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Go Air Refunds

In case there is a delay in the GoAir flight beyond 2 hours or the carrier cancels its flights or prepones flights by more than 30 minutes of scheduled departure, it shall do either of the following:

a) carry the customer on next flight on same sector. or

b) Make a full refund to the customer, either to credit card account of customer or by way of cheque or demand draft within 15 days.

The customers are required to inform about their choices within 24 hours of communication being sent to them, first by phone and in case of its failure, by email. If customers are not able to respond within this time period, then GoAir is free to assume that customers have opted for alternative flights and in case of cancellation, that customer has not opted for alternative flight. In latter case, the carrier will refund amount and cancel the PNR.

Go Air Ticket Cancellation Charges

Goair charges Rs 3000 for ticket cancellation anytime up to 2 hours before scheduled departure of flights. If ticket is cancelled from 2 hours of scheduled departure time of flight, the entire amount in forfeited and no refund (except some taxes) is granted. 

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Mohammed Asim

Posted on 31-Jul-2019
I missed my flight which was at 2 am on 24.07.2019 ,I mistook for the afternoon flight My PNR is ND9BJX to Phuket (Thailand) Can I please know if the ticket is refundable ,if yes within how many days can I get my refund back since i had intimated GO AIR 1 hour Prior before the departure.

Admin Reply :

Did you book tickets with agency? You will have to check this with the agency, if tickets are booked with it. Since you did not show up for checkin this might not entail you to refunds. 

Vaishali Nariani

Posted on 12-Jul-2019
W9S5JT Extra baggage cost of 4000 INR request to refund as baggage was within limit allowance

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline directly. We are not the airline company. 


Posted on 10-Jul-2019
i cancelled my inbound flight and a refund amount is gone to credit shell.How can i claim refund back to my credit card

Admin Reply :

If you do not want to travel with the airline in near future and the amount adjusted, you can seek release from the credit shell by making a formal request for the samel through email or by contacting the customer care of the airline. 

Tatyarao Laxman Mohakum

Posted on 01-Jul-2019
Plieuse riqwest refund not my account credit Pnr no TCJI 8 K Go air

Admin Reply :

We are not the airline, please check with the entity which booked ticket for you.

Eluri Suresh babu

Posted on 22-Jun-2019
How much return cancel the flight tkts

Admin Reply :

This depends on your fare conditions. Please check the ticket or seek help from whoever booked the tickets for you. 

Manoj saha

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
How to cancel ticket

Admin Reply :

You can do it from where you have bought the ticket. If ticket booked with agency, approach it for cancellation. If ticket booked with the airline, approach it. You can cancel tickets online or by telephonic call.

Devender kumar

Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Cancelled my go air flite 18 july 2019 pnr no cccc8 h flite g8 385/329

Admin Reply :

please make a formal request of refunds from the airline. Please note that we are not the airline. 

Ellen McCann

Posted on 13-May-2019
Hello, I booked a flight for the 21st April from Goa to Mumbai after Jet Airways had cancelled my flight. However, I had to cancel this Go Air flight as my connecting flight with Jet Airways was also cancelled following booking this/ and I could not find any flights from Mumbai on the same day so I could not get on the Go Air flight as I needed to rebook all of my flights. I payed £168.28 for this flight which I was not able to board due to circumstances out of my own control. Is there any way that I could get a refund on this flight due to my circumstances? Kind Regards, Ellen McCann

Admin Reply :

 If the Goair tickets were cancelled by you, the refunds will depend on the terms and conditions of your ticket which are mentioned in your e-ticket.  For getting refunds or following up for the same, only the entity which booked ticket will be able to say anything.

Pawar Tushar C.

Posted on 09-May-2019
My flight of pune to leh missed due to delay of some time .l request to you that what is the refund policy of our company.Pleas give me feedback early.

Admin Reply :

Please check the terms and condition of your fare type when booked. Since flight was missed, you might not have much to get back in refunds.

Shanya Das

Posted on 05-May-2019
Flight cancellation process

Admin Reply :

You can do it online or speak to customer service executive of airline or agency who booked tickets.


