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All Nippon Airlines (ANA) Baggage Allowance

(Updated: 21-03-2018)

Hand or Cabin Baggage

Passengers can carry 1 piece of hand baggage (no more than 10 Kg(22lb)) besides personal belongings (handbags, laptops, cameras, umbrellas, etc.).

Total linear dimensions should not exceed 115 cm(45 inches), provided that each linear dimension does not exceed 55 cm × 40 cm × 25 cm(22 × 16 × 10 inches) respectively, including wheels and handle.

Check-in Baggage

International Routes

Class Max No of Pcs Weight per bag Sum of Dimensions
Economy  2 23 kg each Up to 158 cm per bag
Premium Economy 2 23 kg each
Business 2 32 kg each
First  3 32 kg each

Total linear dimensions (h +l + w) on all classes should not exceed 158 cm.

Due to space limitations even baggage with dimensions not exceeding 292 cm may not be accepted.

An adult accompanied by an infant below the age of 2 years who does not occupy a seat is allowed 1 piece of baggage in all classes.

A fully collapsible stroller, carrying basket and child car seat can be checked free of charge.

The size of the baggage should conform to the baggage rules which apply to the accompanying adult passenger otherwise excess baggage charges will be applied on adult ticket.

Free baggage and excess baggage for children between 2- 12 years will be same as for an adult passenger.

For ANA Mileage Club Premium members and Star Alliance Gold members

First Class passengers can carry up to 4 pieces/32kg (70 lbs) per piece

Business Class passengers are  allowed to carry up to 3pieces/32kg (70 lbs) per piece

Premium & Economy Class passengers can carry 3pieces/23kg(50lbs) per piece

Excess baggage charges 

When baggage exceeds free baggage allowance then extra charges will be levied according to the applicable currency, itinerary and the sectors for which passengers baggage has been checked in.

Tickets issued on/after January 8, 2015

  •  Area1: North America/Latin America/Hawaii
  •  Area 2: Europe/Africa/Middle East
  •  Area 3: Asia (including Japan)/Oceania

Additional Baggage Charges

3rd or more checked baggage    
For travel across the above area 20,000 Yen
USD 200
CAD 200
EUR 150
For travel within the above area 10,000 Yen
USD 100
CAD 100
EUR 75
Japan domestic sector  JPY 5,000
  • Fees incurred when the baggage weight/size limit is exceeded (per item)

Over-weight and Over-sized Baggage Charges

Sectors       23-32 kg 33-45 kgs 158-292 cms
For travel across
the above area
6,000 Yen 20,000 Yen 20,000 Yen
USD 60 USD  200 USD  200
CAD 60 CAD 200 CAD 200
EUR 45   EUR 150 EUR 150
For travel within the
above area
6,000 Yen 20,000 Yen 20,000 Yen
USD 60 USD  200 USD  200
CAD 60 CAD 200 CAD 200
EUR 45 EUR 150 EUR 150
Japan domestic sector 1,000 Yen 5,000 Yen 5,000 Yen

Any baggage exceeding 292 cm (115 in) total dimensions  or weight over 45kg (100 lbs) per piece will not be accepted as check in baggage.

Overweight charge (over 23kg(50lbs) up to 32kg (70lbs)) will be applied for tickets issued on/after April 1, 2015.    

Note: In the event such as baggage number and baggage weight or baggage weight and size, are exceeded,  travellers will be charged the sum of all individual excess charges.



Posted on 12-Aug-2018
Hi, I am allowed 2pcs luggage at 23/kg(50lbs) each. how much will i have to pay if one of my luggage exceeded the weight limit? One of my checked in bags weigh at 70lbs right now. Flight is Manila to JFK with layover at haneda.

Admin Reply :

USD 60 per excess kg. 

Mou Saha

Posted on 10-Aug-2018
Hello!! I am flying to Nagasaki on the 21st of August by 3 different flights. The first flight is Thai airways to Bangkok & after that 2 flights with all Nippon airways., Now my question is how many baggage allowance will be applicable for me as I have one premium economy booking & 2 economy class bookings..

Admin Reply :

In case the flight connections are on code-share flights, then the baggage allowance rule of Most Significant Carrier would apply. We would request you to check with the agency which booked ticket on this. IF you booked ticket with Thai Airways or ANA, please contact that airline customer service to know your baggage allowances. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2018
Dear sir or madam, Good day to you! I have booked my flights to Madison, US on the 22nd of August and my booking confirmation number is IM8HMX. I was checking for my check in baggage allowance and realised that it said I am allowed to bring 2 pieces (weight per bag is 23kg) for free. Does that mean I am allowed to bring a total of 46kg? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you! Regards, Bi Qing

Admin Reply :

Yes, this makes a total of 46 kg. But, if you plan to add more than 23 kg weight in one bag and reduce the other with same weight, keeping the overall weight up to 46 kg, you would be charged excess baggage fee for carrying more than 23 kg in one check-in bag. Therefore, please keep it at max 23 kg weight per check-in bag. 

Elliott Lieb

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
Eactly how much CARRY ON can I take on the JFK Tokyo route when i am Business class _ star alliance premium gold card? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Only 1 piece not more than 10 kg. Total linear dimensions no more than 115 cm(45 inches), provided that each linear dimension does not exceed 55 cm × 40 cm × 25 cm(22 × 16 × 10 inches) 

Nisha laju

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
Hi, we are flying from India to Narita. Can we carry indian sweets as cabin luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be carried in small quantities. 

Mi Ghent

Posted on 31-Jul-2017
I would like to enquire, what is the check-in baggage allowance for my flights (see below) - Flight Information [1]SUN., NOV. 5, NH816 Kuala Lumpur - Tokyo(Narita) DEP. 08:00 ARR. 15:40 Seat number: 32D,32G Economy:L / OK [2]SUN., NOV. 5, NH172 Tokyo(Narita) - San Jose DEP. 17:30 ARR. 09:45 Seat number: 25D,25G Economy:L / OK

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check in and 1 bag of up to 10 kg in cabin. 

Elena Peralta

Posted on 04-Feb-2017
My husband and I will be flying economy class from San francisco to Manila. How many luggages can we check in?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each would be allowed as free check in baggage. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
We're actuall fying from Chicago O'hare (sorry, my bad) to Manila,Philippines in May. My childresn"s ages are 13 and two 9 years olds. I read that 2 checked baggage for each, is that correct? Thank you again!

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is 2 bags of 23 kgs each for every passenger.


Posted on 31-Jan-2017
we're flying in May from milwaukee to asia (international flight) There are 5 of us 3 kids under 14 years of age. What is our maximum baggage. Is it 2 checked baggage each and i carry on each? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You have to specify the destination city so that we can help you with baggage allowances on ANA. Also, we would like to know whether age of children in more or less than 2 years. 

Lule Donald

Posted on 23-Jan-2017
Am flying in February from KIX to EBB economy class what is my maximum baggage. Thanks

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed. Cabin allowance is 1 pcs of upto 10 kg weight.

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