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Malaysia Airlines Baggage Allowance

(Updated 13-03-2018)

Checked Baggage

The checked baggage which can be carried on the Malaysia Airlines varied according to weight or number of pieces, sector of travel and class of cabin.

With effect from 1 May 2017, the policy of baggage allowances for Malaysia Airlines underwent a change. Malaysia Airlines has made a shift to the weight-based system of baggage allowance and this holds valid even for flights to/from USA or North America. It is now possible for passengers to carry unlimited number of pieces of baggage within the permitted weight allowance. This change in policy is for all tickets, even if issued before 1 May 2017. 

For all destinations, the maximum baggage weight to be carried is:

Cabin  Total Weight 
First Class 50 kg
Business Class 40 kg 
Economy Class  30 kg
 Infants 10 kg

Sum of dimensions of baggage shall not exceed 158 cm. Infants are allowed one baggage not exceeding 10 kgs and 115 cm in dimensions.

Additional allowance is also allowed for different level of Enrich membership card holders.

  • Enrich Silver- 5 kg excess baggage
  • Enrich Gold- 50% more baggage allowance
  • Enrich Platinum- 100% more baggage allowance

Weight Restriction is strictly followed on all Malaysia Airline flights. No single baggage is allowed to be exceeding 32 kg in weight. This is applicable even for transit baggage and musical/sporting equipment if it exceeds 32 kg. For the latter, you will have to take it through the cargo route.

Excess baggage charges

Following are the airport rates (given in USD per kg) for excess weight check-in baggage:

From/To Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Zone 1 8 13 24 40 55
Zone 2 13 26 37 53 68
Zone 3 24 37 48 64 79
Zone 4 40 53 64 80 95
Zone 5 55 68 79 95 110


Zones Countries/Destinations
Zone 1 Malaysia (Pen. Msia, Sabah & Sarawak), Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia (KNO)
Zone 2 Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia (Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya), Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Zone 3  India, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal
Zone 4 Republic of Korea, Japan and Australia
Zone 5 Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, United Kingdom

Pre-Paid Excess Baggage charges

If the passengers so choose, pre-paid excess baggage charges can be paid online at the time of ticket booking or afterwards (Manage My Booking) or by calling customer service of the airline. This pre-paid baggage is available in 6 slabs of weight as given below and can be bought at least 72 hours in advance of scheduled departure time of flight.

Rates are 20% cheaper than airport rates given above.

  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 15kg
  • 20kg
  • 25kg
  • 30kg

Pre-paid baggage is allowed only for Malaysia Airlines operated flights, not the interline or codeshare flights.

Hand or Cabin Baggage Allowance

Class of Travel No. of Pieces Allowed Maximum Weight
Economy Class 1 7 kg 
Business Class 2 14 kg
First Class 2 14 kg

Further, there are dimension limits of 36 cm length, 56 cm height and 23 cm breadth, all three totalling up to 115 cm for each cabin bag.

Additional Items permitted on board include the following but the overall weight allowance limit shall not be breached:

  • One of the following: a) small camera bag; b) laptop or notebook (less than 4 kg); c) handbag or briefcase (less than 4 kg)
  • One of the following, if infant is travelling along: a) Amenities bag containing food and nappies); b) carry cot; c) fully collapsible stroller
  • One of the following: a) overcoat; b) crutches/walking sticks or other assitive device; c) Duty free shopping bag.

Special Baggage

Musical equipment: These are accepted as checked In baggage. However, in case of oversized items, the additional charges may apply.

Sporting equipment:

a. Scuba Diving- Accepted as checked baggage, excess baggage charge to be levied all time.

b. Parachutes- Maximum dimensions of 3m+1m+0.8m, excess is levied excess baggage charge. These are allowed as carry-on baggage.

c. Fishing Equipment-Accepted as part of Free Baggage allowance.

d. Canoes/Kayaks- Accepted only as cargo baggage.

e. Archery-Accepted as part of Free baggage allowance.

f. Boggeyboards- Accepted as part of Free Baggage if overall dimensions do not exceed 62 inches.

g. Bowling- Accepted as part of free baggage.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 14-Aug-2017
Will I get charged excess if I take a bike from Australia to LHR on Malaysian Airlines - dims 118 cm x D 45 cm x H 90 cm when travelling in Economy?

Admin Reply :

Dimensions are more than permitted for check in baggage. You might be asked to bring this in cargo. Please check with the local office of the airline in this respect.


Posted on 14-Aug-2017
How about the size hand luggage?.i'm goinh to fly tokyo to sri lanka.

