Air Canada Frequent Flyer Program

The Frequent Flyer Program of Air Canada is called Aeroplan. It is different from Air Canada Altitude, which is a membership tier program that defines the different levels of membership and their various benefits and privileges.

Earning the Miles

Aeroplan allows you to earn AeroMiles on flights of Air Canada, Air Canada rouge and Air Canad Express and rest of 27 Star Alliance members. Air Canada Altitude is a level which is earned by earning at least 10000 Altitude Qualifying Miles (AQMs) or 5 Altitude Qualifying Segments (AQSs) in a calendar year on qualifying flights of Air Canada or Air Canada Express ( Air Canada Rouge is not included in this calculation). Air Canada Altitude is a more niche and exclusive program than Aeroplan.

The AeroMiles are earned by flying on Star Alliance partners as well as by booking a car from the car rental partner companies, partner hotels, purchasing travel insurance and buying the duty free items from online store of the carrier.

For a distance flown up to 249 miles on Air Canada or Air Canada Express, Aeroplan members earn 250 miles whereas Air Canada Altitude members earn 500 miles. Also, for the same distance flow on Rapidair flights and for flights between Toronto and Montreal, you earn 500 miles. For flights of 250 miles or more, Aeroplan members earn as per actual miles flown. These minimum miles count towards Altitude membership as well.

The calculation of AeroMiles earned also depends on the fare class bought and sector of travel.

Flights of Air Canada (excluding Rouge), operating within Canada, earn AeroMiles and AQMs of 150% on Business Class (both J,C and D,Z,P fare classes), 125% on Premium Economy (both O and E,N fare classes) and Latitude (Y,B classes) and 100% on Flex (M,U,H,Q,V,W,G fare classes). The AQSs earned is 1 for each of these classes of fare.

For flights between Canada and USA, accumulation of Miles is also done on Air Canada rouge. You get to earn AeroMiles and AQMs at rate of 150% on Business Class (both J,C and D,Z,P fare classes) and Premium rouge, 125% on Latitude (Y,B classes), 100% on Flex (M,U,H,Q,V,W,G) and 50% on Tango (S,T,L,A,K,F,N,E). For all these fare classes, the AQSs earned is 1 on both Air Canada and rouge carriers.

For the flights between Canada and Caribbean, Mexico and Central America, also called the Sun destinations, the AeroMiles and  AQMs earned are 150% on Business Class (both J,C and D,Z,P fare classes) and Premium Rouge, 125% on  Latitude (Y,B classes), 100% on Flex (M,U,H,Q,V) and 50% on Tango (W,G,S,T,L,F,A,K) (N,E) classes. AQSs earned are 1 for each category of flight fare class.

For the flights between Canada and other international destinations, there are no AeroMiles or AQMs to be earned for Business Class (J and C,D,Z,P) on Rouge while 150% are earned on Air Canada. However, Premium Economy, Latitude (Y,B) and Premier rouge classes of travel earn 125%. Flex (M,U,H,Q,V) and Tango (W,G,S,T,L,A,K) classes of fare earn you 50%.

Redeeming the Miles

The AeroMiles can be redeemed in many ways. This is achieved by way of flight rewards, hotel bookings, car rental companies, charitable causes, carbon offsets, buying merchandise and transfer of miles. You also get benefits of at-airport services by redeeming these miles for comforts of lounges.

These ways of redemption are mentioned below:

Flight Rewards: So popular are the flight rewards programs of Air Canada in Canada that every 20 seconds, a reward seat is booked.

Non-flight rewards: You can also redeem your Miles by shopping online for a wide array of merchandise and buying lifestyle products and services such as dining, spa, events, theater, adventure and other recreational products.

Green It Up is the carbon offset program of Air Canada. It was launched in 2007 and aims to serve environment. AeroMiles can be redeemed for carbon offsets by the environmental conscious passengers.  

Charitable causes: You can also make redemption of miles by donating to the various charities. Air Canada has a well established way of allowing you to donate for a noble cause. This program of Air Canada is called- Beyond Miles. There are 10 partner organizations and about 400 participating charities, for which AeroMiles can be redeemed.

Using the Share Miles, you can transfer the AeroMiles which you have earned to another member account instantaneously online. Applicable rate is 2 cents per miles.


Distinction Program of Air Canada


dSilver members need 25000 eligible miles

dBlack members need 50000 eligible miles

dDiamond members need 100000 eligible miles


Status of a member in a particular year depends on the number of miles earned in the previous calendar year. An interesting feature of this program is that the carrier offers Distinction flights on which 100% of seats are reserved only for Distinction members so that they can redeem at ClassicFlightReward.


The members are also eligible for Bonus miles as per following rates for each eligible roundtrip. These are 500, 1000 and 1500 Bonus Miles for dSilver, dBlack and dDiamond members.