Posted on 20-Dec-2018
I've book a flight from Yatra and had selected a wrong destination and want to cancel the flight which is in January so according to your policies do you refund the full amount ?

Admin Reply :

We are neither Yatra nor the airline. We are an independent website. Please check the same with your ticket booking agency.

Shahnawaz Ahmad

Posted on 12-Dec-2018
Sir Mera.Go air Delhi to Patna 23 Dec ka tickets h usko cancel Karna h kitna fare refund hoga or date aage Change karna hi to uska Kya rule h

Admin Reply :

PLease make use of the English language for queries.

Sonali Agrawal

Posted on 29-Sep-2018
Hi I had a flight from Jaipur to Mumbai Airline people are saying luggage is left at Jaipur it is not reached Mumbai I need to rush from Mumbai by today evening only how can I get the luggage at earliest

Admin Reply :

This is something for which the airline is answerable. Please get in touch with them.

Sumit jain sethia

Posted on 25-Sep-2018
I have flight schedule to depart at 7pm and its delqyed more than 3hrs and finally departed at 10.15pm.. I need refund for this delay?? My flight detail is Flight G8-702 Pnr - V64VWC

Admin Reply :

You can seek the refunds from the airline or the agency which booked tickets. Please make a formal request for the refunds. 

sachin bansode

Posted on 11-Sep-2018
We have booked ticket for 4 person wrongly for 13/09/2018 22.30 hrs flight actually i want to book flight on 13/09/2018 at 00.30 hrs. Kindly assist me

Admin Reply :

You can change the itinerary by visiting the Manage Booking section on Go Air website. 

Israr Ahmad Chaudhary

Posted on 09-Sep-2018
2 ghante pahle flight cancel karne par kitna charge lagega. Full amount refund hoga ya nahin

Admin Reply :

Rs 3000 is the ticket cancellation charge. If ticket is refundable, rest of the amount would be refunded. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2018
In one PNR, there are two travellers. If one of them cannot travel due to some last moment crisis, can the other traveler travel alone on the ticket for two without paying any penal or additional charges? There was no scope to cancel the ticket of the passenger (No show status) beforehand who could not travel. My main questions are; 1) Whether the person travelling alone does have to pay any charges for the person who could not turn up, because they were issued a single ticket with same PNR. 2) What would be the answer if the ticket of one passenger is cancelled earlier, not at the last moment. 3) Which option is economically beneficial for the traveler-- earlier cancellation or "no show". In all cases they have single PNR ticket.

Admin Reply :

1) what charges are you talking about? Baggage allowance is per passenger. So, you can not take his/her baggage for free along with your allowance. 

2) Ticket cancellation in advance is always better than No Show. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2018
I have booked ticket to Goa from Hyderabad on August 7th 20.15.. but the flight got delayed for more than I eligible for compensation?? If yes please guide me

Admin Reply :

This will depend on the circumstances which led to delay. We would suggest that you go through this:


Posted on 14-Aug-2017
MY PNR NO: VW88TE, flight cancelled before one month ago, but till not getting total refund amount. Please confirm the present status of the same.

Admin Reply :

You need to check this with the airline only. We would not be able to help in this matter. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2017

Admin Reply :

You have to ask for this amount from the agency or airline which booked ticket. 

Esha Saha Roy

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
SERVICE REQEST NUMBER IS G8-00352081 PNR NUMBER IS 724J7E.. I bought round trip e-ticket by my debit card. Goair cancelled the fight on 7th July. But till today I didn't get the refundable money of cancelled flight. Please help.

Admin Reply :

PLease seek the same directly from airline. Either email them or contact them on phone. 

Kshitij Tahiliani

Posted on 07-Aug-2017
I am receiving calls that my GoAir flight G8 - 504 from Hyderabad to Chennai on Friday 11th Aug '17 (22.20 -23.25) has been cancelled. I've not received any mail regarding the same, neither does this cancellation show in my makemytrip/Goair account. Can you please confirm the status of the this flight so that I can appropriate arrangements for my travel ?