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions shall be less than 115 cm


Posted on 13-Aug-2017
Hi. I'm going to travel frok KUL to SYD with my husband and 2 kids with malaysia free baggage allowance is 120 kg. Can i check in in group with bag A 28kg and bag B 38kg? Total 66 kg. It does not exceed 120kg. Am i allow to do this? Or did i hv to pay for excess baggage?

Admin Reply :

Any check in bag can not be more than 32 kg. Therefore, Bag B would need repackaging. You can club check in bags of people travelling on same PNR


Posted on 13-Aug-2017
Hi, I want to ask, the baggage for the economy class is stated 30kg, but why it is stated 20kg at the booking details? then I can pack for 20kg or 30kg?

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in for economy travellers.


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Hello. My daughter just graduated from uk and she is hoing home with malaysia airlines. Would like to know what is her baggage allowance as grads? Tqvm

Admin Reply :

We do not have any information on special baggage allowances for students from UK


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Hi. I am a member of enrich. Do i get extra allowance on check-in baggage? Tqvm

Admin Reply :

Enrich silver members allowed 5 kg extra check in baggage. Enrich Gold members allowed 50% additional baggage and Enrich Platinum allowed 100%more baggage allowance than they are entitled to for their respective class of travel. 

Shabana Hussein

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Hi, I am flying from the London Heathrow to Bangkok my booking reference is 3587469, please can I check what my luggage allowance is. Kind regards, Shabana

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per person


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Can i take 43 inch led tv from kulalumpur to kathmandu

Admin Reply :

yes, it is allowed if the size of package of TV is less than 158 cm. 


Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Hello i want to know i want ti take 43 inch led tv from kulalumpu to kathmandu it weight is 12 kg can i take it or i have to pay some extra charge for it

Admin Reply :

So long as it fits the size limit of check in baggage, it is fine to carry it. If weight is within check in allowance limits, there will not be an extra charge for it. 

susan fowler

Posted on 09-Aug-2017
are you allowed to check in more than one piece of luggage to make up your 30kg allowance? Thanks Susan

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take up to more than one check in bag within permitted weight allowance. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
i have baggage allowance of 30 kg on malaysian economic flight. can i split the weight into 2 bags?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done. 


Posted on 04-Aug-2017
i plan to make connecting flight from alor setar to kedah and then travelling to cairo by etihad . etihad allowed 46 kg . how about luggage allowance that i get from my connecting flight . is it permissable to get 46 kg too ? i am an enrich blue member . would that be of any help ? can we actually make connecting flight with etihad?

Admin Reply :

You might have to pay the excess baggage charges to Malaysian airlines if you carry 2 bags of 23 kg each. 

Martine Mynard

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
We are travelling to Perth Western Australia, between us we have the luggage allowance of 60kg is it possible to split this between 3 suitcases so they are not so heavy or do u have to put the 60 kg allowance in two cases We are travelling economy

Admin Reply :

You can put it in more than 2 check in bags because malaysia airlines allows max 2 check in bags per person. 


Posted on 02-Aug-2017
Hi...are we allow to take dji mavic drone on board Malaysia airlines?

Admin Reply :

Please contact airline local office for this purpose.


Posted on 02-Aug-2017
Is it OK to travel on board with a Dji MavicPro + 2 spare batteries (power/ battery = 41.6Wh) ? Or it has to be in check in luggages ? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Better to check it in. Batteries of Lithium ion make shall be kept in cabin only. 


Posted on 02-Aug-2017
Apart from the luggage and hand luggage can I take some instruments vessals? How can I carry? I am allowed 30 kgs in MH flights-to Australia. If I want to carry some more items, how I can help myself? kindly clarify me.

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage as a part of free check in allowance provided the size of bag does not exceed size limits. For weight more than free allowance, charges have to be paid. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2017
I got a flight from london to kl, I only got 30kg allowance but my bag is more that 30kg, how much should I pay for the extra ?

Admin Reply :

USD 96/kg

Kanchana C.

Posted on 30-Jul-2017
I have a plan to travel China from India in Malaysian airlines. I am planing to take overall 40 kg of two bags. Please tell me how much I should pay towards excess charge and Is it possible to carry two check in bags without additional charge in Malaysian airlines !

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which class you are travelling.


Posted on 30-Jul-2017
How much would a pram cost from delhi to denpasar sector if not travelling with a child

Admin Reply :

It will be based on weight of luggage. 

