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Airlines allow some baggage to be carried without paying any extra charges than the ticket fare. The luggage which a passenger carries on a civilian airplane is generally categorised into two categories: the carry on (also called, cabin or hand or non checked-in baggage) and the checked-in baggage. Every airline which permits the free baggage allowance has different allowances for hand and checked in luggage.

These allowances vary from airline to airline. It is important for every traveler to be well informed about the rules and regulations pertaining to what these allowances are. You would often find that airlines impose restrictions with respect to dimension (or size), weight and number of bags to be carried. These might also vary with respect to sector of travel. Another important variable on which allowance depends is that of your cabin class of travel and membership status. Generally, passengers who fly with an airline more often, are allowed more relaxed terms of carriage.

It is not that you can carry only as per the limits prescribed. You can also carry more luggage. If you intend to carry more then there are additional costs which shall be paid.

We have adopted a systematic and easy-to-understand approach in describing the allowance rules of world airlines. This website is also an initiative to address the numerous questions which air travelers have with respect to rules of baggage allowances for top airlines of the world. Below every page is provided a “Ask a Question” section using which you can send us your query and we will make all efforts to answer it within 24-48 time period. 

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