Admin Reply :

Please contact the agency which booked ticket for confirmation. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2017
I am done a pune to kolkata flight ticket 1 month before date. Now i want to cancel. Can you please tell me how much amount will i get return.

Admin Reply :

Rs. 2,225 is the ticket cancellation charge. Rest would be refunded if it is a refundable ticket


Posted on 04-Aug-2017

Admin Reply :

You have to contact the person or agency which booked ticket for you. 

Abhijit dutta

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
what is procedure journy date change flight

Admin Reply :

Get the rescheduling done by speaking to the airline about it. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2017
I want to cancel ticket

Admin Reply :

Please do it with the booking entity.

Megha Nagpal

Posted on 01-Aug-2017
I missed my flight which was at 1:50am on August 1st ,I mistook for the afternoon flight today! My PNR is R5RHXP to Bangalore Can I please know if the ticket is refundable ,if yes within how many days can I get my refund back

Admin Reply :

You need to get in touch with the airline since only it will be able to provide all answers relating to refunds


Posted on 01-Aug-2017
When will i get the refund for the flight cancelled by Go Air for the travel of 5 passengers (2 tickets) from Chennai to Hyderabad on 1st September 2017 and return on 3rd September 2017? Already customer care has noted and confirmed that the refund will be effected on 15th July 2017 and till date i have not received the refund. It is not fair from Go Air's part to take such a long time for refund.

Admin Reply :

You are requested to contact the airline for this purpose. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2017
I booked my ticket last Friday , its from Ahmadabad to delhi and by mistake i got ticket which is mention my sar name is mistaken only 1 single word , should i cancel the ticket ? please help me out

Admin Reply :

You need to speak to airline. We do not think you shall need to cancel the ticket. 

muskan singh

Posted on 26-Jul-2017
I have booked my flight lko-delhi-lko today 2 hrs back. Due to some certain reason i had to cancell it. Both the tickets were refundable. I paid the amount through net banking. Amount paid 3653 for round trip. How many days and by wat mode the amoumt will be refunded to my account. Kindly tell..

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the agency which booked the ticket. If it was airline, please call the customer care of the airline to know what amount would be refunded.. Normally, cancellation charges are deducted. 

Himanshu khandelwal

Posted on 21-Jul-2017
Want to contact you but nobody is picking the call..please call me on 9176003503 as it is extremely urgent..

Admin Reply :

We are not yet open to call centre operations. Please write to us for getting answers to queries. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2017
I had my flights in GoAir cancelled and I had requested for full refund. I've raised a formal request through email also. They said it'll be refunded to my mode of payment in 7 days but it's more than a month and the refund has not happened. I've send multiple mails to the refund team and the Nodal Office but have not got any reply. Is there any history of GoAir refunding the money or do they abscond?

Admin Reply :

There are multiple such problems associated with airlines these days. At first, there is a need to ascertain whether tickets were refundable or not. Then there is a need to raise a formal request. If these were refundable, then the there is a deducation of cancellation charges and then refunds are processed. These cancellation charges vary from airline to airline. After this, even when the refunds are processed, the first preference by airline is to put the money in the credit shell which most of these companies maintain so as to use the money for your future travel. By keeping money in credit shell or wallet and not returning to you, airlines try to save on the processing charges. So, please do call the airline and ask whether they have also kept the money in any such credit shell or not. You can ask for release of funds from this credit shell. 

Harmesh Chander Gupta

Posted on 19-Jul-2017
My ticket booked for 23rdJuly2017was cancelled on account of non availability of the plane But no refund has been received/credited to my account My PNR no is L97R70 Request for the need full

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline or the agency which booked tickets. 

Harmesh Chander Gupta

Posted on 18-Jul-2017
My ticket booked for 23rdJuly2017was cancelled on account of non availability of the plane But no refund has been received/credited to my account My PNR no is L97R70 Request for the need full

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the entity which booked the ticket. 