Manish shetty

Posted on 29-Jul-2017
How many checked in baggages are allowed in a Australia bound flight from Mumbai on economy class

Admin Reply :

There is no limit to check in bags that can be taken. Only it shall be within permitted weight limit to be carried free. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
Am I allowed to carrry a mini tablet laptop in hand baggage on a direct flight from KL to LHR ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2017
Sir/Madam, travelling with my elderly mother KL to Langkawi Malaysian airlines economy. Can her manual wheelchair be taken on board with her? Is it counted as check in baggage allowance? Thank you

Admin Reply :

It is best that you call the airline office at  1300883000 if you are within Malaysia or +60378433000 if you are overseas.

Swapan Mittra

Posted on 25-Jul-2017
We are travelling from Mumbai India to Sydney Australia by economy class. Are we allowed two checked in baggages with combined weight of 32 kg.

Admin Reply :

You would be allowed 2 check in bags with a total of 30 kg weight and each bag shall not be more than 158 cm in sum of dimensions. 

mae mercado

Posted on 22-Jul-2017
do u have a conecting flights that can stay one day before im going to mindanao and how many kls free kl to pilipns if im over bagages how much per kilo tnk u

Admin Reply :

you can search for these using the search bar present on top of this page. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2017
I m traveling to Vietnam with my 2 many weight in kg is allowed to me

Admin Reply :

If kids are less than 2 years of age, they will not get any check in baggage allowance. You have not mentioned the route of flight. Therefore, can not say much about the allowance. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2017
Hi, I would like to know if you have facility to pre-book the extra luggage at a subsidised rate.As I'm traveling from New Delhi to KL,would request to help with possible rates applicable and available for the same. Thanks...

Admin Reply :

Pre-paid excess baggage charges are not available. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2017
Hi there, Am I allowed to bring potted plants on board? as a hand carry. I'm taking Malaysia Airlines and flying from East to West malaysia. Is that allowed? thank you

Admin Reply :

We do not think this would be permitted. Getting the confirmation from the airline. When we get the answer, we will revert. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2017
Hi , I'm a grad student traveling from Hyderabad to Melbourne and I have excess 10 kgs and I'm allowed to take 40 kgs could you please let me know

Admin Reply :

We do not think there is any such offer from the airline 

Rada Nair

Posted on 19-Jul-2017
Hi, I am travelling with family from Melbourne to Trivandrum (India) by srilankan airlines/ malayasian airlines. Regarding the size of baggage 158 cm, is it ok if there is a variation of 4 or 5 cm extra. Thanks

Admin Reply :

If there is a more than prescribed size, then you are giving airlines an excuse to charge you more. We would not suggest you this. 

Cristelle Antoinette

Posted on 19-Jul-2017
Hello, I will like to have a price list for extra kilos allowed. I'm actually in Australia I will travel on Monday to Malaysia by Malaysia airlines, I will stay there for 3 nights and on Saturday I will go back to Mauritius by Malaysia airlines again but done by air mauritius...I will like to buy some extra kilos. Thank you for replying as soon as possible. Regards, Cristelle Antoinette

Admin Reply :

Please find it here :



Posted on 18-Jul-2017
Flying from Sydney/KUL - transit to London then onward to Helsinki with British Airways, all one ticket Malysian Airlines issue can baggage be through checked to final destination

Admin Reply :

Whether through check in of baggage will be provided or not is something which the airline office would be able to tell. You can request for the same. 

Ayesha hassan

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
We r travelling to Bangalore from Sydney for good via Malaysian airlines with luggage allowance 30 kg each.How much do I need to pay if want extra luggage booking online. Can I carry kids small bike in checked in .How much do we need to pay extra per 5 kg

Admin Reply :

USD 72 per excess kg. 

Radhakrishnan Nair

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
I am travelling with my wife from Melbourne to Trivandrum India. We have free luggage allowance of 60 kg. Can we have 3 suitcases each having 20 kg each ? Also is it necessary to keep 30 kg separately for each passenger ? We have booked our ticket through Srilankan Airlines, but part of the journey with Malaysian airlines. Can we follow the Srilankan baggage rules for journey from Melbourne to KUL also. We have a single pnr only. Single booking. Please clarify.

Admin Reply :

You can have 3 suitcases of 20 kg each. 


Posted on 17-Jul-2017
How many pieces of check in baggage bag allowed going to manila and the weight, from Jeddah K.S.A.

Admin Reply :

The airline has removed limits on number of check in bags to be carried. Therefore, now, you can take as many check in bags as possible within the permissible overall weight limit. 


Posted on 16-Jul-2017
maam i have 2bag with 23kg will be travelling from jedda to manila

Admin Reply :

Allowance on this route is 30 kg of check in baggage. Therefore, you will have to pay for carrying excess baggage in terms of weight. 

