggage weight allowance is 30KG but how many pieces of luggage may I check in?

Admin Reply :

You can check in more than one piece of check in luggage since allowance is not based on piece-system but on weight system. Please meet the dimension restrictions for each baggage.


Posted on 01-Apr-2016
Can I carry 5litres of zamzam water from Doha to Melbourne ? Is it added to my baggage weight allowanc or free of charge ?

Admin Reply :

If you carry it within your check in baggage allowance limit, it is allowed free of cost. 

Mrs F Raina Cader

Posted on 19-Mar-2016
Extra light fordable stroller wheel chair,for my personal use in Spain.(weight 8.5/9 kgs) Flight on 6th April from Colombo ,Doha ,Spain. Will I be able to to check it in as cabin baggage I will be travelling with my husband,and other family members. Please kindly let me know Mrs F Raina Cader

Admin Reply :

Sorry for the earlier response. It was for Emirates. Please refer to this link on Qatar Airways: http://support.qatarairways.com/hc/en-us/articles/206466768-Personal-wheelchair. 


Posted on 02-Mar-2016
I am travelling with my baby who is just 1.8 yrs how many (exact) no. Of baggage allowed for both of us I.e cabin baggage and checked baggage.

Admin Reply :

Good question. Infants are entitled to hand baggage of 10 kg and of dimensions not exceeding 50x37x25cm. They are also entitled to checkin baggage of 1 piece upto 23 kg from USA/Canada and from other destinations of upto 10 kg. Check in baggage dimensions shall be 115 cms or less. 


Posted on 02-Mar-2016
I am travelling with my 20 months old baby I required baby bassinet what should I do? Also, is any special assistance is given to them.

Admin Reply :

Baby strollers and bassinets are offered but it would be good if you could connect with the airline to know whether this is provided at your point of departure. 

Deirdre Hammann

Posted on 18-Feb-2016
My husband and I are flying to South Africa on 9th June 2016. We are flying from Abha in Saudi Arabia on Qatar Airlines on economic class. I would like to know what is our check in baggage allowance. On our tickets it states 30kg. Is that 1 piece X 30kg or 2 piece X 30kg per person. Thanks Deirdre Hammann

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg per person check in baggage and 7 kg per person cabin baggage. You can take more than one piece of check in baggage 

Jeffrey A, Gamba

Posted on 06-Feb-2016
I will be travelling from Doha Qatar to Philippines, may I know if i can check in luggage 42inc flat TV? And how many kilograms allowable check in luggage and hand carry luggage?thanks for your prompt response.

Admin Reply :

If sum of dimensions is less than 300 cm and weight is less than permitted check in allowance of 30 kg, then this will be allowed. Cabin allowance permitted is 7 kg. 


Posted on 25-Jan-2016
can I bring zam zam water 5 litres to my P.O.D (Jakarta) without extra charge in DOHA airport when transit? My flight is from Jeddah to Doha and transit for 3 hours in Doha then travelling to Jakarta . Is zam zam water free included in the baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed free up to 5 litres.

nerijan pabilonia

Posted on 28-Dec-2015
How many kilos in 1 bag can you carry in check in baggage.flights from jeddah to doha to manila

Admin Reply :

Check in allowance is 30 kg on economy class and 7 kg cabin allowance. 


Posted on 03-Dec-2015
flight is from malaysia to qatar....then qatar to pakistan...how much have to pay for excess luggage...?...

Admin Reply :

USD 25 per kg if booked online and USD 30 per kg if booked at airport. 


Posted on 27-Sep-2015

Admin Reply :

Generally, you are allowed to take food items but unless you specify which items you are planning to take, we can not give a specific reply.

Umer Salim Kazi

Posted on 05-Sep-2015
Is ZamZam water is free or included in Bagged Allowance. I m traveling from DOAH- BOM

Admin Reply :

5 litres of Zamzam water is allowed as free allowance and it shall be within the prescribed check-in baggage weight limits. 


Posted on 04-Jun-2015
Is it possible to take 2 checked items on an international flight from India (Delhi) to England (London) via Qatar? The info is a bit ambiguous.

Admin Reply :

In general, the number of pcs concept applies on flights to/from USA, Canada and countries of South America. This concept does not apply on flights to/from other destinations where the weight concept applies. So, on flights from India to England, Qatar airways allows you to carry free check in baggage which is based on total weight of the check in baggage. So, you can carry 2 bags of check in baggage without paying extra charges if these fall within the total weight limits. Further, there are dimension restrictions for each baggage. Free check in allowance is 50, 40 and 30 kgs respectively for First, Business and Economy class travellers with additional condition that each bag shall not weigh more than 32 kgs (for sake of easy handling) and dimensions shall not exceed 300 cms. 

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