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Liability and Limitation

A liability is what the airline has to pay, essentially in monetary terms, to the passengers and/or other stakeholders for its acts of omission or commission. Airlines draw a number of liabilities on account of their operations. Precisely, what these liabilities are, under what conditions are these attracted and how airline deals with these are provided by every airline.

Every airline has its own set of policies and rules and regulations relating to these liabilities. While, in some cases, the airline might not be held liable, in some other cases the airline might have unlimited liability. In most of the instances, though, the airline policies provide limitations on their liabilities.
It is also to be noted that these rules and policies are framed in accordance with the national and the international laws and covenants. So, in reading through this section of various airline, you will find that these rules and policies are essentially the same with some changes.

If you are also faced with a similar situation where you believe that the airline is liable to pay you, but are not sure about it and also about the quantum of money to be paid, please feel free to ask your question on this platform.

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