Anubhav Tripathi

Posted on 02-Mar-2017
My baggage allowance is 2 bags 23 kg each. So is that possible (without any charge) that I carry one bag of 30 kg and other of 16 kg

Admin Reply :

No, this is not possible. If any check in bag exceeds 23 kg on routes where piece-based system of check in baggage allowance applies, then you have to pay extra. 


Posted on 28-Feb-2017
Sir/Madam, im flying from Singapore to Manila (pass by KL). I got one big guitar like 1m high and i got 1 bag to check in altogether about 35kg. how much i pay excess baggage madam. also if i carry laptop is no include with handbag 7kg right. thank you madam.

Admin Reply :

It is MYR 144 for 3 kg excess. So, you will have to buy twice this amount for 5 kg excess. You have to check the sum of dimensions of the guitar baggage since if it is more than 158 cm, it might need to be carried in cargo. 


Posted on 27-Feb-2017
Can I take TV from Melbourne to Colombo size L123cm D153cm H760cm

Admin Reply :

We believe the dimensions you are giving are wrong. Can you reconfirm these? You are allowed to take check in bags within sum of dimensions limits of check in baggage.


Posted on 27-Feb-2017
Hi, I have a check in box at 7x108.5x80cm Which exceed the check in dimension. Do u know what is the charges?

Admin Reply :

Oversized check in baggage is required to be sent through cargo. 


Posted on 27-Feb-2017
How do I measure my suitcase do I take into account the wheels

Admin Reply :

yes, wheels and handles are included


Posted on 26-Feb-2017
Our trip is from Singapor to Auckland via KL. We have 90kg allowance for me,wife and son. Can I bring baby stroller as a seperate item?(Not within 90kg)

Admin Reply :

If infant is travelling along with, then stroller can be taken free of cost in check in apart from free allowed baggage. 


Posted on 23-Feb-2017
We are travelling to Singapore via KL iEconomy Class from London is our baggage allowance 30 kg for checked in cases and 7.5 for carry on baggage and Am I also allowed to take a handbag or can I only take one bag onboard

Admin Reply :

You can take a personal item such as hand purse or laptop bag onboard. 

Mohd Marzuki

Posted on 23-Feb-2017
Hi. Im travelling to Auckland, NZ from KUL in Economy Class. With baggage allowance of 30 KG, i have 2 checked bags with combine total weight of 36 KG. How much is the charges for extra baggage?

Admin Reply :

MYR 287 * 2= MYR 574 is total amount to be paid for extra baggage. 


Posted on 22-Feb-2017
Kuala lumpur to philippines

Admin Reply :

MYR 108 per 3 kg of excess baggage.


Posted on 22-Feb-2017
I bought ticket at JAL which codeshare with Malaysia Airline. I flight from Senai-KL-Tokyo-KL-Senai. Senai to KL operated by Malaysia Airline KL to Tokyo operated by Malaysia Airline Tokyo to KL operated by Japan Airline KL to Senai operated by Malaysia Airline Japan Airline free baggage allowance is 23kg + 23 kg (each baggage limited to 23kg) Malaysia free baggage allowance is max 30kg (2 baggage combine limited to 30kg) My question is : Does theJapan Airline free baggage allowance 23kg+23kg apply to Malaysia Airline under codeshare?

Admin Reply :

This is something which can be known only when you quote the PNR to the local office of airline that booked tickets, ie JAL.


Posted on 21-Feb-2017
Hi. Tommarow is my I know infant baggage. please inform to me fast

Admin Reply :

You have not told us the route you are travelling.


Posted on 21-Feb-2017
May i know how much the charges of excess baggage going to philippines? Thank u

Admin Reply :

From which place are you flying?

Judith Connolly

Posted on 21-Feb-2017
To whom it concerns I would like to know if I can split my 30kg allowance into two bags I will be flying from koh Samui to Ireland

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be split into 2 check in bags. 

Mohan Krishnan

Posted on 21-Feb-2017
I am travelling from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur. My total nos of luggage is 3 ( one of it is a 80cm LCD TV). Total weight is around 34 Kg's 1. Have i to declare the TV as i bought it 4 years ago in India ( i am working here) and i am going home for holidays 2. How much will i be charged. Mohan

Admin Reply :

Since yours is a 3 pcs check in with total weight of 34 kg, as per the excess baggage calculator provided by airline, the charge is USD 90. 

P S Narahari

Posted on 19-Feb-2017
Me and wife are traveling from Bangalore to Singapore through KL. We have only one cabin baggage within 45 inches weighing 15 kgs. No other luggage. Pl inform whether we are allowed?

