Checkin and Boarding

By checking-in, a person is able to get his/her baggage onto the aircraft and get a boarding pass which is a permission to be on-board. Persons not having a boarding pass are not allowed to travel on the plane. 

Check-In and boarding requirements of different airlines are listed on this website. People want to know the timings of check-in and the time when the boarding gates will close so that they do not miss out on their flights. Also, they want to know what are the different ways or methods of check-in and select the one which is most convenient to them. People who hold some kind of membership status for a particular airline normally get priority check-in and boarding facility. This information helps in saving a lot time at the airport and avoid many a hassles.

Check-in can happen in a number of ways. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

1. Normal, airport check in
2. Web check-in
3. Mobile Check-in
4. Self Service kiosk check-in
5. Return journey check-in
6. Check-in along important transportation routes, etc.

The Check-in section of the airlines mentioned here clearly describes the rules and regulations of that particular airline. Find out the timings and the types of check-in for airline of your choice. If you have questions, do ask these in the space provided at the end of page for that airline.

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