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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Check-In and Boarding

KLM provides a number of ways of checking in for the convenience of passengers. These are:

  • Airport Counter and Kiosk Check-in

  • Online Check-in

  • Mobile Check-in

KLM Online Check In

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the one of the leading airline companies of Europe. It provides the convenience and flexibility of online check-in from any place and at any time. KLM online check in allows you to select the seat of choice and avoid the long queues at the airport.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Online Check In Procedure

For performing the KLM Web check in, it is pertinent that the passenger shall log-in. For logging in, the passenger is required to enter the booking reference number or the ticket number. Alternatively, if the passenger does not know these, then he or she can make use of the email ID and password for logging in. Yet another way to log in is to provide the Flying Blue number and Pincode. So, with three different ways of logging in, the passengers are able to use the online check in facility.

At first, you are required to select the flights for which you want to perform the check in. Thereafter, there is a need to provide the names of passengers who might want to check in online on KLM airlines.

In the next step, passengers are prompted to select seats for themselves. At this step, passengers are can select any extra seat or can use the facility of Meet and Seat to know who would be the other person on your adjacent seat. You can also choose the preferred meal on intercontinental flights.

In the final step of this procedure, you are required to print the boarding passes of every passengers who has checked-in online. You can also receive the electronic boarding pass on your smartphone. The e-boarding pass will come as a barcode which can be scanned at the airport to retrieve the flight details. This facility might not be available in all cases, therefore, it is suggested to carry the print-outs at the airport.

Passengers with check-in baggage

If you are coming with a check-in baggage to the airport and have already checked in online on KLM airlines, then you have to put the baggage at the drop off counters. These counters will close at designated times, so passengers must ensure that they reach and submit their bags well in time. These times are the same as that of self-service check in counters and airport check in desks.

Opening and Closure Times

These open at least 2 hrs before (Europe) and 3 hrs before (Intercontinental) before scheduled departure time. These close 40 minutes before (Europe) and 60 minutes before (Intercontinental) flight times.

However, the following airports are exceptions.

Exceptions on the regular opening hours:

  • Delhi and Lagos: 4 hours before

  • Mexico-City: 4.5 hours before

  • Split: 3 hours before

  • Moscow: 2.5 hours before

  • Osaka: 2 hours before

  • Paramaribo: 5 hours before

Exceptions on the closing times:

  • Accra and Lagos: 120 minutes before

  • Freetown: 80 minutes before

  • Guayaquil: 70 minutes before

  • Paramaribo: 120 minutes before

  • Almaty and Astana: 60 minutes before

  • Amsterdam: 60 minutes before scheduled departure for non-European flights

  • Bonaire: 70 minutes before

KLM Airport Check-In

At the airport, the KLM Royal Dutch airlines check-in can be done at the self-service kiosk or at the desk. KLM encourages you to use the self-service kiosk machines which can be operated by the passengers themselves.

KLM Kiosk Check-In Procedure

These machines can be accessed using the passport or the frequent flyer card. Alternatively, you can provide ticket number or the booking reference number of KLM airline flights.

In the second step, after logging in to the machine, you can select the seats or upgrade to a higher cabin class.

In the last step, the print out of the boarding pass can be taken.

While these machines are available at most of the locations of the world, these might not be available at certain airport. Please feel free to ask us where these machines are present. In order to avoid hassles at the airport, passengers must first ensure their availability at the airport.

KLM Mobile Check In

The facility of check in using the smartphones in hands is highly convenient for passengers. All that you need is a phone with internet access and it can be done for yourself and for all passengers accompanying you. This method of checking in can be used for all flights operated by KLM and many others.

All you have got to do is to enter the website URL of in mobile browser and you will be connected to the mobile site of the airlines. Therein, you can log-in, select seats of choice, avail of baggage allowance and get boarding pass printed.

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