Admin Reply :

You are requested to take 1 cabin bag each not exceeding 7 kg each. 


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
I wud like to bring back my stationary bike which i travel from kl to kk i travel 3 person can i use the 15 kg max each person to compensate to 45 kg..

Admin Reply :

Your question is not very clear to us. 


Posted on 18-Feb-2017
Can I checkked in frozen baggage ?

Admin Reply :

What is it that you are carrying?

Tracey Barton

Posted on 18-Feb-2017
My husband and I are travelling business class from London to Sydney via KL for our sons wedding. We only want to take hand luggage, which will include 2 suit/dress covers, hat box, handbag and 2 carry ons! Will this be ok and is it still 7kg for each bag or .........? Many thanks.

Admin Reply :

Along with the cabin baggage, only one person item is allowed. It would be good if you could make one check in baggage when some free allowance is there to avail of. 

lorena caperlac

Posted on 16-Feb-2017
Hi! I am travelling with a business class, just want to clear something that i can bring 2 different luggage that weighing not more than 32 kg each, is that right?

Admin Reply :

yes, check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg, even within permitted allowance by weight. 

S.kishore kumar

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
Hello sir. I would like know the extra luggage charge in INR per kg from Chennai to Hong Kong in Malaysian airline

Admin Reply :

MYR 179 is the charge for 3 kg excess baggage. You will have to buy excess baggage in blocks of 3 kg.

Dominika Nowosadko-Teh

Posted on 11-Feb-2017
Hi, next week we are flying from UK to KL, staying there for 1 night and rental fly to NZ. Both woth Malaysia Air, my son is almost 3 years old, am I allowed to take / check in his car seat as part of free allowance and apart from the luggage allowance of kg and number of bags? Plus I'll have a buggy, I understand it's OK? Thank you for your reply Kind regards

Admin Reply :

This might be charged for since car seat for infants (children less than 2 years) is allowed free of charge. Regarding buggy, airline officials at airport will have final say on its carriage after seeing it. 


Posted on 10-Feb-2017
can we gwt pressure cooker in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

No, this is to be carried in check in baggage. 


Posted on 10-Feb-2017
Hi, I am visiting Malaysia soon from UK and will be taking a paramotor in checked baggage, this is a small 2stroke engine. I am told this is ok as long as it is clean and free from all liquid, can you confirm. Thanks

Admin Reply :

It shall meet the dimensions limits of check in baggage and shall be safe to be carried on the flight. It shall be without anything inflammable and packed well. 


Posted on 10-Feb-2017
Hello there ... how many kilos is the baggage allowance from kuala Lumpur to Manila thru MH airlines. THANKS!!!

Admin Reply :

Max 2 check in pcs luggage allowed with a total of 30 kg weight. 


Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Hello there ... I will be travelling next month from DXB to Kuala thru Emirates Airlines with a connecting flight thru MH to MNL I just wanna know if how many kilos is the allowance baggage from KUL to MNL. ThanKS much !!!

Admin Reply :

Have you booked two separate flights or are tickets on same PNR? If these are two different tickets, the baggage allowances of each of the airline would apply. 

Chesca Love Locsin

Posted on 08-Feb-2017
Hi! good day, so i am returning to the Philippines this saturday from Mumbai, India and I only have 1 baggage to check in. the 30 kgs allowance is allowed on this 1 piece check in baggage right? I only have an economy class ticket. I hope you can respond before my flight thank you so much! Chesca

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take one check in bag of 30 kg weight. You can take a max of 2 check in bags within this 30 kg weight allowance.

Soo A. Tan

Posted on 06-Feb-2017
To my understanding, Malaysia Airline domestic flight from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar, one person can have hand carry luggage (<7kg with specify dimension) and one checked luggage (<30 Kg with specify dimesion) for free, is it correct?

Admin Reply :

Yes this is correct.


Posted on 06-Feb-2017
I wanted to carry my old bicycle from Japan to India . The total size is coming around 160cm. Is is allied or do I have to extra charge ? If so, how much it will be ?(my total luckage weight is 30kg)

Admin Reply :

Total weight allowed is 30 kg in check in baggage and you can take a max of 30 kg. Cabin allowance is of 7 kg.


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
Hello. From Bkk to Kul then it's OK to bring 20 k? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

yes, it is fine.


Posted on 04-Feb-2017
Hi I am travelling this 10 feb from Syd to Ktm and would like to bring 32 inch tv with me ( length 41 height 25 and width 13 inch) Is it possible to check in as baggage or check in via cargo service.

