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Etihad Airways Refunds

Change of Flight Itinerary

If passenger wants to make changes in his travel itinerary and does it by visiting the contact centre or local offices of the airline, then a Guest Service Fee is to be paid. This fee is given in the fare rules of tickets. And, if this change is sought to be made within 96 hrs of scheduled departure of flight, then a additional 10% charge is levied on Guest Service Fees.

Cancellations and Refunds

Ticket cancellations done and refunds collected at the contact centres or local offices of the airline attract a Guest Service Fee, which depends on fare rules of you ticket. 

When the tickets are cancelled online using Manage My Booking section of the website (this is possible when credit card has been used for this purpose), the refunds are credited to the credit card only within 14 to 30 days. Changes to booking can be done online tilll 2 hours before scheduled departure of flight. Further, the ticket shall have been issued more than 5 days ago. 

In case of change of schedule of flight after the issuance of ticket, refunds will be provided to the passengers only when Etihad is not able to fly the alternative flight also on time.

In case of cancellation, not being able to fly on schedule, not being able to stop at the stopover or final destination or cause the missing of subsequent flight, Etihad will:

a. make arrangement to carry you and baggage on another flight (same class) operated by Etihad without any extra cost; or

b. make a refund; or

c. reroute you and your baggage to the destination on another scheduled flight of another carrier ( in same class) or such agreed means of transport. Any difference is fare payable to you will be refunded by the carrier.

Denied Boarding

Compensation for denied boarding is available on conditions that you have met all check in and boarding guidelines and Etihad is not able to provide the previously confirmed space on the flight.

Involuntary Refunds

In situations where:

a) ticket has been cancelled,

b) flight is not on schedule,

c) failure of carriage  due to reasons other than those mention in Conditions of Carriage, 

d) fail to stop at an intermediary location, and

e) cause to miss connection flight,

Etihad will pay full fare sum towards refunds if ticket has not been used. And, if ticket has been used partially, then refund shall be of value not less than difference between fare paid and the applicable fare. 

Voluntary Refunds

Passengers are also entitled to voluntary refunds. If tickets are not used, then full fare amount has to be refunded. If tickets are used even partially, the difference between fare paid and applicable fare calculated by the airline is to be refunded.


Posted on 18-Aug-2018
I made booking for my my wife and son to travel on 19/08/2018 Now the Airport is closed. We can not wait till the opening of the Airport. How can I cancel this ticket. When I try to reach the telephone, but it is not reachable.

Admin Reply :

IT can be cancelled online on the website of the airline. 

james dickson

Posted on 12-Aug-2018
We have 6 tickets booked on Ethiad Airlines Heathrow to Narita Japan 18-10-2018, returning 29-10-2018. Due to family circumstances we may need to cancel our flights. They have been paid in full on credit card. If we have to cancel the flights are we able to receive a refund? regards James Dickson

Admin Reply :

Receiving refund would depend on type of  ticket (fare option) booked. Airline will deduct its cancellation charges and surely refund the rest of sum. This can be done online using Manage My Booking section and selecting “Cancel and Refund” option. It will take about 14 to 30 working days for refund to reflect in your card. 


Posted on 02-Aug-2018
Hi am just wondering I have flight this Sunday but can’t make it can’t I get a refund or some money back

Admin Reply :

Refunds will depend on what ticket has been booked, whether booked from airline directly or through agency, and even on route of travel. So, please contact whoever booked the ticket for you. 

Hany Fayek

Posted on 01-Aug-2018
What will be the refund if the ticket cancelled 2 hours before departure?!?

Admin Reply :

Refunds depend on a number of factors. Please seek this information for your itinerary directly from the airline or the ticketing agent who booked the tickets. Even if we ask them after getting the information of itinerary from you, they will not tell us (being a third party). Therefore, this has to be done at your end. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2018

Admin Reply :

Whether refunds are to be given out or not depends on what ticket has been booked and many others. Please contact the airline or the ticketing agent from where the tickets were booked. 

Mohammed Rabbani pasha

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Dear Sir /madam Please I want my return ticket amount back my ticket is on 22nd August from Capetown South Africa to Mumbai india

Admin Reply :

Please pursue it with the airline. We are not the airline and you have not booked ticket with us. 


Posted on 08-Aug-2017
I had booked a return ticket from karachi to chicago and vice versa, at chicago airport while journey back to karachi i reached airport at time but i faced an issue that an hour before departure the boarding was closed which was unusual and i tried to get help but it was useless and i had to miss the flight and i was not given any compensation whatsoever, i would like to ask you what is the solution or will i get any compensation over that ticket from Etihad ???