Bonus miles are also available to dDiamond and dBlack members for hotel stays at partner hotels (Marriott, Starwood and Fairmont). You can earn bonus of 250 miles per stay for up to 20 stays in these hotels in a calendar year. These are not the qualifying miles for the purpose of determining the Distinction status.

Bonus is also available when dDiamond, dBlack and dSilver members shop at Aeroplan eStore. The respectively get 2, 1 and 1 Distinction Bonus mile for every base mile earned. While shopping at, the bonus is of 1 distinction bonus mile for all types of members.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Earl Hotrum

Posted on 13-Aug-2017
As a Aeroplan Silver member, do I get free seat selection on Domestic flights

Admin Reply :

Seat Selection is not a chargeable service. It is a part of the check in process. 

deems oneal

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
i have just booked a flight to NFLD with points. do I get one free checked bag with my flights?

Admin Reply :

What is you Air Canada Altitude status and which cabin class are you travelling? Also, what is the point of origin of flight?


Peter Maher

Posted on 29-Jul-2017
When using Aeroplan miles for travel on Air Canada are members permitted one free checked piece of luggage?

Admin Reply :

Miles accumulated under the plan can not be used  towards buying more luggage allowance. 


Posted on 27-Jan-2017
As an aeroplan member do I get One free checked bag?

Admin Reply :

Aeroplan members can not redeem their points for free baggage allowances. 

Richard Rudyk

Posted on 22-Sep-2016
Recently booked a flight thu aeroplan that did not include a free checked bag, Why

Admin Reply :

Free check in bag is not a part of the Aeroplan priviledges. 

Lily Greif

Posted on 21-Sep-2016
We are returning to Toronto from Rome, economy class. I was not charged for my one Checked bag from Toronto to Rome. However, I am checking in 2 bags on my return from Rome to Toronto via Air Canada, and booked these flights through Aeroplan on my TD Visa card. Member #103939229. What is the fee for the 2nd bag? Pls. Help as we are leaving Italy in 2 days. Thank you in advance, for your prompt reply Lily Greif

Admin Reply :

CAD or USD 100 would be the charges for 2nd check in bag. 


Posted on 03-Sep-2016
IF USING POINTS for travel within Canada, what is the baggage allowance. Points used 44,200. Toronto to Moncton. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Mileage points can not be used towards free baggage allowance. 

Phyllis MacNeill

Posted on 29-Aug-2016
What are the baggage allowances/fees when using my miles?

Admin Reply :

Miles can not be used for baggage allowance.


Posted on 26-Aug-2016
For Aeroplan flights what is the checked in baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

There is no free check in allowance. 

Alexander Owen

Posted on 26-Aug-2016
I am flying from Vancouver to Calgary in November. I have Silver status do I qualify for free baggage allowance? If so how do I claim this privalage when printing my boarding Pass. Alex Owen 105-080-238

Admin Reply :

Sorry for being a little late. Air Canada informs us that 1 bag of 23 kg is complementary for silver status members. Thus it is allowed free. 

Dial Singh

Posted on 21-Jun-2016
I am a dblack aeroplan member and I purchased two tickets YOW-Dulles-Geneva and then Heathrow-YOW return using my aeroplan points. I am trying to understand the luggage policy for these flights and am having issues finding the correct info. Is it true that I pay for all pieces of luggage each way? I looked at the AC site mentioned below also but wasn\'t sure if these rates applied because I am an aeroplan member with dblack status. Thanks, Dial

Admin Reply :

yes, you will have to pay for every pcs of luggage. No special allowances for Aeroplan members of any tier. 

Gwen Morhart

Posted on 12-Jun-2016
I booked my flight from Regina to Winnipeg with Aeroplan rewards. Is my first checked bag free or do I have to pay the $25 fee for it?

Admin Reply :

Charges have ot be paid since reward flight does not come with free allowance. 

Iqbal Nasser

Posted on 27-Jul-2015
I am flying to London, England from Toronto, Canada on Air Canada. The 1st bag check in is free. However, its $100 + tax for the 2nd bag. However, if I have the CIBC Black Aerogold Infinite Visa, I am given to understand that the fees will not apply. Correct?

Admin Reply :

As per our understanding of your case, you would be allowed First check in bag complimentary if you use your accumulated Aeroplan miles only on a reward flight. And, there is no mention of any waiver of fee on second baggage. 


Posted on 08-Jul-2015
I have Aeroplan dBlack Distinction. I am trying to find out if I can get a 2nd checked bag included flying on Air Canada from Frankfurt, Germany to Ottawa Canada on a flight that I had booked using my Aeroplan points... Any idea?

Admin Reply :

You can check it on this link: We hope that this shall help. 


Posted on 16-May-2015
I want to know the objective of aeroplan program of air canada. Thank you for your answer in advance

Admin Reply :

Objective of the Aeroplan program is to reward those passengers who fly frequently on Air Canada or make use of the services of its various alliance partners. There are specific ways in which the Aeroplan Miles can be earned as well as redeemed.

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