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in check in baggage provided the dimensions and weight of the TV are as per baggage allowance. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
I am flying from Siem Reap to London and have a rolled up mat 124cm long to carry on. It will be about 15cm diameter. Can I check this in and will there be any extra charge for it . It is light so weight is the not the issue. Will it be one of my 2 baggage items.

Admin Reply :

This is something on which the local office of the airline would be able to guide the best. 

Anu Dangol

Posted on 03-Feb-2017
Hello, I am going to travel from kathmandu(Nepal) to sydney in economy class.What is the exact baggage allowance and hand carry allowance?Is the 32 kg for one baggage or 16-16 kg in each baggage? What is thedimension allowed for one baggage on this flight?

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg check in baggage and you can divide it into maximum of 2 check in bags. Sum of Dimensions of each check in bag shall not be more than 158cm


Posted on 02-Feb-2017
Hi, I will be flying from KLIA to Labuan on this coming Sunday 5th of February, how many kilograms of baggage allowance into the cargo?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage per person and 10 kg cabin baggage. 

Chiew Kim Fong

Posted on 31-Jan-2017
Are tennis racquets allow to be carried as hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

Has to be carried in check in baggage only.

Jin Wye

Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Are all these 3 items allowed to be carried at once when travelling in economy. 1 ladies handbag, 1 laptop bag and 1 cabin luggage. Thanks

Admin Reply :

No, along with a cabin luggage, only one personal item is allowed (either laptop or hand purse)


Posted on 28-Jan-2017
Hi , my aunty return flight is from chennai airport. Is there any add on baggage allowed beyond the 30kg allowed. How much if I add at airport

Admin Reply :

What is the point of arrival?


Posted on 27-Jan-2017
Hi I am travelling in economy from Heathrow to KL. I have checked in baggage and hand luggage but also another bag with my medication for 5 months. Will the second name of hand luggage (my medication which cannot go in the hold) be allowed in the cabin

Admin Reply :

You will have to carry a prescription for carrying medicines and also bring it to the notice of airline so that if there is any issue, then it can be taken care of in due time. 


Posted on 26-Jan-2017
1 Can I carry my own food in my hand luggage? 2 can I carry Some snacks in my baggage?

Admin Reply :

We do not think this shall be an issue with the airline. 

mr. RELF

Posted on 24-Jan-2017
On economy flights from Phnom Penh to Heathrow does the 30kg allowance include hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

No, 30 kg check in is separate from 7 kg cabin allowance. 


Posted on 11-Nov-2016
Hi.. I'm travelling frOm Jeddah tO Philippines this cOming December... I just wanna ask if each of my luggage have 30kilos or I need to split it intO 2 luggage 15kilos each!? Thanks in advance^^

Admin Reply :

One check in bag can be up to 32 kg. 


Posted on 11-Nov-2016
Hi, Im travelling this coming dec.jeddah-manila, 40kgs are my free bringing 1 appliances like asking if my appliances need to weight it ? and the remaining kg for my 1 luggage should be exact to 40kg?

Admin Reply :

IF you bring appliances with the check in baggage allowance permit of size and weight, it will be for free. One check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. 

Caroline dadis

Posted on 10-Nov-2016
Im traveling kl to manila on december 16 and i have 2 many kgs allowed per each baggage ?

Admin Reply :

You allowance is 30 kg check in baggage per person. You can take more than one check in baggage for free within this allowance limit. 


Posted on 01-Nov-2016
Are the information above up to date? Bc I read an info at another source that for every 3kg excess luggage, there's a 40usd penalty. My flight will be from yangon to manila.

Admin Reply :

MYR 144 per 3 kg excess is the charge. Please convert to local currency. Thanks for bringing this to our knowledge. We will update site soon. 


Posted on 29-Oct-2016
how about electric appliances? is it allowed to bring together with check baggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, you can bring electric appliance provided the weight and the size limits are observed. 


Posted on 29-Oct-2016
my flight is from K.L to Manila.. im wondering if its permitted to go along sone electric appliances as check in baggage with total kilos of 30 included luggage..

Admin Reply :

yes, you would be allowed. 


Posted on 26-Oct-2016
pl. inform me about checkin baggage size and each bag how many kgs are allowed out of 30 kgs and extra baggage how much charging for addl. kgs. for Australia Melbourne from hyd.

Admin Reply :

2 bags of total 30 kg are allowed for check in. MYR 251 (convertible to local currency) is the excess baggage per 3 kgs. 

