Air Berlin Check-In and Boarding

Air Berlin allows you check in through different means which enables you to save time by having more checking in options and easily choosing the desired seat before the flight.

Online Check in Here are some of the points relating to web or online check in:

  • Web check in is not available for all the airports.

  • Different check in deadlines are there for different airports. These are 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes before flight departure for different airports around the world.

  • Also available of those connecting flights where first leg is operated by airberlin.

  • On flights to/from USA, online check in is available beginning 24 hrs and up to 3 hrs before the departure of flight.

  • 10 other people can also check in at the same time. Most other airlines allow only 9 people to check in at a time.

  • Though you would be free to choose the seat, this option is not available for the JustFly and FlyDeal class of fare. Therefore, seat allocation is done by the airline itself.

  • When carrying a check in baggage, you can do online check in and drop the baggage at the designated baggage counter of airport.

  • There are different ways in which boarding pass can be received. You can have it in PDF format in your email, as an SMS which will have link to boarding pass, mobile pass on your email and mobile pass via MMS for topbonus passengers. It is not possible to use the mobile boarding pass for certain airports of the world, chief among them being Abu Dhabi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Sofia, Phuket, Luxor, Billund and Antalya.

Airport Check in can be done either by using the desk services available at the airport or by using the quick machines.

Quick machines (also called self service kiosks) are available at all airports in Germany and most of the airports of Europe except Denmark, Sweden, Finland and flights to/from USA, Canada, Kosovo, Cyprus, Mexico and Cuba. You can check in and print the boarding pass beginning 30 minutes before the flight.

Desk check in at airports around the world has its own closing and opening times and the passengers are required to meet the timelines. Business and topbonus customers have the facility of a separate check in counter for getting their boarding passes. As a general rule, the check in desks open 120 mints before scheduled departure time, 180 mints before departure for flights to USA and Canada and 240 mints before flights from USA and Canada.

The Evening-before check in is another method of airport check in where the passengers are able to check in a day before their flight for a fee of Euro 8 per passenger. Fee exemption is given for Business class. topbonus and children below 12 years of age. You can also use this Evening-before service for checking in luggage if you have already checked in online. Available only for flights of airberlin, NIKI or Belair. Please note that this service is available only for some airports in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


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Ingrid Ricci

Posted on 14-Feb-2017
what are the restrictions for l overhead carryon. What are the restrictions for under seat carryon.

Admin Reply :

On Air Berlin you can have free allowance of 8 kg hand baggage. However, it also allowance extra allowance in cabin, on payment of fees, for up to 5 passgers for 20 kg cabin allowance in addition to the 8 kg allowance. 

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