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Unaccompanied Minors: Children below 5 years of age have to be accompanied by an person of more than 18 years of age. If the accompanying passenger is below 18 years of age, they will still be accepted but both will be treated as UNMs.Between 5 to 12 years of age, they are accepted as UNM upon payment of Rs 1500 fee per UNM. There is also a requirement of signing an indemnity bond. Parents and guardians are required to be present at the airport till the time flight has left.

Infants: Infants under the age of 2 years shall be seated in accompanying adult’s lap. Infants are charged Rs 525 per infant along with PSF on economy class if they do not occupy seat. No baby car seats or push chairs are allowed inside cabin.

Disabled: If the nature of disability is such that special assistance is required only while embarking or disembarking from the airplane, then there is no need for medical clearances or insistence on filling special forms. But, GoAir Medical Department clearance is required in case:

a) Customer suffers from contagious or communicable disease.

b) Is likely to develop an adverse medical condition in flight, or

c) he/she would require special assistance or equipment to maintain his/her health on aircraft.

d) there is a possibility of aggravation of medical condition.

Pregnant Women: a) Till completion of 27th week of pregnancy, allowed to fly without requirement of any certificate.

b) From 28th to 36 weeks of pregnancy, A Fit TO Fly Certificate is required.

c) Beyond 37 weeks of pregnancy, are not allowed to fly.

d) After normal delivery, mother and infant can fly after 7 days whereas in caesarian and complicated case, mother and infant can fly after 2 weeks.

Requirement of ‘Fit-To-Fly’ Certificate: This certificate shall be issued within the past 24 hours of flight by the treating allopathy doctor on his/her letterhead bearing registration number. This certificate is required for:

1. If passenger has undergone surgery or suffered major illness in past 15 to 30 days.

2. Any such medical condition which will can cause problem on-board and during flight.

3. Pregnant women having completed 27 weeks of pregnancy.

4. Suffering from contagious or infectious disease.

5. In case there is doubt as to requirement of this certificate.

6. Need emergency life support during flight or on-board.

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Posted on 23-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

Please contact airline directly. 

Akansha Rastogi

Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Hi, My mother is travelling first time from Del to Blr tomorrow.She needs assistance as she don't know anything please guide me how to get that or to whom i should contact. Thanks &Regards Akansha

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the Goair customer service for any type of special assistance that you need. 


Posted on 01-Feb-2017
I m pregnant by 12 weeks and I m flying to Bhubaneswar from Mumbai do I need anything else with fitness certificate

Admin Reply :

You do not even need a fitness certificate if it is a single pregnancy with no complications. Just carry your pregnancy progress report which is usually maintained during this course. 

Ujjwala Dhopte

Posted on 29-Jan-2017
I want to wheelchair for mumbai nagpur flight no G8-142 on 31 st Jan 2017. Pnr no is IND 1JC

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect or the agency which booked the tickets for you.


Posted on 08-Nov-2016

Admin Reply :

Please contact airline directly. Sorry for being late in responding. We were facing back-end issues. 

Mamta Sharma

Posted on 05-Oct-2016
Hi, my PNR number is OI6VXI. I require a wheelchair assistance for both ongoing and return flights. Kindly guide me how do I book the same.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline customer service for this directly. 

Sudip Jha

Posted on 28-Sep-2016
My parents (Aged 82yrs and 76yrs) are travelling GoAir (G8-150) from Patna to Delhi on 11th Oct 2016. They have problem in walking. I want wheel-chair assistance for both of them at Patna Airport and at Delhi Airport. How can I request and ensure the assistance for them? Pl help.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will get the assitance at both airports Please contact airline well ahead of their scheduled travel time. 


Posted on 30-Aug-2016
My mother uses a portable oxygen machine, she is traveling from Chandigarh to Mumbai. Does she need Any special clearance/ approval to carry this onboard?

Admin Reply :

You shall make a request for carrying POC, approved by FAA, at least 48 hrs before flight. Please contact the airline since there are some limitation on seating of passengers requiring POCs.

Neena Kspoor

Posted on 09-Aug-2016
I need special assistence for my mother. she is travelling from Lucknow to Delhi and Lucknow her seats are booked where should i contact pl let me know

Admin Reply :

PLease speak directly to the airline customer care at 

  • 092 - 2322 - 2111/020 - 2566 - 2111

Iyer Narayan Venkatraman

Posted on 06-Aug-2016
We, my wife Mrs. Lata Venkatraman Iyer & myself are flying by Go Air on 10th of Aug to Kochi from Mumbai. Her wrist has been fractured and I would like to have wheel chair assistance for her. Our flight number is G8-336 and the departure time is 5.10 PM. Our PNR/Tkt no. is Y8UBC7. Awaiting your reply. Regards I. N. Venkatraman

Admin Reply :

Sir, you need to get in touch with the airline directly for this purpose. Assistance will be provided at the airport  but there is a need to inform the airline beforehand. 

payel chetri

Posted on 19-Jun-2016
Hi. I did call the go air customer service they said we can carry the walker. I hope they understood wat i meant. Yes all documents are ready.how do get the format for fit to fly certificate. Go air doesnot have that in their website. Please let me know

Admin Reply :



Please check whether these can be used. Remove the names of airlines and use Goair instead. 

Proforma for Fit to Fly is also available with doctors. Please ask them for airline travel 

payel chetri

Posted on 18-Jun-2016
Hi My dad has undergone pelvic surgery on 26th april 2016.he can walk with the help of walker on one leg ,for few more weeks he is asked not to give stress on the other leg.he can sit upright. Go to washroom with the help of walker.i will need wheel chair assistances which i have already informed about.i have already booked his tickets for 29th june. Do i still need to carry fit to fly certificate and r we allowed to carry his walker.please reply asap

Admin Reply :

You must inform the airline about the need to carry walker. We are of opinion that it shall be allowed on medical reasons. We believe it would be in your interest if you carry fit-to-fly certificate. You might also be required to produce relevant documents which state that he has undergone surgery. Airline will inform you about these documents as well. 

Denise Davis

Posted on 11-May-2016
I am just now 29 weeks pregnant and got a fit to fly certificate yesterday from my doctor. We will be flying from Ahmedabad to Mumbai Thursday (so 48 hours after certificate written). Will that be okay or do I need my doctor to write another letter? Thank you, Denise

Admin Reply :

That is fine. 

tashi gonbo

Posted on 09-Feb-2016
I m belong to leh and all routes are closed during winter till April or may. My wife's delivery date is nearer. I already booked ticket in goair from Delhi to leh. So my question is, can she travel in goair during pragnancy? because there is no other way to stay here to done delivery, we have to go to Leh. And what to do if not?

Admin Reply :

We have to know what would be the week of pregnancy on the flight day. You can visit the link at http://www.baggage-allowance.info/goair-special-assistance to read details of GoAir Pregnant Women carriage policy. 


Posted on 08-Aug-2015
Respected Goair Authorities, my father has undergone a surgery in right leg one month before, now for better trearment we are travelling to delhi from srinagar, we have allready booked the tickets in goair airways, unfortunately my father cant move so he needs the assistance of a wheelchair ,so we request yourgood self to guide us what to next.

Admin Reply :

We are only an informative website. You are requested to contact the GoAir call centre at 092 - 2322 - 2111 / 020 - 2566 - 2111 and tell them about the requirement. 

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