Shamika Sawargaonkar

Posted on 22-Oct-2016
Hello. I am going to Melbourne as a student. I guess i am allowed 30 kgs + 7 kgs (cabin bag). Can i split it up as 20kgs and 17kgs? My flight is from BOM-KUL-MEL. And what about the laptop bag?

Admin Reply :

While it is right that your allowance is 30 kg check in, it can not be clubbed with the cabin baggage. So, 7 kg has to be separate and taken in hand into the cabin. You can take check in baggage into 2 bags. 

Marianne Vanamo

Posted on 21-Oct-2016
My daughter is travelling with ID-ticket with Malaysian Airline DPS-KUL-BKK and she is planning to take her surfboard with. What kind of policy do you have for that? Can you estimate how much does it cost? Yours sincerily, Marianne Vanamo /Finnair Cabin crew member

Admin Reply :

It can be carried as a part of free check in baggage so long as it does not violate check in baggage allowance limits of size and weight. 


Posted on 18-Oct-2016
Hi I am flying from London to India, and I am taking my old pc components like cpu motherboard and gpu. Is it allowed in hand carry bag? Or I have to put it inside check in luggage. Kind regards

Admin Reply :

Put these in check in baggage. 


Posted on 12-Oct-2016
Hi, Willbe Travelling to Sydney via Singapore from Chennai. Tickets are yet to be booked based on baggage what's the total free check-in and carry on allowance? If 30 kg can it be split as15 kg each as 2 bags or like 20+10 each?what's the excess bag fee if more than 30kg? Also is laptop bag allowed other than carry on?Thanks

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be split into 2 check in bags of a total of 30 kg. Excess baggage fee would be  MYR 251 for a 3kg block of excess baggage (please use currency converter to get an approximate idea)


Posted on 10-Oct-2016
Hi, is carton boxes allowed? I'm relocating to Australia and one luggage is definitely not enough. Is there a limit of number of checked in baggage per person? Also, can I hand carry my pillow?

Admin Reply :

Carton boxed are okay as checkin baggage if overall size limit remains within permitted allowance for check in bag. 


Posted on 10-Oct-2016
Going to Australia from Chennai .how many pieces of check-in bag allowed to carry ? And what is the weight of each bag?

Admin Reply :

Please tell us about the flight details. 


Posted on 03-Oct-2016
Travelling to PNH from MAA and will be carrying scuba diving equipment. Am I allowed an extra check in baggage of 10kg over and above the permitted 30kgs.

Admin Reply :

Apart from your check in baggage allowance, you would be allowed 15 kg free scuba diving equipment.


Posted on 03-Oct-2016
I'm taking carton box as 2nd baggage. It's size is coming to 168 cm. Is that ok?

Admin Reply :

No, size shall be less than 158 cms. 

Suba easwari

Posted on 30-Sep-2016
I have booked MAA to PNH. I have below questions boarding pass given for both flights in chennai it self. MAA to KUL & KULto PNH. MH 181& MH754 2.Can I carry my checking baggage in carton box. If yes what is the size allowed.and number of baggage allowed. I'm having the economy ticket

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried as a carton. 158 cms is the sum of dimensions of one check in bag. You can take more than 1 check in bag within permitted baggage limits.


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
Hi, I am travelling from Helsinki to KL via LHR, how many kg each bag is allowed, if I carry two bags for economy class. I have just read one of your official press confrence which was stated that passenggers of MAS are allowed to bring 2 bags 30 kgs each of bag for economy class, therefore I need to clarify with you on this issue.

Admin Reply :

Total weight shall not exceed 30 kg in check in per passenger and max 2 bag can be carried in check in baggage. 


Posted on 28-Sep-2016
I am travelling from Sydney to Kathmandu with my wife and 3 year old baby in Economy class. Total check-in bags of 90 KG (30 KG each) is allowed for us and cabin baggage total of 21 KG (7 KG each) is allowed, instead of carrying 21 KG (cabin baggage) with me can I also make cabin baggage a check-in bag ?

Admin Reply :

No, this clubbing of cabin with the check in bag is not permitted.

Saurabh Arya

Posted on 23-Sep-2016
I am traveling for India to Philippines.. Having two check-in bags total of 30kg,Is it allowed to carry two bags

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take more than one check in bag within permitted allowance. 

Dr.Placid Lasrado

Posted on 21-Sep-2016
What about golf full set well packed from KUL to BLR not weighing more than 20 Kgs, Two of travelling only one bag of 20 Kgs

Admin Reply :

Golf equipment (defined to comprise of 14 golf clubs, 12 golf ball and 1 pair of shoes) is allowed free if it is being carried with the permitted weight or piece based baggage allowance. 