Admin Reply :

Please seek compensation directly from the airline. 

mohamed younus

Posted on 07-Aug-2017
How much amount will be refund

Admin Reply :

WE will not be able to tell this because we did not booked your ticket. 

Mohammad Umar Farooque

Posted on 04-Aug-2017
Dear Admin, I have booked my etihad airlines tickets from jeddah to patna return 30/8/2017 and return 17/10/2017. now some personal reason I want to cancelled this ticket. So pls tell me how much will be cancellation charges for economy class. I have booked my ticket from travel agent jeddah.

Admin Reply :

Tickets can be cancelled but the charges of cancellation and refunded amount would be known only from the agent. 

shaheen kee hermosilla

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
i already booked a ticket from manila to cebu, but my flight was delayed from jeddah to abu dhabi because of airport congestion, so now i need to booked another ticket from manila to cebu, but until now there is no refunds, etihad has no action on this issue.

Admin Reply :

It does take time for refunds to process. You are required to initial process and many time you have to follow up but it is your money which is at stake. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
I had booked to travel to India from Doha through Etihad on June 1 2017. The booking reference MJ7PP2. The flight was cancelled because of the political issues and I had to make alternate arrangements . I still have not received any communication from Etihad regarding refund of the ticket amount . Kindly let me know how I can obtain the refund of the ticket. Thank you

Admin Reply :

In this matter, we would not be able to help you because only the entity which books ticket is able to say anything on it. 


Posted on 17-Jul-2017
Hi team, Our flights to Europe were delayed due to a fog leaving Brisbane. Because of the delay it meant that we missed flights that we booked and a hotel that we paid for in Spain. We want to know where we would be able to start the process of making a claim to gets compensated for the loss of our non-refundable bookings. Cheers, Amani & Jordan

Admin Reply :

Please make use of this form:

Bojja Mounica

Posted on 26-Feb-2017
Hi team, Due to some issues I just want to cancel my flight ticket on feb 27th and its round trip I already travelled one trip on January 7th and my next trip Is feb 27th so I want to cancel it can I get refund for that please help me out regarding this issue Regards Mounica

Admin Reply :

If you booked ticket on airline website, you can do teh cancellation online on airline website. Else, you can call the customer service for the same. 

Majanu Thomas

Posted on 24-Feb-2017
How do I get refund after cancellation of my air ticket, if it was booked using a credit card?

Admin Reply :

You credit card account will get the refunds balance.

Afroz Khan

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
I want to know refund policy for how many years or months we can refund for one year validity business class ticket please advise. Thanks

Admin Reply :

If you want to get the refunds, it is better to do so as soon as possible and do not wait for the year to be complete. 


Posted on 14-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the airline or the agency which booked the tickets. Airline will not give this information to any other person. 

Aneesh rahim

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Dear .Sir,madam My flight time is today 9/2/2017 4.45am , but this flight is missing, I want refund this ticket, how I get the money, I purchased by in Saudi Arabia, now I am in Kerala,

Admin Reply :

You will have to contact the person or entity from whom you booked ticket.

Aneesh rahim

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Dear.sir/madam My flight is today early morning 4..45am(9/2/2017),but this flight is missing, I want refund this amount, how I get

Admin Reply :

Please contact the person or company which booked ticket for you. 

Prakash K

Posted on 16-Aug-2016
I booked a ticket to Dublin, Ireland for travel on 25/07/2016, for my sister, Sowdamini Nandakumar , (Confirmation Number XOKUWR ) for to and fro refundable ticket. Unfortunately she could not able to travel along with me due some visa problems and I asked my agent to cancel the same. Kindly advise the actual amount deducted as cancellation charge. My wife Sreelatha and myself undertook the journey on 25/07/2016 from Cochin-Abudhabi-Dublin. Your early advise is highly appreciated Prakash K

Admin Reply :

You are requested to approach the agent for this purpose since airlines will not disclose how much of deductions was made as the agent is involved in between. 

Sharat singh

Posted on 04-Jul-2016
Sir I have one problem regarding my flight I book my flight through agent the problem is that my flight Delhi to Turkey but I don\'t have lending visa aithiad airways authority don\'t accept me so that time i miss my flight also after 5 hour I will take exit from airport they right in my ticket off load then next day I will meet my agent and tell him cancel my ticket and I need refund but he will give me refund very less refund why how much airways cut the Money my ticket was 30000 but he give only 10 why ?

Admin Reply :

It seems that you did not meet the requirements of Visa. Your agent shall have told and completed Visa requirements before booking tickets. Nothing much can be done by us since refunds are in hand of ticketing agent. 

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