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Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers are allowed to fly on flydubai without any requirement of documents up to the completion of 27th week of pregnancy. After completion of 27th week of pregnancy, you will be allowed to fly on the carrier only after providing them the certificate from your treating doctor or qualified midwife, duly signed and stampe, stating clearly the following:

  1. Number of weeks of pregnancy

  2. Expected date of delivery

  3. State of pregnancy is normal

  4. Confirming your fitness to fly for at least this leg of your journey.

It shall be in English and not more than 7 days older than the scheduled date of departure.

Beyond 35th week of pregnancy, flydubai would not carry you. This is applicable also for the return flights. In case of multiple pregnancies, flydubai would not carry you after completing 32nd week of pregnancy.

Infants and Children

New born infants are carried only after completing 14 days after delivery. Infants are children from 14 days to 2 years of age.

One passenger can carry at most 2 infants, with one infant (of minimum age 6 months) seated in a car-type seat which is secured to aircraft seat. These seat type shall be labelled stating that it is approved for use in aviation. If one infant is being carried, he/she must share the seat with the parent. However, if child of more than 2 years is being carried, then additional seat has to be bought for the child.

Unaccompanied Children

Carriage of child below 12 years of age (as on date of commencement of flight) is allowed only when he/she is accompanied by a parent or guardian of more than 16 years of age and travelling on same booking.

For other types of people who need special assistance, such as in eating, in using toilet, evacuation or in use of special equipment, the carrier requires that the passenger shall have obtained medical clearance for a qualified doctor and shall be accompanied by a person.



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Abdul Karim Ruman

Posted on 08-Feb-2017
My wife is pregnant and is traveling to Bangladesh now by Flydubai. Her return flight will be after delivery of the baby. I'd like to know how can she book a ticket for that newborn infant in the return trip? What is the procedure please?

Admin Reply :

Infants up to 14 days of age are not allowed to fly on this airline. You can pay for carrying infant by speaking to the local office of airline.

unnithan ajay kumar

Posted on 07-Oct-2016
my wife is pregnant & travelling 24 of next month, that time she will be 28 weeks. what are the documents to be submitted. i will be getting the doctor certificate this month is this will be ok for travelling or they need the documents that is certified one week before the travel


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
i am pregnant, 24 weaks. i am flying on flydubai. should i need a Medical certificate?

Admin Reply :

It is better to have one. Though it depends on whether you are travelling on domestic or international routes and generally it is not required for 24 weeks of pregancy, it is better to have one if you can get it. 

Usha giree

Posted on 14-Sep-2016
Hi i am having flight on 6th of October 2016.i will b 29 weks pregnant can i ask any flight attendants to change me to the comfortable seat before flight ??? Which place will b more comfortable?? Please advise...

Admin Reply :

You will have to speak to the customer service to make special seat arrangements since these could be occupied by the time you ask for it at airport.

Atif Pervez

Posted on 29-Aug-2016
my wife will travel at 27th week of pregnancy , is there any form of flydubai for fitness certificate for pregnancy to be presented at the airport ? if u have send me in the email. thank you .

Admin Reply :

These are available with the treating doctors.


Posted on 22-Jun-2016
Is there any extra handling charges for 49 inch led TV weighing 18kg. (approx.), I have to travel from Dubai (DXB) to Mumbai (BOM)

Admin Reply :

If this is within the check in allowance you have bought then not needed to pay.

Neveen Shokry

Posted on 11-Apr-2016
Please I'm bregnant &I want a medical report from the site to be sign by my doctor because I'm traveling next week

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificates proformas are generally available with doctors. Please ask them about this. You have not mentioned the week of pregnancy.

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