Posted on 15-Jul-2017
Hello, You guys have cancelled my flight to Ranchi. You sent me message saying that you will call me for rebooking. I have urgent meeting. The numbers provided on your website does not. Kindly give me a call back as soon as possible for the flight booking on 26th. Urgent!!

Admin Reply :

Please be informed that we are an independent identity and you never booked ticket with us. Please contact the entity where you booked tickets.

Hariharan S

Posted on 15-Jul-2017
My flight got cancelled and was trying to reach the airlines (nos given through sms and mail) but could not get the nos. I want refund of fare for the cancelletion of flight by Go Air for the travel booked on 1st Sept and 3rd Sept 2017. Already request sent by mail today to refund mail id of goair. When can I get thee confirmation and refund?

Admin Reply :

In this respect, only the entity which booked your ticket would be able to help you. If it is Goair where you booked ticket, please approach it. 

Chaman lal

Posted on 01-Mar-2017
My mony is not refund My pnr is FSQVMY

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline for this purpose. 

MD Sharib

Posted on 27-Feb-2017
I haven't received my refund money yet of cancellation of flight on 29th Jan Ranchi to delhi

Admin Reply :

Please contact the ticket booking entity for the same. 


Posted on 22-Feb-2017
Thank you for contacting GoAir. Your PNR LIFA5R for flight G8 - 697 is cancelled.sir i cancel my Ticket on 14th fev 2017 of rs 6594 but my amount was not refund till know

Admin Reply :

We are not the Goair airline. PLease contact the airline. The airline might have kept it in the credit shell. PLease ask for releasing it to your account.


Posted on 19-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

Did you raise a formal request for refunds? If not, please raise it. Also, ask them not to keep in credit shell if you want it back into your account. 

Rahul Gupta

Posted on 18-Feb-2017
My Go Air flight got cancelled which was on 22nd Feb 2017. Reason, which they mentioned is "the issues are beyond their control!" So i have made booking for same day also the airline!(Go Air) Now what i have do for refund..reply ASAP (coz no one is picking up my calls from their side)

Admin Reply :

For refunds, please raise a formal request and get in touch with the airline. 

Somrita laha

Posted on 14-Feb-2017
I have received a message saying my flight G8134 on Thu, 16 Feb from PAT to DEL at 0825 ( PNR is CZHNR9) has been cancelled. I want to know if i'll be carried in the next flight or do i have to arrange for another flight myself. N if i'm not being carried, when will i receive my refund. Reply asap kindly.

Admin Reply :

Airline should have informed you about the next flight. Anyways, you can seek either another flight or full refund. 

varatha rajan s

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
My pnr no 3PHNNU on 30.01.2017. And i was cancelled my ticket on 05.02.2017.due to your flite cancelled.But refund amount is not credited my account till date.Take further action for me.

Admin Reply :

At first, we are not an airline company. Second, for getting refunds, please raise a formal request with the airline or the agency which booked your ticket.

mudassir ahmad ganie

Posted on 06-Feb-2017
reffund from ticket

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with whosoever booked tickets fo ryou.


Posted on 02-Feb-2017
I did online booking airline PNR is C905X2 on 1feb17 passenger names are ANSARI Karun n ANSARI mokim we got our boarding pass but we r not allowed to board in the flight bcoz of my brother sudden mentally behavior movement n we didn't get the medicine we showed our priscription to the gurd but they didn't give us medical facilities they said that we don't have Dr n medicine to... They told us go to the hospital n get the medicine n they just throw us outside and when my mom came again to the airport got the medicine but they not even allowed to entered n my mom thoughts that they arranged some another flight but they said that your ticket has been cancelled n not even get us another flight... My mom n bro trouble a lot bcoz ofthe go air shit airline not even refund our money n not even understand my mom And brother critical conditions we called to call center n they not even pick up the call now we want our refund money otherwise we r taking cops help we r going to take legal action on go air

Admin Reply :

We are not related to Goair and are only an informative website. Airlines have very clear policies on carriage of passengers with medical issues. It seems there has been improper communication between the airline and you, especially w.r.t. medical condition of your brother. If you feel aggrieved at airline behaviour, please take up matter with it using the email or contact number. 