Margaret Rathod

Posted on 18-Sep-2016
I am travelling back to Indian by malaysian airlines from KL my luggage may exceed to 32 kg what will be the extra luggage charge that I will have to pay

Admin Reply :

You will not be allowed to check in a bag which is more than 32 kg. You will have to carry a second check in bag. 

Excess baggage is MYR 144 for 3 kg slab of check in baggage. 

Ann Martina Bhutia

Posted on 05-Sep-2016
Is it safe to check in fragile ieans? Will airline provide safe packaging of the fragile iteams I check in at airport at Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi route?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not provide packaging. You will have to do it yourself. In case of fragile items, please mark these suitably. 

Ashutosh Gupta

Posted on 17-Aug-2016
Isn't any allowance for student going to the USA? many airlines offer 3 check in bags for international students

Admin Reply :

We do not know of any such offer from the airline. 


Posted on 17-Aug-2016
I will be flying to Australia on economy class. I have a box with the measurement of 16 inch x 16 inch and a medium size suitcase. Is the measurement of my box ok? Pls reply asap because i will be flying soon. Thanks

Admin Reply :

The requirement is to have check in bag of dimensions less than 158 cm which is a total of 60 inches as sum of dimensions. 


Posted on 16-Aug-2016
Hi. I will be travelling to Phnom Penh from Manila via Malaysia airlines i have several questions regarding 1. DIMENSIONS FOR CHECKED IN BAGGAGE. What are the measurements allowed for length, width and height to total to 158cm? 2. Can I carry a MOTORBIKE HELMET inside the plane as part of my hand carry baggage? Or is it considered as a sports equipment? Thanks

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. Total dimensions to be 158 cm for one check in baggage. Motorbike helmet is best carried in check in baggage. 


Posted on 15-Aug-2016
Can I check in microwave oven to the mas cargo?

Admin Reply :

Yes, the microwave oven can be carried in check in baggage. It shall meet the weight and size limits of airline checkin baggage rules. 


Posted on 24-Jul-2016
Hi..i am travelling to jkt via kl with fmly..pls advice what is the allowed weight of single pc baggage per person..meaning can one piece of baggage be weighing 30kg or it has to be split as 2 pc baggage weighing 30kg per person..

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in 2 check in bags. Max weight of 1 check-in bag shall be 30 kg. 


Posted on 17-Jul-2016
I am travelling from KUL to San Diego where KUL to NRT via Malaysia Airlines and Narita to San Diego via codeshare flight with JAL. I booked the tickets with Malaysia Airlines. May I know how much check in baggage can I carry?

Admin Reply :

For flights to USA, allowance of check in baggage is 2 bags of 23 kg each on Malaysian Airlines. Size of both check-in bags shall together be less than 269 cm and one shall not be more than 158 cm. 

Mike Davies

Posted on 14-Jul-2016
Hi I have an economy ticket from BKK to LHR (via Kuala Lumpur). My question is that I want to check in a folding bike in a cardboard box measuring 60x60x30cm and weighting 25kg...will I be charged extra for this?

Admin Reply :

You shall not be charged for it since the weight and size of the check in bag (folded cycle in box) is within allowance limits. 


Posted on 08-Jul-2016
may i know how much can a child of 12 years carry the check in baggage from india to malaysia

Admin Reply :

The allowance would be the same as that of an adult. 30, 40 or 50 kg check in baggage, depending on whether ticket is economy, business or first class. 


Posted on 14-Jun-2016

Admin Reply :

It has to be taken in checkin baggage. It might be objected during at the time of checking in at airport if you have it in hand baggage.


Posted on 07-Mar-2016
My travel will be start from kabul to delhi by air India after delhi start by Malaysia airline ,I asked about air India luggage allowance which i recieved my answer, is Malaysia airline the same luggage allowance or not, and what about tranfer of thease airlines Malaysia airline with air india because I have travel from delhi to kaulolumpoor and from kaulolumpoor to Adelaide by Malaysia airline

Admin Reply :

Please send the PNR which you used to book the ticket. 


Posted on 08-Nov-2015
I & my wife travelling from Bombay;India to Perth via kualalumpur. We have three bags each 20 60 kg. Can i take

Admin Reply :

Are you travelling only one airline- Malaysia Airlines on both legs of your journey? if yes, check in allowance would be 30 kg per person for economy class, 40 kg for Business Class and 50 kg for First Class travellers. So, for economy, total allowance will be 60 kg for both of you. You are allowed to carry it in 3 bags instead of 2 but any one bag shall not weigh more than 32 kgs. 

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