Air Berlin Special Assistance

People requiring special assistance from airberlin are required to request for special assistance at least 48 hours before the departure of flight. Passengers need to inform about nature of disability and extent of severity.

Mobility disabled

These passengers are provided a range of services such as an escort, pre-boarding for wheelchair users. Wheelchairs are allowed free of cost and in addition to permitted allowances. Personal wheelchairs of passengers are carried in check in hold and if the same are needed inside the cabin, the same shall be provided by the carrier. When carried as check in luggage, batteries of wheelchairs have to be insulated and disconnected. Lithium batteries allowed only in cabin luggage are 1 battery of max 300wh + 1 more of 300wH or 2 more of 160 wH each. Wet get batteries need to be removed, securely packed and carried in the cargo hold. Passengers can request for a disabled seat shell, free seat reservation, travel with companion who is at least 16 years old and even carry companion dogs in cabin. Travel companion who comes with a severe disabled passenger of category B type needs to pay only taxes, charges and service charge on domestic flights of airberlin.

Expectant Women

Pregnant women can travel on airberlin flights before 4 weeks of due delivery date. Travel shall be planned in such a way that expectant mothers complete their return leg of journey before this time period. Beyond 36th week of pregnancy, a medical certificate is required.

Children, Infants and Unaccompanied Minors

There are special provisions related to children. Under 2 years of age, only 15% of net fare needs to be paid for short and medium haul flights and 20% for long haul ones. On long haul flights of airberlin, children of less than 12 years of age are required to pay only 80% of net fare (exclusive of taxes and fees).

Infants are not entitled to a seat and have to be seated in the laps of adult. If you want to use a separate seat for your child, you will have to pay child fare and use approved child seat for the flight. Baby cots are also available on-board airberlin but these are provided only on flights of more than 90 minutes duration and for infants up to 12 months.

Unaccompanied minors can also take the airberlin flights without any issues. This service is available for children of more than 5-11years of age and is mandatory to take if child is travelling alone. It shall be booked 30 hours before the departure time of flight. For children of more than 11 years of age, this is an optional service. It costs Euro 40 for short haul, Euro 60 for medium haul and Euro 90 for Long haul flights.  Check in shall be done at least 60 minutes on short and medium haul flights, 90 minutes on long haul and at least 120 minutes before departure of flights from USA. Staff escorts the child from airport to cabin and from cabin to airport. Cabin crew takes care of the child on board the airplane. Only that person, who is mentioned in the form, is entitled to receive the child at the arrival airport.

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