Divya Trivedi

Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Dear sir PNR No VX5WD6 Date of Journey 24 Jan 2017 Bombay to Srinagar Via Jammu name Divya S Trivedi Flight No G8 -287 The flight was cancelled due to bad weather the flight not reached at srinagar the flight was taken up from mumbai to jammu and back to mumbai on same date in this connection we are not received the amount back to our account kindly see the matter n refund the amount to our account pleaes

Admin Reply :

You are requested to pursue the matter directly with the entity which booked tickets (airline or agents). Refunds issues will be taken up by whosoever books tickets. 


Posted on 30-Jan-2017

Admin Reply :

If airline customer service do not attend to the call, please use chat or email methods of communication. You can also engage them on social media.

Lumier john

Posted on 24-Jan-2017
I booked my ticket on 13 januvary 2017 but it was not conformed . from chennai to mumbai . but my amount 3856 rupees was reduced from my account . still date they did not refund my money from goair . my complain pnr is 1JU1SH. Request you to refund my money.

Admin Reply :

You will have to take up  the matter directly with the airline. Did you cancel the booking or have got the tickets thereafter? 

Mahendra Nath Singh

Posted on 23-Jan-2017
Flight GoAir cancelled on 17th Jan-17 PNR No.EYYSFV Flight no.G8/487 Refund of my money not received till date. so what I do for refund.

Admin Reply :

You will have to approach the entity which booked ticket. If it was Goair, please approach it for the same.


Posted on 12-Nov-2016
dear sir, mear 12-11-2016 morning 6 baje flight tha mumbai to delhi but mujhe jane na diya reason ye hai ki mujhe pata na tha ki bimar person ko allowed na rehta hai flight se jane ka mere sath mera friend bimar tha airport pe bola mujhe ki aap na ja sakte ho aapko sara balance refund ho jayega.. mera mobile number- 8976702236 hai ek yatri ka name- sanjay kamla yadav or dusre yatri ka name nain singh bisht hai please aap mujhe help kare mere pas balance vi na hai avi mujhe delhi jana jaruri hai please help kare thanks

Admin Reply :

Please use english language for communication. 

Pratyush Singh

Posted on 28-Oct-2016
I missed my flight dated 24th October 2016, from Mumbai to Delhi. What is the process of refund, if applicable for the tax amount of the flight ticket?

Admin Reply :

You shall seek the refunds from the entity which booked ticket, agency or airline. A formal request in the form of telephone communication or email needs to be sent to them. 


Posted on 01-Oct-2016
am i etiteld for full refnd of ticket which was purched on 30/06/2016,PNR NO isZEQ117 from jammu to srinagar,DATE OF JOURNEY 04/10/2016?

Admin Reply :

Please seek the details of this information from the agency or the airline which booked ticket. 

shakti singh

Posted on 29-Sep-2016
sir, i tried to book a ticket from ranchi to delhi on 11 sep 16. The amount of Rs 5059 was deducted but failure of ticket comes on mail id. The PNR no which i got from customer care is SOQS79. Many days has passed but money not refunded. i Sent many mail to but no response. How will i get my money.

Admin Reply :

You shall get in touch with the customer care once again and seek the refunds. You must also ask whether any refunds were due or not. 

You can raise the matter with Nodal Officer, Ms. Neha Bora at

K.j.s kanwel

Posted on 14-Jul-2016
I have cancelled my 2 tickets against full refund PNR no is 8 HVFNP flight no g8-287 date of travel 14 July from jammu to Srinagar how money will be refunded

Admin Reply :

Money will be refunded back through same channel which was used for making the booking. If you do not get refunds within 7-10 days, please do communicate with the agent or the airline (wherever ticket was booked)


Posted on 08-Jan-2016
I did online booking PNR-WKB6XU on 7 jan,round trip ccu-Delhi-CCU. -and paid through debit card I cacelled after 3 hours. How do I get my refund

Admin Reply :

It shall be given to you through bank only. 

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